The Truth About Bronies - Ex-Brony Speaks Out And Tells Of His Experience Inside The Fandom

The url on this blog says "anti" but is not written by a member of that subculture of trolls known as anti-bronies.

He goes by General Bill. He is not actually an anti-brony, but a true opponent of the fandom, with good reason. He is an ex-brony, who left the fandom because of closed-minded, cliquishness, the fandom being what it is - a fandom instead of a level-headed part of a fanbase.

General Bill tells of his experience within the MLP fandom and why he is no longer part of it.

All of these blog entries are posted here, in chronological order, and there is not a hint of anti-brony trollish stupidity in them. This content is so good that I wanted to put it up here just in case the original blog ever goes down.

The truth about Bronies and there community. Why they are not what they make themselves out to be and why.

A story from the inside of the community.

The Ex-Brony Blog

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A story of a Ex-Brony and why bronies are not what they are making themselves out to be.

Sure, we have heard from the news, the media and even other websites and blogs about bronies. We have heard what they are and what they enjoy. We have even heard about they so called "World take over" plan. But, have we heard the stories of what its like on the inside? Have we heard what they really are like, from a person who used to be part of the so called "Loving and Tolerating" Community?

From what I have seen, not much has been posted by a person who was once a brony and who was treated like nothing but trash.

Yes readers and viewers, I used to be a brony. I used to be part of this so called "wonderful and understanding" community of adults that watch the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I am not proud of it one bit. During my time as part of a local brony group called the Colorado Bronies (who claim to be the biggest group of bronies in one state within the United States), I poured almost a year of my life into their meetups, their events and even their so call "Fandom". That changed though, when I was starting to realize that they are not the kind, loving and tolerant people that they make themselves out to be.

Yes, there are some good people within the community (as every community has, whether it's a Fandom or not), but the amount of people that treated me poorly, that treated me disrespectfully and down right rude...just seemed to out shadow that. I was treated poorly, not because of who I am and what makes me a good person, but because of my flaws and defects. Many of the members did not see me for the good in me, but because of the negative in me; because of the problems and challenges I faced in my life.

I know that some people will agree with me; while others will not. You can see it from my side, from their side or even both sides. That is your choice to make. You can make the judgement call here, for only you can decide what you like and what you don't. Though Bronies have a different view on what people like and don't like.

They seem to convert you to see from their point of view and not your own. They try to shove down your throat their likes and dislikes, to make you believe and understand what they do. They don't seem to take into consideration how you feel about something or even how you want to see something from your perspective.

Now, remember how I mentioned that not all the community it bad? Ya, that may be hard to believe but it's true. Out of the 900 or so members of the Colorado Bronies Forums and community only a small amount of them are good natured people. Meaning out of the 900 or so members, less then 10 of them were kind to me. That just says to me "We are group of people who disrespectful and cruel to those around us. Sure we have a few good people that are kind, but they don't really matter". To those who were kind to me and made me feel welcome thank you, but otherwise you valiant efforts where put to waste by your horrible and cruel peers.

Some of you may be notice that I keep mentioning Colorado Bronies (coloradobronies.org/), this because this is the group that (for the most part) treated me lower then dirt. If you are about to join this group of MLP lovers, you may want to think twice. Sure, they say their goal is to bring together all pony and MLP lovers, but deep down at the core level. They only want members to make themselves look bigger. They don't care about you as a person, they don't care about you as a human being. They only goal is to become big and powerful and outshine everyone else. On top of that, their group of so called "Lead Administrators" are corrupt to and at the core. They don't care about you, if you speak your mind or look for support, they WILL silence you. They don't want any opposition to their group. Trust me, I would know.

In the end what it really comes down to is: You are you for who you are, and bronies don't understand that core basic value. They really don't.

Feel free to share your experience about the brony Community. If you had a bad one, then this is the place to talk about it.

Posted by General Bill at 9:30 AM


DJ Derpy December 26, 2013 at 7:11 AM

I'm having the same problem with Bronies. I'm going to make anti-Brony music. I think I'd be the first to do such a thing. I used to make pony music until I realized Bronies treated me like crap and hamgod forbid you get into an argument with with one of them. This Brony stuff has to stop. Almost all of them are self-centered twisted egomaniacal jerks. I was nice like Fluttershy genuinely but that doesn't cut it for them. You have one thing they disagree with pony related, they would ignore you online or send you a bunch of hate. If they see a defect or "signs" you're probably a clopper they start trolling. They are flaming hypocrites. I thought the community would be nice but I keep bumping into Bronies that need to drop LSD or DMT to fix their heads and souls. I think deep down inside they are sad broken people who can't handle life in a civilized manner. They probably listen to Grimdark music and read Grimdark. Those that I thought were close friends backstabbed me. I know only one Brony in RL, because Bronies are rare here and he's a little twisted but he's okay I guess. Good luck with life and hit me up if you wanna talk. ^-^ (I know my account I'm posting from is pony-related but I'm kinda lazy to make another profile with my phone.)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Further evidence of corrupt admins, in more then just judgement.

So, here I am. I know words don't matter much in the way of describing why I left the brony world. I know that evidence means more to people now a days then anything else really. Thus I am here to show you why the community I was a part of is not a great and grand as they claim to be. Because one for their very own Administrators and Co-Founders is sort of, messed up in the mind.

The persons name who I am referring to is SpiritofthwWolf on both the Colorado Brony forums and Deviant Art. He is an Artist and one of his pieces of work depicts a pony in a inappropriate pose waring of pair of panties meant for humans. This can be found on his Deviant Art page, which you can find here.

spiritofthwwolf.deviantart.com/art/Saucy-Scratch-359587273?q=gallery%3ASpiritofthwWolf%2F671376&qo=29">Saucy Scratch

Sure that may seem pretty mild, but what happens when that same Admin has a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) folder with over a hundred image (maybe even in the two hundred or above category) on pony porn and other inappropriate images on their computer? To top that off, he openly talks about it and sorts through those images, in front of the other members. Almost flaunting them and showing off his pointless pony pornography collection like no body is even offended.

That just gives the message that tells you that the said Admin is not completely straight in the head. Combine this with fact that SpiritofthwWolf is the Co-Founder of the Colorado Bronies and you are bound to get a set of corrupt, like minded leaders for the group. This means that the other Admins think alike to the Co-Founder(s) and may or may not have a NSFW with just the same (maybe even more) images of, what I came to find out is called Porny (meaning Pony Porn apparently).

This being the case, and all that I have said thus far...would you join this community? A community run by and founded by people who enjoy looking and sorting through Porny in front of you? Or would you stay away from it and find a group of people you know well enough and trust enough to not trash you and back stab you when you try to be honest? Because knowing the fact the the Colorado Bronies (coloradobronies.org/) have more then 900 members, you don't even know who you can trust and who will stab you in the back next.

Posted by General Bill at 10:58 PM

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Love and Tolerance...What are they talking about? So today I would like to talk about the misleading and misinformed part of the My Little Pony fandom that originally led me to being a brony and then deterred me away from it.

The whole ideal of Love and Tolerance within the brony fandom is (for the most part) not true at all. Sure there are those who do understand what you are saying and who will listen, but the vast majority are people with their own opinions and feelings that will not listen or try and understand what you are saying to them. They are stuck in their own world and will not even attempt to see what you have to offer. Even when you understand what they are saying and take into consideration their opinions and and feelings, they don't try to do the same for you.

Love and Tolerance is just a ploy created by the fandom to rope in new members to join their so called "herd". They don't really love or tolerate you, and most people don't realize this until it's too late and the damage has already been done and they have been hurt or offended to the point of no return. The only major thing that the already existing bronies want is to grow their fandom and to do it is by creating this false catch phrase that are the words "Love and Tolerance"

I am not the only one feeling this way and seeing this false idol that the bronies has set themselves up to believe in. Just look around the internet and you will find plenty of other human beings that feel the same way they I mentioned above. Plenty of people have joined into the fandom because they thought they would finally find a place to feel safe and accepted, but only to leave because they realize that its just a ploy and lie to broaden the fandom "herd".

I was one of those people to believe in such a thing. I thought I had found a place that I would be accepted and understood. A place I could feel safe and not be trashed and my feelings dismissed. Oh how I was wrong, and thus I created this blog to tell those possibly going into the fandom to stay clear if you are looking to join the brony fandom. Whether is because you were told that you would be loved and tolerated, or for some other reason. I would just stay away from becoming part of this messed up and twisted fandom.

You will only get hurt in the end and regret it for the rest of your life.

Posted by General Bill at 10:07 AM


Kuno Sandgreen October 23, 2013 at 8:28 AM

I heard thought bronies were monsters and liars... Looks like i was wrong about them... They are demons and monsters made by Satan himself

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two "Bronies" that are the down fall of ColoradoBronies. It's been a while since I posted on this blog. With schooling and life taking center stage, it's been pretty busy for me recently. Though after I took my leave from the Colorado Bronies Community, I decided to not name any of the members that treated me like trash.

That silence will be broken today. Two of the main members of the Colorado Bronies who are responsible for my leave. After being treated like trash and used like a pointless rage, I left the Colorado Bronies and its community.

The two members that acted disrespectfully are Randy Osgood of Loveland (the Administrator and Co-Creator of coloradobronies.org Forums), and he also is known as SpiritofthwWolf on the forums and on DA. The other is Erin Virginia Paton of Fort Collins (known as Soaryn-Birdon the forums) are both horrible and trustful people. I once called them both a friend, only to be back-stabbed and tossed aside because I was "worthless" to them.

They both have Facebook pages and those can be found here.

SpiritofthwWolf - Randy Osgood

erin.v.paton - Erin Virginia Paton

It hurts to know I once called both friends. I guess you can't trust even those you think are friends to you. I would recommend staying away from these people. They are not "friends" and are not good people to hang out with.

Posted by General Bill at 7:39 PM





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