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Twisted Trouble For Indy

Back at his apartment, Nick once again fired up his computer. Maybe trying with another world would work. Or maybe Capri would find him there or send a friend of hers after him. He didn't know, and wasn't keen to find out.

An incoming email from Tonya was welcome.

From: Tonya
To: Nick
Subject: Wow Senna's Giddy.

And she's also a bit of an airhead. If you've talked to her lately, you probably already know Isabelle's taken down her site. Senna's all happy about that but she's sad as well, because it means her operation annihilate Isabelle mission is over and she probably won't get any more hits to her own site.


From: Nick Connors
To: Tonya
Subject: Re: Wow Senna's Giddy.

Yeah, well, she's probably doing a lot more than just emailing Isabelle as we speak. She wrote me, all hyped up about Isabelle going offline, and then she asked me to transport her and Isabelle to some magic world to meet in person so Senna could give Isabelle a beat-down. I wanted to put a few things right with someone else so told Senna I'd do it.

But I messed up somehow and instead of the person I wanted, I got faced with that Capri Monroe - you remember her, right?

So you might want to lay low, because you know how she feels about us. I have no idea how it happened.


From: Tonya
To: Nick Connors
Subject: Re: Wow Senna's Giddy.

ARGH! That stupid freak! No, I don't mean Senna.

But hang on, when you mentioned laying low, you gave me a killer of an idea. Just sit tight, and when you get the next email from me, open it, and I'll see you then.


At the Whoville TV station, KWHO, Indy got a call from the manager, telling her to go and cover a breaking story. He gave the location. She set off immediately.

At the same time, the manager was sent an email supposedly by Indy, telling him her assignment was going to take her somewhere across town and that she didn't know how long she would be.

Tonya, waiting in the abandoned building with Nick, grinned.

Nick shook his head. "So we're safe from Capri, but what about her friends? What if NT - "

We can get rid of her too! Why don't you make another call."

"And say what?"

"Anything, bozo, anything she'll believe! You used to be friends with her," Tonya snarled, "Surely you can think of something!"

"Geez, Tonya, will you get over it already." Nick huffed, rolling his eyes.

"Shut up and just do it!" she snapped.

Nick sighed. "I can't, I don't have her number any more, they moved, remember?"

Tonya swore. "Then use the email you sent Senna. Forward it to NT and if she reads it, she'll end up in the same place.

Nick nodded, and transported himself back home to his own computer, where he forwarded the same email he had sent to Senna, to NT.

Finally, Indy arrived at the place Tonya as Whomason had told her. But it was deserted. "Doesn't make sense," she said to herself as she walked along, trying to find out where exactly she was required.

She walked around until entering a foyer to an old office building she had never been to before.

Indy staggered, suddenly feeling dizzy.

The next thing she knew, she was in an unfamiliar room that was brightly lit, but had no windows. It had a chair and a large couch, that was it for furnishings.

And, Indy was not alone.

"Hello Indy." Tonya came up to her, smiling.

Indy couldn't have been more shocked. Soon, the shock gave way to dismay and revulsion as Tonya continued.

"You're not happy to see me."

Indy kept looking down as she remained silent, trying not to throw up.

"What have I done to make you dislike me so much - and don't tell me it's because I was mean to NT or Isabelle."

"That's part of it." Indy snapped back in a low, harsh tone. "And 'mean' doesn't even scratch the surface, you disgust me!" She turned her back.

Tonya sighed.

Indy mocked her by sighing back in an exaggerated manner. "I have to go." she said abruptly, and started for the door.

"Not so fast!" Tonya got in her way. "You can't get back home from here, and even the time is different here. You could be here for weeks or months without much if any time passing back at home."

Indy sent Tonya the death stare, then turned her back.

"I've tried so hard to be your friend, Indy," Tonya said wistfully. "And you've just dismissed me again and again like I'm nothing but trash!"

"So that's why you tricked me into coming here? We don't have anything in common. We never have. And I can't get past what you did to NT and Isabelle, and my sister!"

"That was Miranda!" Tonya protested.

"And you!" Indy said sternly, whirling around to glower at Tonya. "Miranda's too dim to pull off half of the things you did on her own. But you? You manipulated everyone around you, people either feared or coddled you, even at the station, Marilee couldn't even get under your skin, but you're so much like her - "

Tonya cut her off. "The reason I quit on Marilee was because I wanted to work with you! But even in the work environment, you acted as if I didn't exist!"

"Because I wish you didn't!" came Indy's cutting retort.

The room was painfully silent for what seemed like a long time.

"I did everything I could think of back at the townhouse to make friends with you. That has to count for something! You're the only person I ever really cared about!"

"Eugch,you're disgusting!" Indy spat, looking on the verge of getting sick. She shoved Tonya forcefully aside.

Tonya fell to the floor.

Indy ran for the door and opened it.

Immediately she cried out as a sharp pain shot through her body.

Indy crumpled to the flor, moaning and gasping.

Tonya got up, walked toward Indy and stood over her. "I didn't want to do that to you. But you didn't give me a choice."

"Don't give me that crap!" Indy snapped, glaring at Tonya. "You can still make the right choice, by getting me back to the station and getting the freaking hex out of my life!"

"I'll make you learn to love me, one way or another." Tonya's voice shook with emotion.

Indy coughed in disgust.

Tonya knelt down while Indy was still recovering from the painful blast the magic barrier had given her. "Indianna," she whispered, caressing her cheek.

Indy reached up and slapped her hand away. "Don't touch me!"

"Remember back at the townhouse," Tonya began tenderly, as if she wanted to break something gently to Indy. "When everybody was turning against each other? Remember how everyone ignored you and how Jacquan detested you?"

Indy only pursed her lips. She hadn't wanted to talk to Tonya back when it was happening, and this hadn't changed.

"Who tried to be your friend back then? Even when I saw Brenda ignoring you for Jacquan. Maybe she was your sister, but the way she treated you was so unfair. You cared about her, Jacquan just wanted her as one of his trophy girls to show around. Brenda didn't love you the way she should have. But you loved her."

Indy's nerves were still very raw concerning this, but she was not about to allow Tonya to see it. She sat up and gave her a rough push.

Tonya fell over, and Indy stood up, scowling.

"Well, it's not like you treated anyone else the way you should have back then!" Indy accused pointedly.

"But I was always kind to you." Tonya tried to appeal.

"Oh, big freakin' whoop-dee-doo!" Indy sneered, scowling down at the floor.

"I even sent you some Christian themed sayings I thought you'd like."

"Oh, sure, in the form of those stupid forwards everybody sends around. I hate chain letters." Indy said brusquely.

"I know, but I only found out after the fact. You're such a rich mix of characteristics that way. You're like me."

"I'm NOTHING like you! AT ALL!" Indy spat out the words with a venomous glare to match.

Tonya shot her a wounded look, and began pleadingly. "Indy - please, hear me out!"

It's Indianna." came the harsh correction. To drive the point home further, she added, "I'm not your friend, remember?"

Tonya looked sadly at Indy, but continued. "I really like all those inspirational things."

"I don't, so there's another reason we're not alike." Indy cut her off tersely. Tonya sighed. "What I'm trying to say is that we're both a great mix of interesting traits."

Indy rolled her eyes. "No, we're traits that don't mix. I'm human, you're just evil, a real creep. You just proved that by tricking me into coming down here."

Tonya looked hurt, but tried again to make Indy see her as someone who had a softer side. "You probably wouldn't think I liked these inspirational things, because At the same time, you also know I love erotica,"

Indy scowled. "I hate that garbage. Another way we're so not alike. But you and Isabelle have *that* in common." She added with a sneer.

tonya bristled for a moment, but reined herself in. This was just going to take time, and no one could resist the huge ego-swell of having a fan who would do literally anything to show devotion, not even Indy. Tonya was sure of that. After a few moments, she spoke again."But don't you see, we're so much alike."

"For the hundredth time, no we're not!" said Indy.

"No, really," Tonya insisted enthusiastically. "You're the first person I know who is a Christian and dislikes chain letters, is a reporter but not willing to compromise yourself or anyone else to get a story, you don't go after all the same stories as all the others."

"That's because I'm not Marilee." Indy said shortly. "You don't need to be Marilee to go after anyone, Tonya, she's an opportunist, you're a selfish bloodthirsty creep and you bring out the worst in me. Because I literally hate you!

"I could never hate you, Indy," Tonya said tenderly, "you defended Isabelle to Senna, even though she's a huge Mary Sue, and you don't like Mary Sue writing." Tonya continued.

"I defended a person from a witless, attention and lulz-seeking bully and cronies. And I wasn't exactly sure what Mary Sue writing was in the beginning. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean I should like Senna and her band of twits."

"But you wouldn't help Jacquan in his quest to save a site from a barrage of flamers." said Tonya.

"Because the site was a bunch of disgusting porn trash, which is right up your stank-arse alley." said Indy contemptuously.

"You can be so firm about things, but everybody loves you. I don't know how you do it." Tonya gushed.

Indy tsked. "I'm feeling nauseous." Disgusted, she went for the door and tried it again, with the same result.

Once again, she was writhing on the floor, this time she included a few cusses along with the moans as she tried to recover, and wait for the pain to pass.

Before Indy had recovered sufficiently, Tonya came over, knelt, and got an arm under her to prop her up.

"My beautiful, suffering Indy," she breathed, "Please, let me help you." She almost managed to plant a kiss on Indy's forehead.

Indy managed to roll herself out of the embrace. She huddled in a ball on the floor, face down, choking and gagging.

Tonya moved up to her and started thumping her on the back. "Let it out, Indy, that's it, let it all out." she cooed.

Indy didn't seem to react at first, until she experienced a particularly violent heave. Then, she turned toward Tonya and thrust her face in close enough to get the message across.

Tonya's first inkling that Indy might accept her soon turned into the cold hard truth that Indy would sooner puke all over her.

She had no choice but leave the place and change her clothes. So, Tonya disappeared, leaving Indy alone there.

Indy tried once again to get out, but the magic ward still debilitated her without Tonya's presence.

Scared and sickened, all she could do was lie on the couch and cry.

When Tonya returned, she found Indy on the couch, apparently sleeping. She approached her and ran her fingers through Indy's hair. "You're such a beautiful mystery," she whispered to Indy, "So full of contradictions. I don't know how you do it."

Every part of Indy fought against the urge to bolt upright and do Tonya some bodily harm. Tonya would probably want some kind of reaction to her, and for now, the only defense Indy could think of was to be as unresponsive as possible. How she wished she could be anywhere and anyone else, or deaf and unable to register physical sensations. But here she was, Indy, stuck in a strange room with someone she detested, trying to possess her or something.

Eventually, Tonya left Indy alone again to go get something to eat. She came back with a sandwich for Indy as well.

But Indy's behavior began to turn strange. Instead of eating the sandwich Tonya brought for her, Indy watched Tonya take a bite of hers, and then snatched it away from her, giving Tonya the one that hadn't been touched.

Tonya asked Indy why she did that but got no reply. Indy just turned away from Tonya to try eating in private as much as she was able.

Tonya fell asleep on the chair long before Indy eventually zoned out on the couch.

The next day, Indy's mood was no friendlier. Awakening to find herself in a strange place, covered in a strange blanket, and a glance revealing Tonya sitting in the chair, reading a book, made Indy scowl and put her head all the way under the blanket.

Tonya went and got breakfast for them both, but Indy wouldn't touch it. She refused to speak when Tonya asked her about the food.

Tonya took it away and returned. She pulled back the blanket from Indy, who promptly rolled so she was facing into the couch.

"How long are you going to keep this up, Indy?" Tonya asked in that overly concerned tone often heard in movies when the person in question is not behaving right.

Indy didn't show any reaction.

Tonya ventured to put a hand at the back of Indy's neck.

Indy made whatever repulsed face she needed to into the back of the couch.

Tonya started in again about how much she admired Indy, how much she wanted her as a friend, how much she wanted to be like her etc.

Indy lay perfectly still, but she was tense.

"You don't believe me." said Tonya. "Because if I could do all that to NT or Isabelle, you think that means I can't like you."

Indy didn't react other than to keep making awful faces that Tonya couldn't see into the couch.

"Get up, I'll show you what a great friend I can be."

Indy didn't comply.

"Indy, please."

She still refused to move.

"All right, it'll have to go this way, then." Tonya touched Indy, and a moment later, they were somewhere else.

"This is my place." Tonya said as Indy picked herself up off the floor.

"Just look at what I've done, all in your honor."

Indy's expression couldn't have been more appalled as she saw various imagery of herself everywhere. "Honor my foot!" she suddenly burst out, irate.

"Don't you see? You're far above everyone, even myself. Look here," Tonya pointed out a picture she had drawn of Indy in a dominatrix outfit, whip and all, with an image of Tonya prostrate before her, licking her boots.

"O...M...G!" Indy wailed. "You are sick! Get rid of that crap now! I'll never stoop to that level!"

"And this one," Tonya pointed out another, The picture was of a lion and a leopard feasting on some prey animal, Indy couldn't determine what it was supposed to be. The prey had its belly torn open with lots of spillage, but the face of the unfortunate animal was that of a human - NT in particular. The face on the leopard was Tonya, and that of the lion was Indy.

"And you wonder why I think you're utterly disgusting!" Indy railed.

There were more disturbing images Tonya had created, including one that depicted Indy as a vampire, sucking the blood from the neck of a nude Tonya.

This was too much. Indy couldn't hold it in any longer. "I hate this crap, and I hate you!" She began to trash the displays.

Tonya quickly paralyzed her using magic, and then whooshed her back to the holding room, undoing the spell again.

Things got steadily worse from then on as Tonya continued forcing herself on Indy, depriving her of even the most basic of human rights - food, privacy, a sense of dignity. She resorted to magic illusions in her efforts to make Indy start liking her. She even used magic to cause Indy's own body to do things against her will, just to show her that it could be done, and that Tonya had the power when it really came down to it.

Indy didn't really start showing extreme stress besides starvation until Nick was enlisted to apply pressure on her via various physical torture, which Tonya would come in and miraculously save her again and again.

She lost track of time and how many days she had been in that hellish nightmare. As she became weaker and more debilitated, Indy began to lose her grip on reality, no small thanks to Tonya pulling magic illusions such as likenesses of people Indy knew, turning on her or acting otherwise completely out of character.

But things weren't going the way Tonya wanted either. It simply didn't matter what she or Nick did to Indy, nothing would make that woman give an inch and like Tonya even a little. Not even taking Indy to different magic worlds, putting her in various dangers to rescue her could make Indy appreciate Tonya.

Back at KWHO, the station manager hadn't checked his email after lunch before he started being concerned about Indy's absense. He asked around the office, but everyone told him the same thing, no one had been told she wasn't coming in.

He sent Ameh out to see if Indy had lost track of time chatting over lunch with friends at one of the eateries close by.

Ameh agreed, but when she couldn't find her, she decided to try a magic search, that resulted in something horrifying.


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