Obnoxious Otaku


They are the subculture of obsessive, self-centered and annoying anime fanbrats.

If you have friends who are or were into any anime, or you're into it yourself, you probably have noticed that idiotics among fandoms has no bounds.

The Future Of Anime

Title Entitlement, Another Nameless Soul

I have some good friends who are anime fans. But they are fans in a healthy perspective and with good heads on their shoulders. They and others who happen to like anime in a healthy, normal way as other forms of entertainment need not worry because what's being said on this page does not apply to them.

This is about the anime fandom, the subculture of extreme fans known as otaku. Their hangups and bad attitudes mean they treat anime and its characters more like a cult and anyone who disagrees or doesn't understand, like crap.

First, let's talk about the word 'otaku' itself. obsessive fans call themselves 'otaku' and there is a slight backlash against that trend. This is because it is said that 'otaku' is actually an insult in Japan.

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Found at: savergen.com Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary

Japanese English

gotaku tedious talk, impertinent talk, repetitious talk

gyotaku fish print

otaku geek, nerd, enthusiast (col)

otaku your house, your home (pol), you

ripurotakushon reproduction

yotaku blessings, benefits (of modern civilization)

Geeks or nerds, whatever they are, they certainly engage in a lot of gotaku!

Common characteristics of the otaku are:

1. Speaking or at least writing in a mix of English and Japanese. This is done as an attempt to: impress others including their fellow anime fans, show off, and try to fit in with the rest of the flock. It is extremely irritating to someone like me who does not speak Japanese and is not an anime fan.

It's not so bad if the fan is Japanese herself, but these non-Japanese teenagers or in some cases, older people are only interested in the language because of the cartoons. It gets unbelievably ridiculous when the non-Japanese anime fans pretend to be such experts on that language.

So many of these fans call themselves (something -Miko/Neko' and tend to put the word 'ne' at the end of a lot of questions, even if the questions are being written in English otherwise. Annoying!

They also engage in flaming others for using what they claim is the wrong Japanese terms.

I've also been on lists where anime fanatics insisted on calling me 'Ocean-San' 'Ocean-sama' 'Ocean-chan' etc.They don't see my disgusted reactions and I put up with that crud for as long as I could.

When addressing me, kindly forget that 'chan' 'sama' 'san' 'miko' stuff. And don't ask questions ending with "ne?" or speak Japanese to me at all unless you are Japanese or are really interested in that culture, and not some fad anime.

If you don't want me giving your page or mailing list a second look, just put something like "Konnichiwa mina-san" at or near the beginning. That sets off otaku warning bells and I'll be so out of there! I don't know the language, so am definitely not impressed by people trying to show off how much Japanese, Latin, Farsi, French, or whatever they think they know, especially based on some silly cartoon I couldn't give a crap about. I do appreciate different languages and cultures, but my interest does not stem from peer pressure over foreign cartoons.

Some of these people try to give the impression of knowing another language they don't. For example, on some page, an anti-Relena person made the statement about 'relena' meaning 'full' in Spanish. And with the Relena of "Gundam Wing" having the last name Peacecraft, her haters like to call her 'Relena Piece of Crap'. So this one anti-Relena genius thought they were being terribly funny by bringing up the "Relena means full in Spanish, so perhaps her name really means "Full of Crap'" Bullcookies. The Spanish word for 'full' is not 'relena' it's 'llena' or 'lleno'. I looked it up in an online dictionary. and I'm not afraid or too arrogant to admit that. WordReference.com Online German, Spanish, French and Italian Dictionaries

Title Entitlement, Another Nameless Soul

Lost In Translation, Language Posturing

2. Weird mannerisms they all do. The anime smilies ^_^ XD , the glomp, the sweatdrop. Sheesh, why do they all do that? Couldn't they get their own original individual habits for crying out loud!? Besides, 'glomp' sounds really stupid, and 'sweatdrop' sounds rather gross as. They spiral downward even further with something called the nosebleed, which, believe it or not, is supposedly sexual. YUCK! The only ones allowed to glomp me are little kids and cherished relatives and very special friends. And I don't want your sweat, thanks! So, don't give me the XD ^_^ - glomp or sweatdrop on me unless you want a heck of a bad attitude coming back in your face. Got that? Nosebleeding will get you bleeding from more than just your nose. When I get this horrified and revolted, I might not even know what I'm doing. Extreme disgust can make me act out suddenly and forcefully. First and last warning.

3. Cliquishness.

I have no sympathy for people suffering from celebrity-envy, or are totally stuck on one band and hate the other due to their appearance or the idea that you must hate one to love the other.

Like the latest fad celebrity or fictional character, (Edward Cullen, Harry Potter etc.) anime is a raging craze with obsessed fans acting similarly.

4. drooling over cartoon characters. *rolling eyes* The fangirls do this over the "bishonen" or pretty boys, and the fanboys over the over sexualized girl characters.

5.Making pages called 'shrines' to the characters they adore. Okay, a site showing someone's admiration of a character is fine, but shrine sites that demonstrate nothing but this weird combination of swooning and worship of these cartoon characters? Please. Some may honor the birthdays of their favorite characters with new art work or new fan fiction writings. That's taking things a bit far, I don't treat my own created characters with such fuss, however, to each... It really gets crazy when people get others involved, expecting submissions from other fans to meet the deadline, the character's birth date.

It got really cringy for me when someone who was obsessed over Treize from Gundam Wing. The name Treize is also French for 13, Gundam had stupid numbers for character names. Well, this admitted otaku did "Treize Day" every 13th of the month. She wished people she was in contact with at the time a "happy Treize Day" and put it on her site, too.

Oh, brother! I did my best to make myself scarce whenever the 13th of the month rolled around and she had no idea how I rolled my eyes and groaned, trying not to throw up whenever she wished us a happy Treize Day. That's carrying it way too far.

The guy was a ruddy cartoon, and a terrorist at that. There was nothing spectacular about him as far as I was concerned, heck, he had a kid out of wedlock with this girl and then dumped her, taking the kid. Real nice guy, right. I think the girl died, and that was why he got the kid, but still. YUCK!

Then there are those who make shrines to certain character pairings. Boring! I never go past the main index page when stumbling on them.

6. Making anti-character pages that don't diss the character nearly as much as they wrack their pea-sized brains shrieking against sed character's looks, or who they are too close to in the series (jealousy) or insulting real people who happen to like that character.

The shrine or anti pages contain more or less the same things from page to page. A huge list of incredibly lame likes or dislikes about the character the page is featuring. These are repetitive and often very shallow, even bigotted. The characters are often adored or hated because of their appearances. If you're going to like or dislike a character, you better have a good reason, such as not liking their personality! These freaks go psycho over some anime girl because of appearance or because she's too close to some male cartoon crush. But they absolutely love some male character who looks hot, even though he's a freaking terrorist/sadist in the series!

Words I absolutely hate: And this doesn't apply to only otaku, but fans of pop music groups or anything else.:

'skank' 'ho' 'slut' and any other word meaning prostitute that is not applied correctly. So if you're calling someone a skank you better have proof to back it up that this person is one and you sure as heck better not be one yourself. If you hate somebody just because you're jealous and you want to get with their love interest or you prove to have the hots for anyone in that way, I'll scoff and spit on you for being hypocritical. If you're objecting to something you think is perverted, you better not be perverted in my eyes. If you're especially annoying, you might get treated to a good sound slap and tongue-lashing before I turn my back and leave your tacky childish hypocritical simpering self in the dust.

I get really torked off at people who drag sex into everything, by using the f*** word, and making references to so-and-so's anatomy, "sucks c**k" for example. Get your head out of the gutter and up above your shoulders where it belongs if you don't want to be taken for a one-tracked minded perv who never got past the fifth grade!

7. Never getting the story straight. This is because they get into stupid arguments over interpretations of the anime they're into, and everyone tells a vastly different story of what happened in the series depending on their own point of view. Look at any pro then anti character page, or the discussion and debate message boards and forums and you'll see what I mean. If you're not an anime fan, this sure does nothing to get you interested in the genre.

8. Elitism, the superiority complex. These are the people who praise the heck out of what they believe is the "real" anime, the raw Japanese manga and subtitles, but they don't count the dub, the American translation that's made for TV as the real thing. They think of themselves as so great because they watch Japanese subtitles and if you watch the American dub, you are a second-class citizen or you watch stuff that's second-class.

These people are the worst for whining about shows being toned down or altered for American kids to watch. They also have some sort of weird grudge against Disney, One of the most tired cliche flames these otaku like to dish out to people who don't like their page is "For those who don't have a sense of humor or who are too stupid to appreciate our great masterpieces, go to Disney.com." Puh-leeeeeze! They need to get over it, Disney has a right to provide entertainment, and its fans have the right to prefer it over some fad subtitled or raw Japanese anime that's filled with assembly line psychotic characters lacking in - well, character, engaging in excessively violent, criminal and terrorist activity or other things that don't make much sense, even as American dub. "Heero! Come and kill me!"

Akemi's Anime World Editorials: In Defense of English Dubbed Anime Digitalessays : Micellaneous : Anime VS American Animation

The Wonderful World of Creation

I have some problems with Disney, too, when it comes to the stereotypes that appear in their entertainment, and in some cases, not all, animal rights myths are packaged up as family entertainment. Political propaganda is becoming more and more prevalent and not only with Disney. But that's for another page. There are Disney productions I enjoy a great deal. I'll watch "Mary Poppins" over "Gundam Wing" any day.

9. Kawaii *cough* "art". Animekitties. Ever notice how many pages dedicated to some anime have these ridiculous little kitties? Examples, Zechskitty, Treizekitty. What the frack is up with that!? Keep in mind these characters are being drooled, swooned, and fought over by those same fangirls. Looks like a form of beastiality fantasizing going on there. If they weren't sexually turned on by these cartoons, my only objection to the kitties would then be for lack of using other animal images. Why aren't they putting ZechDragons or TreizeCobras or WufeiRams up on their pages? Why not use dogs, monkeys, hamsters, rats, deer, there are so many animals they could use for fun with these characters and they are for the most part, stuck on kitties. Boring and warped.

10. Pocket bishonnen or bishonen catching. Yuck! What the blazes is going on, or rather, off in their brains?

I'll give you a summary of what a bishonen catching page is. Let's pretend I used Marissa as an online handle, and I was crushing on several guys in some fiction or other. Here's what I would do as a hormonal otaku, Bishonen-catcher.

*Takes deep breath* Okay, here goes.


name of bishonen catcher: Marissa...Oh, wait...Lady Marissa de'Boremier Chang.

Now. Lady Marissa uses all kinds of wiles to catch...Duo Maxwell, then Trowa Barton, She plays the seductress to get Zechs Marquise, (otherwise known as Miliardo Peacecraft,) now she's got Duo, Trowa and Zechs all under her control and at her every beck and call, they are hers, and they like it. they have lost all free will because Marissa is so beautiful and they'd do anything for her.

Then, Lady Marissa does more spell-weaving and catches the eye of Heero Yuy, who even kills Relena Peacecraft for her. Now Heero is spell bound.

But that's not enough for Lady Marissa de'Boremier. She does more wiles, more magic seductions, catching Treize Khushrenada, and finally she snares Wufei Chang. Now her life is complete. Lady Marissa marries Wufei and still has all the other bishonen at her command. They are her slaves, but they all want her! And that's how she becomes Lady Marissa de'Boremier Chang. AKA Lady Marissa de'Boremetotears Chang.


*Cut, cut, cut!* That's enough of that! Talk about character abuse. *steps out of the Lady Seductress Slaver fangirl role, dusts herself off and returns to normal* Phew!! *cough cough* GROSS!

How utterly stupid is that? It's an insult of the anime characters as well. And it would show me, the writer in a very bad light, not to mention entirely too typical. The idea of creating a harem and being an alpha over so many characters is repulsive. It's a glorification of slavery and exploitation. *rolls eyes in disgust* Definitely not my idea of a good fantasy. The bishonen and bishojo catching crap is just one of many fangirl-isms that needs to die sooner or later, preferrably sooner!

11. Stupid "awards" and boasting and patting themselves on the back. This self-congratulatory spirit is brought on by the euphoric ego-swelling satisfaction an otaku gets from writing many Japanese words, flaming somebody, or receiving some sort of recognition for their stupid little page. That recognition sometimes comes in the form of so-called 'awards'. The awards thing is boring, redundant and stale, with no set standards. It's just fans making up these awards pages for their friends, or jumping out of their skin because their page won some award on somebody else's page. Big deal. *yawn* Look, I hate awards shows on TV. They're noisy, and boring as all heck. So why on earth would I give a flying hot dart about some made-up web page award?

12. Whining! They are the worst for whining about everything from so-called tolerance' which they are sadly lacking in themselves, their school life to feeling misunderstood and sorry for themselves over every little thing. This is especially true when their sad and ridiculous pages or fanfictions aren't getting feedback. They cry because their pages aren't as good as their friends' or their rivals'. They up and quit a list or forum because they're not getting enough recognition and ego-stroking. They throw hissies when someone points out they are obsessive. Person a: You sure have a lot of anime-related posts." Person B: What of it? Is it so bad to like anime?" The worst fate for these otakus is being ignored! Some are so desperate for attention that they invite people to flame them...In so many words! Never have I seen so many self-centered egotistical, arrogant little cry-babies in any one net community.

Please...Dry up and stop acting like idiots, then maybe you won't have so much to snivel about.

13. Being of the mind that their own opinion is the only right one, and everybody else who disagrees with them is not only wrong, but is stupid or deserves to die or be verbally beaten down. These are the pretenders at playing God who think they can bully people into agreement or submission by way of obsessive lambasting. They are so deluded, with their heads crammed so far up their own butts that they actually believe they are doing good and saving the day. They don't realize there is a world out there, and a life beyond anime. They don't want to see it, and just don't care. They are not interested in getting any kind of a real life.

14. Flaming innocent people for no reason and without any provokation. This is usually done because they are sexually frustrated and feeling emotionally deprived because their cartoon character is not physically able to give them what they crave. It is also because the flamer is an inferior being who believes she is some sort of weird goddess who's mission in life is to beat people down. Suffering from a superiority complex brought on by an enormous ego and want for attention, she gets her jollies saying rude things to people and hiding behind a computer screen like a coward. She is often terribly confused about her own identity, changing aliases more frequently than a traffic light. This may also be a way of hiding. Typical behavior of a parasite. Look at the flu or the aids virus. It mutates too. And these flamers are about as useful to the world as those viruses.

Look at any fan's guestbook or hall of flames and you'll find mountains of unintelligible prattle by flamers who say the same things over and over again. The content never varies from site to site. Flamers either write "Crackhead", "you suck" or "this sucks", try to tell the site owner off by cramming as many foul words in as possible, or attempting to make the webmaster feel stupid or low.

The fact is, the flamers are only doing that to themselves. They are making complete idiots of themselves, and are too stupidly oblivious, and in love with themselves to realize it.

Mary Sues Flaming For Duo Maxwell

their preoccupation with drugs shows up clearly in their references to "crack" and "smoking" something. One ridiculous flamer by the name of Senna Marie Maxwell asked if a webmaster "smoked the white clouds of opium or any other such hallucinatory substance" - same old flame about drugs, but with a spectacular display of stupidity as well. you don't smoke clouds of anything, the cloud is what results from smoking something solid... What a hilarious display of idiocy!

A common affliction among flamers is the inability to spell or type. No kidding, some of their jibberish is beyond deciphering. Perhaps they haven't clued in that typing with their feet or by banging their heads against the keyboard isn't going to cut it for accuracy. But then again, they are flamers. Accuracy doesn't mean squat to them when it comes to their own dumb dreck.

Then there are the flamers that preach pro-yaoi.

They write 10 page long flames on yaoi-free site guestbooks, thinking their sermons of the cult of yaoi will convert people to change the guidelines and content of their sites to include gay porn. Likewise, I've seen some anti-yaoi flames that are as idiotic as any other flame. Whether you're arguing for or against yaoi, spewing such things as "your site sucks. Go f*** yourself and die." will show you to be nothing but a stupid idiot either way.

15. the joke excuse. This is an excuse made by flamers and makers of deliberately crappy pages alike. It is usually the first part of a flaming response that goes something like this:

"This was meant as a joke! Humor! But if you didn't like it you must not have a sense of humor!"

Oh, please... That's one of the lamest excuses for crappy content or bad behavior there is. The fact is that if a flamer turns around and calls what they were doing a joke, they are too cowardly to take responsibility for their own stupidity, and too offended that their trolling actually got what it deserved when someone called them out on it. As for the page that has these lame exclamations of "It's just a joke!" plastered all over it, well...If they have to blast those words all over the page, it's obviously not all that funny. If they only meant it as a joke to amuse themselves, but it was a sick joke that only they would find funny, maybe they should have kept it to themselves.

16. Throwing tantrums over stupid things that just shouldn't matter. "How can you say those things about Relena!?" or "Stop dissing my man Wufei! He's da bomb!" or "Ur page sux cus you wrote your stupid creation with Heero! Heero would never go for a slut like that! He loves Relena, not you!" Believe me, I've seen a lot of idiotic flames and rants like the above examples.

These twits take themselves and their anime gods far too seriously. I've seen the pro-Lady Une people actually take it personally when my friend and I pointed out how imperfect Lady Une is. really pathetic. It's not like Lady Une is even real let alone could care what's being said about her by them or anybody else. But then again, those particular otaku believed themselves to be Lady Une, or at least deluded themselves into the notion they were following her most holy commandments.

17. Mary Sue, another trend that's rampant with fandoms. See the About Mary Sue page for further reading on that subject.

As much as the fangirls rant against it and shout from the rooftops how much they despise Mary Sue-ism, they are guilty of being Mary Sues themselves. Every time they put up pics of themselves with their adored anime guys, catch bishonen, use handles and made up characters with the last name of an anime guy they are in love with, they are Mary Sues. In fact, the mere state of having the hots for a fictional character makes fans Mary Sues. They don't have to write themselves into a fanfiction to be one. the truth is, the only time they hate Mary Sue-ism is when it's not being committed by them.

A friend of mine used to hang out in a fanbase for Toshinden. Another fan she knew was into the so-called Kawaii art, AKA those sickening little kitties. She wouldn't accept my friend's serious artwork that depicted the anime characters as they appeared originally. The only realistic one she liked was a drawing of herself and Eiji Shinjo, one of the characters in the anime. Mary Sue alert! She apparently considered herself to be Eiji Shinjo's girlfriend, and Kayin Amoh's wife. or Becoming Kayin's Wife, with a marriage certificate she had gotten from some silly web site. This is the same chick who has that horribly whiny wussy "Death to Emi" page.

if Une was obsessed and possessive and clingy over Treize, so was this Mary Sue. So much to the point where she admitted to buying some manga or whatever and cutting out Une's picture. Yikes! Okay, if it's her property, it's her right if she wants to tear up some way over-priced anime book because she hates a character and has good reason to. But all this because she was jealous of Une over Treize!? that's just as wacked out as the pro-Une flaming contingent!

I gave her flamers heck for their actions, and ridiculed them for getting jealous and hormonal over a cartoon guy. I even wrote some anti-Une stories, laughing at those stupid drips the whole time. And this Mary Sue writer, who I was defending against the flamers at the time, praised my writing, always telling me how amazing it was, and that I never sounded jealous of Lady Une. I never understood that - why the heck would I be jealous of some stupid cartoon slap-happy dictator, who was worshiped by a band of sad little grade-school bullies?

But it came out later that this writer actually disliked Une out of jealousy over Treize. So even she didn't have a good reason for her dislike, and was just as guilty as her flamers of raging nymphomania. I learned over time that is really what a Mary Sue is all about. Sickening!

That wasn't all she did, I found out much later from somebody else she had written a threesome with her Mary Sue, Treize and Zechs, where she wrote Treize pimping her out to Zechs, no kidding a group thing with her character and two guys! Like, O...M...G! How utterly degrading and disgusting!

Something else she wrote that I actually did see was a scene where her Mary Sue walked into a room and not only turned Treize's head, but the heads of all the males present, including the ones who already had wives and girlfriends. Like sheesh, first of all, it is unrealistic and terribly egotistical to assume every guy is going to get turned on by the same girl, especially when it's a room full of people. Actually wishing you could do that for real, making a character who's supposed to be a protagonist act that way is sleezy. Especially if she gets guys to ignore their gfs/spouses to look at her! Gah! What a stink!

I told her she was dissing her own character by turning her into nothing but a prized piece of meat. That also made the romance thing with her character and that sissy-named terrorist Treize a pathetic joke. There were some serious problems with both her flamers and her. What a sorry lot, all of them. There was no excuse for any of them but I hardly think their situations were unique among these crazed fans.

18. Believing themselves or others to actually be the real life embodiment of their anime gods. My friend went into a live chat as Zechs. The anime fangirls there ate it up, falling all over their keyboards in adoration. But when he broke the news to them that he was not really Zechs, they blew gaskets and threw monumental tantrums, calling him insults. They were made fools of, and they didn't like it. How out of touch with reality is that!?

19. Living under the delusion their favorite cartoon character is real and in love with them. They are really that sad!

20. Wishing for the above.

21. Getting jealous over female characters in a show for stealing the attention of their desired anime guys, or even showing a remote possibility of it. *hiss*

19, 20, and 21 are all signs that a fan is a Mary Sue in the first degree.

there is apparently a girl in the Toshinden anime who's supposed to be viewed as Eiji's girlfriend, Emi. Emi apparently is mentioned and makes the occasional appearance in the anime/game/whatever. Well, this so-called Kayin's Wife, yes, same Mary Sue chick actually admits to being jealous over Eiji. Something she also hates Emi for is that Emi cries on Eiji's shoulder and isn't a butch fightin cute little green-haired under-aged child in a pink tutu, which, according to this drip, is the sort of girl for Eiji Shinjo. Now if that isn't sick...? Either that or she'd rather Eiji was in love with his male friend Kayin instead of Emi. Like, please...All that Death to Emi page is, is a bunch of pathetic whining. No kidding, she hates that character so much, all for jealousy over a cartoon guy - that she made a "Death to Emi" page. *rolling eyes* Good grief! What an embarrassing piece of crap.

One wonders if she'll want to admit to being the author of that childish drek 20, 10, maybe even 5 years from now, or if she'll just Hit The Road, quietly do away with it eventually and hope nobody has a record of it.

22. Getting jealous over some fanfiction writer's own created character over an anime guy. No kidding! Not only do they get jealous of the established female characters, but they can't stand anybody else writing their own original female characters in love with their anime gods. The Mary Sue fangirl wants to be the only one who is in her celluloid crush's life, and have that right exclusively. She doesn't want to give others the right to be annoying Mary Sues, only she is allowed to write lame stories about herself and her favorite anime guys. Pathetic!

Normally, with the rare exception, I strongly disagree with horning in on a love between established characters at all, if there was a relationship between a certain guy and a certain girl in the series, show, whatever, please, leave it at that. If there wasn't, why spoil a piece of writing by inserting a Mary Sue or pairing off characters?

23. Having no writing skills, talent or imagination but believing themselves expert in all areas, downing other writers who actually know what they're doing by telling them they have no skills, talent, or imagination.

24. Fanfics. I used to think they were a novel idea, no pun intended. writing about favorite TV show, movie, or book characters. Maybe even throwing in your own supporting original characters in the same way new characters are brought into the standard TV series.

But the awakening was very rude.

I discovered that fan fics really aren't so much about that as they are about their writer's and their own wishful fantasies of sex or grandure.

October 2000 File: The Definition of Fan Fiction . . . Excellent article about fan fiction trends.

25. Writing fanfictions about the characters they either adore or hate, with the intention of pairing them off (BORING!) or killing them off. (Well, okay, maybe there's something to killing them off, some of the characters sound as mixed up as the fans.)

26. Writing yaoi (gay male porn) between any or all male characters, yuri (lesbo porn) slash (same damn thing.) There is little Yaoi evidence in Gundam Wing My Views on Yaoi

27. Getting upset when people disagree with, or are simply not interested in yaoi. *rolls eyes* as if fixating on paring every character off with the opposite sex isn't already being done to death, now these mind-in-pants fans think they have to turn characters into homosexuals. Any character from anime to Harry Potter falls victim to this character distortion.

This is where a huge double-standard rears its ugly head. The same fans who distort characters by turning them into pornos, and/or changing their sexual orientation are the worst for whining about original character and official character pairings, as if they aren't mangling official characters by writing smutt stories about them. Puh-leeeeeze! . If they were straight in the story, for gosh sake, leave it that way. And just because the characters didn't have a romance in the official books or shows doesn't mean everybody should rush into writing character pairings as if they never heard of the concept of happily single.

Fan Rape (Ugly title, but it's not what it might sound like! - Article about fans dumbing show characters down and rewriting them to fit their own weird and adolescent fantasies.

Want a quick example of a typical fanfiction? Okay, off the top of my head, here's basically how they look. It's amazing people actually write pages and pages of this stuff. I'll spare myself and the readers the pain of attempting to drag this out into 10 or 20 pages and make it as brief as it is typical of a fanfiction plot. I don't even spare our Indy from being mangled here, for if I was your typical otaku, I wouldn't view her ridiculous role in this thing as anything less than desirable or even glorious.

Here you go!


Gundam/Zoids Crossover

by Indianna.


one yaoi - Duo and bit (Gads, such weird names!)

One hetero - Jack and Relena.

Original characters:

Indianna Khushrenada, *Groan - What a corny name!* - Younger sister of the now deceased Treize.

Jesse Lein - villain

Titania ross - Jesse's Girlfriend.


Jesse Lein's objective: to take over the world. He sends his girlfriend Titania to infiltrate those who oppose him.

Titania manages to get vital information by sleeping with every pilot. But Indianna Khushrenada has a mad crush on both Heero YUY and Bit, and she kils Titania in a jealous rage.

Relena preaches to Indianna about pacifism. Indianna retaliates by vandalizing Relena's pink car..

Relena is distraught and she turns to Jack for some hot loving comfort.

Jesse finds out that his girlfriend has been killed, when he learns who did it, he has Indianna kidnapped. It is not only up to the gundam pilots to save the world, but free indianna as well.

Roflol does this sound ridiculous enough?

So, the story goes back and forth between love-er-sex...and holy--er--bloody war as Relena and Jack get it on, and Duo and Bit, fighting to keep their minds out of each other's pants, bomb the heck out of Jesse Lein's forces. Their first attacks don't kill Jesse, since he is not actually fighting, He's too busy back at his headquarters keeping a hostage.

But wait! indianna has managed to free herself! How, you ask? By sleeping with Jesse! well, that's one problem solved, but Jesse still wants to rule the world, so while Relena tries to talk to Jesse about the merits of pacifism, Duo and Bit launch another sneak attack which kills Jesse and severely wounds...Um...Heero.

What saves him is Indianna's declaration of undying love toward him. He makes a quick recovery, they marry, and Bit is the best man, Relena, the maid of honor, and Jack gives Indianna away since Treize is not around to do so.










But that's basically how all those fanfics look to me.


28. Unoriginality. So many anime fan pages have the same format and the same content; the hormonal drooling, the fanfics, the art, the part english, part Japanese, part jibberish, part Moronish, the glomping, the sweatdropping, the kitties, the bishonen, the deathmatches in the case of anti-pages, the list of likes on a pro page, the links section that contains links to the same sites as other anime fan pages, the awards stuff, the hall of flames, the guestbook.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not, never was, and probably never will be a fan of anime, it just isn't my thing, and the deranged Senna type fans have done nothing to make me interested in it. But I'm not against people who genuinely enjoy anime in a healthy way.

The problem is there are way too many fans who are unoriginal, immature, self-centered, perverted twits about it. check out any of the links I've included on this page. These are the fans who clearly don't fit that description and though they seem to be in the minority when it comes to site representation, they're a blessed change from the annoying ones out there!

A big kudos to them for putting up these pages and daring not to follow the same ridiculous ttrends as so many others.


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