The Flamer Mary Sues For Duo Maxwell Of Gundam Wing

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Title: Godly Fires

Ocean Elf: Not so much.

Article: Has anyone, anywhere, noticed any trends among flamers?

Ocean Elf: Plenty. They are stupid, power-hungry, attention-seeking trolls with far too big opinions of themselves.

Article: As in, Duo obsessions? Almost every flamer I have seen (in a Gundam Wing related situation), has had some affiliation through name or comment with Duo Maxwell, Shinigami, God of Death.

Ocean Elf: Yeah! The queen of the flaming trolls herself is none other than Senna Marie *MAXWELL*!

And this "god of death" stuff is also rejected over here.

Article: Do they not seem to realize that this (not only just being stupid) gives Duo Maxwell a very BAD reputation?

Ocean Elf: None of the Gundam characters need any help in that area, but I understand what you're saying, and agree. These idiots would ruin things for any character they try associating themselves with. And Senna hit a trifecta. She not only is a Mary Sue for Duo Maxwell, by name, she's a Lady Une lapdog and crushing on Treize K and probably Zechs Marquise as well.

Article: That they are, in fact, slandering him by using his name as their own and putting other people down?

Ocean Elf: Mary Sues really don't think much past their own selfish whims, Senna, least of all.

Article: That by connecting him with their own vulgarity, cruelty, and pettiness, they are making others view Duo in the most negative lights?

Ocean Elf: True. Although if it's any small comfort, it's Lady Une that Senna caused me to hate, and Treize as well.

Article: Duo is not the type to go around flaming people -- cursing people out. He's actually a pretty nice, friendly, cool guy.

Ocean Elf: I think everyone in Gundam is pretty messed up, in a messed up series.

Article: But by affiliating themselves with Duo, many flamers are actually creating horrible portraits of the good-humored pilot, and encouraging otherwise good-intentioned people to dislike him, just because flaming imbeciles (pun intended) think he's a mighty cool bad arse (which I commented on in Maxwellian Perceptions and 1 x 2).

Ocean Elf: Ugh.

Article: Too bad Duo's not real, or he might decide to defend his own honor against these rude imposters. Now that'd be a weenie-roast. *sticks marshmellow on Wufei's katana and gets ready for the barbecue that will not come* Ocean Elf: The Lady Une page


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