Most annoying things about fangirls



When someone started a thread on a forum about annoying fangirls, some feminists got in there and tried to turn it into a freaking gender issue again. *Rolling eyes* I removed those whiny posts and left the ones that were on topic and actually contributed some points that are worth while.

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Most annoying things about fangirls

Started by sdp , Jan 24 2014 11:39 PM

#1 post #1 sdp

Posted 24 January 2014 - 11:39 PM (Edited by sdp, 24 January 2014 - 11:39 PM.)

For me,

when they act like they know their bias personally.

So, I argued with a fangirl yesterday and omg she acts like she knows her bias on personal terms and they are close like she can tell what her bias is thinking with just a photo from the internet.

#4 post #4 jjongkeys

Posted 24 January 2014 - 11:42 PM

When they get their panties in a bunch because someone insults their bias.

#5 post #5 nickysayshi

Posted 24 January 2014 - 11:49 PM

When they can throw sh** but can't take it.

If you're going to be a b**c* to people, it shouldn't be a surprise when others are a b***h to you

#6 post #6 Jinrii

Posted 24 January 2014 - 11:50 PM (Edited by Queen, 24 January 2014 - 11:58 PM.)


#7 post #7 Delincious

Posted 24 January 2014 - 11:52 PM

the gross s*** they tweet their fav

#8 post #8 AsYouLikeIt

Posted 24 January 2014 - 11:57 PM

Romantic couples shipping. Get real, please.

#10 post #10 Bihbum

Posted 25 January 2014 - 12:02 AM

When they just start fighting with each other over their precious otps or start hating certain members for """""ruining""""" their otp OR when they shove their shipping stuff all over the members' faces, like could you not do this, please?

#11 post #11 jenniline

Posted 25 January 2014 - 12:03 AM

obsession lol that applies to everyone here :smile:

#15 post #15 whiteasian

Posted 25 January 2014 - 12:14 AM

when people cant critisize their idols >.> like when suju do something stupid i wouldnt pretend they hadnt done it like some people seem to

#16 post #16 KimOppa

Posted 25 January 2014 - 05:53 AM (Edited by KimOppa, 25 January 2014 - 05:53 AM.)

When they go overboard about their bias like OMFGGGGG SOOO HOTTTTTTT!!! And then I click on the picture and I see nothing big deal about it!

When they go overboard about their ship!!! ***!! Don't insult other members as if this ship is married irl ffs!

When they take the popularity of their bias for granted and become so arrogant about it and literally s**t on other members but hamGod forbids if anyone say a simple thing about their bias! -.-

#18 post #18 silicon soul

Posted 25 January 2014 - 02:40 PM

When practically any girl hangs out with or even looks at their oppa it's all like "GTFO DEVIL SKANK B***H, oppa is mine and mine alone"

#20 post #20 MrGenius

Posted 25 January 2014 - 03:52 PM

Shipping idols, the s*** is disgusting af.

#21 post #21 aah08

Posted 25 January 2014 - 05:12 PM

I wont say anything because i used to be so delusional when i was 13 and it doesnt matter how much i read about how i was never going to meet my bias i still continued so into the idea i would. And now that i'm 19 nothing is worse than realizing how much of my time i lost fangirling for someone who doesnt give a pluck. So fangirls plese if you're young dont waste your time and go and date someone real!!!!!

#22 post #22 KuRious

Posted 25 January 2014 - 05:31 PM

Oppa didn't mean it.

Freaking disgusting.

From Best Stuff in the World

Hating Fangirls

Created by AnimeGuy150. Last Edited by AnimeGuy150. Tagged as: Activities, Ideas, People

Ocean Elf: Eckh. Not the best title, and the handle looks fan boyish, but let's see what he has to say.

AnimeGuy150: I don't necessarily hate ALL fangirls... Just the immature ones that obsess over their "smexy bishies", bash female characters to bloody hell just because they're there, insist that whenever two male characters are on-screen together, those two "bishies" are automatically sleeping together, and - worst of all - mercilessly flame anyone who even slightly disagrees with them.

Ocean Elf: Exactly! But, hate to break it to you, that describes all fangirls and fanboys to more or less of a degree. They are fan brats, really, not well-balanced, sensible, casual fans. A casual fan doesn't associate with fandoms much if at all, because fandoms are too borgish and they let their obsessions/addictions define them and run their lives.

AnimeGuy150: These girls (Well, most of them anyway) are pathetic, shallow, rude, perverted, and in real-life, are probably spoiled, pampered little princesses who've never had to work a day in their life.

Ocean Elf: Yes! Even those that don't come on strong right away with the fanbrattery, eventually do show their true colours though. So I think it's safe to say that all fangirl/boys, (fan brats" do possess at least one or more of these descriptors you mention.

AnimeGuy150: Maybe I'm being a little bit harsh,

Ocean Elf: not at all. Especially not when you look at the little you've just said in comparison with the idiotic tirades fan brats go on whenever something or somebody ticks them off.

AnimeGuy150: but these girls just REALLY grate my last nerve.

Ocean Elf: *Nodding vemphatically*

AnimeGuy150: If you consider yourself a fangirl,

Ocean Elf: Technically, I should be, since I am a girl and there are things I am a fan of, - but the term has come to mean female fan brat, like 'fanboy' being a male fan brat. So I don't consider myself a fangirl. Just a casual fan of some stuff. I lack all the necessary characteristics of a fangirl except for being a female fan.

AnimeGuy150: and you don't do any of the stuff I mentioned above,

Ocean Elf: Fangirls don't like admitting their fanbrattery unless it's by way of bragging to their fellow fan brats and/or they actually think they are impressing other people.

AnimeGuy150: PLEASE make yourselves known here.

Ocean Elf: *Blank look* You're asking for an impossibility.

AnimeGuy150: The world needs more "fangirls" with brains,

Ocean Elf: Fanbrats with brains, well, sorry, you're out of luck there. You're really looking for an impossibility. up can never be down.

AnimeGuy150: if any fangirls at all.

Ocean Elf: Hah! No, the world doesn't need them.




mew-mew: I agree

AnimeFanGirl4Ever: I am a fan girl but one of the sane ones lol ^o^

Ocean Elf: Ugh! That otaku smily! every fangirl thinks they are saner than the others. It's not true. They are all a bit crazy, maybe not in the clinical sense, but, ugh, obnoxious.

AnimeFanGirl4Ever: I like the characters that are awesome and get exited if they begin to wail on their enemie.

Ocean Elf: That's not saying much. Duo Maxwell and Lady Une brown-noser and Mary Sue extraordinaire Senna Marie Maxwell thought Lady Une was awesome too, and got thrills whenever she wailed on people. Beliebectioner K Bieber Styles was really stuck on the "awesome" thing and threatened some non-fandom person with violence too. so you fail to convince me you're a non-fanbrat fan brat.

AnimeFanGirl4Ever: lol

Ocean Elf: Chick, that's the second 'lol' you did, and, well, your post just ain't that funny, honey...

AnimeFanGirl4Ever: but i'm not one of the fan girls who get 50 million posters of one of the "hot" anime guys and hang them up all around my room. lol

Ocean Elf: Okay, so that's one bad trait to subtract from your profile, and the third 'lol' clearly, you are not comfortable with this subject. I…Wonder…Why?

AnimeGuy150: AnimeFanGirl4Ever, that's perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with getting exited over your favorite characters,

Ocean Elf: Well, that all depends on what kind of excited and how it is expressed. How you handle your excitement and what type it is does go a long way in determining whether or not you are a fan brat.

AnimeGuy150: I'm actually happy to know there are some decent fangirls out there.

Ocean Elf: Decent, as far as they might go, but still annoying. You may be decent in that you don't write PWP fiction and expect everybody to love it, or you don't harass some individual right off the net because you hate their character, but if you still do the anime smilies in excess, no normal smilies, and/or other stuff only otaku do such as the sweat drop, the glomp, nosebleed, the stupid honorifics Aka Bell-chan instead of just 'Belle' and the Japanenglish and refer to other otaku as 'weeaboos' you're still an annoying fan brat.

AnimeGuy150: What I do have a problem with, is when fangirls insist that two male characters want to screw each other, and when they hate female characters for existing.

Ocean Elf: Yes! That kind of anime fangirl was my introduction to anime and the fandom. Definitely disgusting fan brats.

AnimeGuy150: Bu you don't seem to be like that,

Ocean Elf: Don't hold your breath. She actually said very little about the extent of her fanbrattery, and her handle speaks volumes.

AnimeGuy150: and you actually seem quite nice,

Ocean Elf: Every once in a while, they might come off that way at first. But look out. Sooner or later, the raging fanatical beast within reveals itself.

AnimeGuy150: so you're one of the exceptions. XD

Ocean Elf: Not necessarily, and you are borderline yourself with that smilie.

CutenessOverdose: "OMG!! Jonas Brothers Poop!!........ LET'S POOP TOO!!!!! *FanGirl Scream*"

Ocean Elf: Ewwwww-argh! That was painful to read, and that handle! *Twitch* Ugh!

CutenessOverdose: ^WTF!! Ugh!! Obsessores.. Why So Much Obsession?! DX

Ocean Elf: You're asking that with this handle? Is this a parody account?

CutenessOverdose: Seriously, If Joe Jonas' Feet Been Sweating All Day, His Socks Are Ripe With The Pungent Aroma Of Stale Milk And Wet Leather.. Fan Girls Would Take A Quick Sniff Of His Odors.. You Scock-Sniffers.. -___-"

Ocean Elf: *Grimace* Eww! Yeah, I'll bet they would. Heck, they'd probably fight over the sweaty socks of whoever they were crushing on. Yuck!

Ahhhmee: aha yes! :D

Finally to see someone who isn't a complete idiot!

And yeah, there is a huge difference between being an avid fan and being an insane fangirl. ^-^b

Ocean Elf: Eckh! Again with the anime smilies!

Ahhhmee: Like this one.... ugh. I was at a Dir en grey show, resting on the guardrail while I was waiting for the opening act to start. I dozed off and heard these two girls talking about Kaoru's man hairs... you know, the unmentionable ones. And all sorts of ridiculous stuff. x_x

Ocean Elf: Ewwwww eewwwwww eeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!

Ahhhmee: They're honestly the reason I sometimes think of -not- going to a Jrock show.

My friend got her hand bit and ripped open in the pit by one once. o.o She thought she'd caught Die's pick. WTF?

Ocean Elf: Ho-lee - CRAP!!

Inuneko: i like to think tht im the annoying yet not insane fangirl ^.~

Ocean Elf: I don't know how insane you are, but yeah, you are annoying. How's that an okay thing? Again with the handles, again with the smilies. Ugh!

MissNightbelle: Um...

Ocean Elf: Uh-oh, fangirl stupidity just ahead, I can tell.

MissNightbelle: Yeah that is harsh,

Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* Only a fan brat would think so. It's not quite "harsh" enough, actually.

MissNightbelle: but I can see the point.

Ocean Elf: Well, which is it?

Ah, never mind, I'm pretty sure you're just winding up to do a fangirlish rant full of reasons why you think we who dislike fan brats should change our opinions.

I'm pretty sure none of those reasons will cut it, either.

MissNightbelle: - You'd be surprised that actually, most are not rude or shallow at all,

Ocean Elf: Bull! Most are, and all are annoying and pathetic. But that is just my opinion. I haven't seen one fan cult I liked yet.

So, what I've seen from fangirls, well, let's see what impression they've made.

Keep in mind, the use of "you" is general and not meant for MissNightBelle specifically in the following paragraph.

Going mind in pants over some cartoon character. Only going crazy over a boy band because those boys look so hot. Yep, shallow. Being into something just because everyone else seems to be, yep, seems pretty shallow, or at least rather insecure. Writing fanfics just to get it on vicariously with some character you have a stupid crush on. Yep, shallow. Flaming the heck out of other people's fan fictions when yours sucks just as much and for the same reasons. Beyond rude and into the realm of hypocritical. Trying to bully somebody right off the net only because you hate their fictitious character, and not because of any real thing they did wrong. Unforgivable. Getting all up in arms when somebody points out how annoyingly obsessive you are about anime or whatever you're into so you throw a fit, yep, rude. Bringing anime into subjects that have nothing to do with it just because you are so pathetically fixated and aren't willing to face the fact that other people aren't interested and just want you to shut up about it already. Yep, rude. Defending fan brats. Yep, rude. Heck, just being a fan brat is rude.

MissNightbelle: just defensive.

Ocean Elf: Without good reason. Hey, when fan brats start it all in the first place, and people who are seriously fed up with them let them have it, the defensiveness of a fan brat is still utterly pathetic. If they weren't so obnoxious to begin with, they wouldn't get a reaction they don't like. Their fault.

MissNightbelle: I, myself, do like to pair bishies...

Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes in disgust* Why am I not surprised?

MissNightbelle: so that probably makes me about half as perverted as your average GUY.

Ocean Elf: Holy cow! Talk about gender-bias blanket statements! No, you're not only half as bad as "the average guy" you're as bad as any perverted guy that ogles women, cartoon or otherwise. Cut the feminist rhetoric already.

MissNightbelle: I'm obsessed beyond REASON with Allen Walker from D.Gray-man and pair him with every guy in it (almost, lol) but I love all the canon and straight pairings also- such as AllenxLenalee.

Ocean Elf: *Grimace* Ewwww! That was TMI more than I ever needed to know! *Repulsed scowl* Get away!

MissNightbelle: Because in all honesty most obsessive fangirls don't really know or intend to be irritating,

Ocean Elf: But they are. When a bird poops on the car roof, it isn't intending to set out and make life less pleasant for the car owner either. the difference between fan brats and birds is the fan brats have no excuse. You're all supposed to be higher intelligence same as other humans, so act like it and stop making excuses for these willful embarrassments.

MissNightbelle: they just have high hormone levels,

Ocean Elf: So does the average dolphin, rabbit, cat, or bonobo chimp. That's no excuse for the fan brats and their over-sexed stupidity. Learn to control it or get some kind of professional help if growing up doesn't snap you out of it.

MissNightbelle: or get over-excitable because nothing else interests them (it has been known to happen with me...a lot...)

Ocean Elf: I get it. They have no life. You have issues. That's no excuse and it doesn't mean the rest of us who aren't fan brats should have to shut up and quietly put up with their idiotics while they take over, spewing their junk everywhere with impunity, acting like unhinged spazzes because they think they're being so totally cool, not only that, but cooler than the rest of the human race.

MissNightbelle: but I decisively agree with this on the flaming thing.

Ocean Elf: If all other fangirls felt the same way plus kept their kruft to themselves in their little internet communities instead of spewing it all over the net, they wouldn't be such a problem.

MissNightbelle: Some fangirls can be absolutely vicious towards those with differing opinion, which is so soo stupid, but

Ocean Elf: ah yes, there's always a "But" which means a great big ludicrous qualifier coming right up. *Rolling eyes*

I don't care if they're bored housewives looking for some "excitement". I don't care if they are tweens and young adults just being immature. I don't care about their claims to have suffered some kind of trauma. I don't care how badly their lives suck. Nothing excuses their stupidity.

MissNightbelle: you have to remember that we are all different,

Ocean Elf: Duh! Oh, that's rich! You're preaching that to the wrong people. Save it for those you so staunchly defend and excuse.

MissNightbelle: and that just because you dislike the majority of fangirls it doesn't mean you should stereotype them all like that.

Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* Just in case any flimsy excuse or argument might fail to convince your opposition you or whoever you're trying to excuse/defend, are victims, just be sure to amp up the act by bringing out the big gun, the "STEREOTYPE!" card! Oh, please! Whatever stereotypes fandoms get, they created for themselves in the first place, so stop whining. Fanbrats have brought it all on themselves. Don't want to get stereotyped? Then stop acting like a stereotype. Simple! DUH!

MissNightbelle: I am definitely a sane fangirl,

Ocean Elf: Well hurrah for you. Probably most people who acts stupid are not certifiably crazy. They just lack maturity and self-control.

MissNightbelle: because I'm typing this in a calm manner,

Ocean Elf: And likely foaming at the mouth secretly. If you weren't a fanbrat, you wouldn't feel any need to argue with what Animeguy said in the first place. For every person speaking out against fangirl/boy stupidity, there are many more fan brats whinging in similar reactions as yours only nowhere near as toned down.

MissNightbelle: considering your (and others) point of view, able to think clearly, as well as not flaming you~ :)

Ocean Elf: So you didn't flame, but you still made ludicrous excuses for fan brat stupidity, added in a self-righteous judgement of "stereotyping" (which could possibly qualify as a mild type of flame,) propped yourself up as calm, (self-analyzing too much to prove a point?) and shared a lot more about your own issues than I cared to learn.

MissNightbelle: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Ocean Elf: No crap! Again, try telling that to the people who really need that message knocked into their heads. That would be the Fandoms you choose to be part of. If you can get them to listen to you, and they stop being irritating dweebs, then you might actually have a good case in their defence. Otherwise, shut it. You haven't said anything that other fangirls haven't said before in all their "woe is so totally misunderstood persecuted and hated me!" rants.

MissNightbelle: o_o; I wrote a lot...heh... xXx

Ocean Elf: Eckh! Yeah, you did. away with the x&o stuff!


And that was the last comment, no wonder the discussion died. I'll say one thing, though, her comment was the most cringe-worthy but her handle/nickname was the nicest.

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