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Another Nameless Soul

Originally found at this now nonexistent linkAnother Nameless Soul

by confuzcius

Ah me, I'm another nameless soul. I have seishi titles up the wazoo and I keep so many FY shichiseishi items, they're practically naked.

Not that some of you are complaining, I'm sure.

Actually, I'm kidding about the titles. As far as I know, I'm Zechs no Miko (it was a joke, demmit!) and a TGOPS seishi. Oh, and I keep Tamahome's glowing oni. He used to keep it in his pocket, but I needed a nightlight. It sits next to Kodachi's Holy Bunsen Burners.

But can you see how the titles can just grow out of control? Why do people feel the urge to gather titles like so many pieces of lint? It's okay if you have one or two stuck on your clothing, but gather too many and people will give you funny looks.

Or offer you a lint brush.

My main point is this. If you want to be remembered on any 'net community, you need a name. An original name, real or otherwise. If you're the original miko, then people will remember you. If you're not the original anything, why would you use the same title? It's horribly confusing, especially for people who know the original miko as just that. The Miko (tm).

Titles should really be a second thought when one comes onto the 'net. The first is to try and choose a name that people will remember, if you want to be remembered. Never, ever choose a name that's from a prominent anime.

For example. Nuriko.

Since one cannot choose to be the original Nuriko (gad...), one can always add numbers onto his name.

Yeah! That's the ticket! If I add numbers, people will surely remember that I'm Nuriko_82.

Yes, you too can be a Nuriko_##. Join the masses.

Please. It's one thing to have an e-mail addy with that name, but would you want your alias to contain a number? It's like... a prison number or a label. Or something. And there are so many Nuriko_##s running around, no one can possibly keep track of them. If you want to be known as a Nuriko_something, don't expect people to remember you.

After you choose a name, go ahead and pick a title. We all need something to add to our e-mail signatures. Might as well be a title.

And my gosh, don't we all want to join the joi palloi and grab a title of a sort?


If you choose a title,

keep it simple. It's easier to remember, and humans are an inherently lazy lot. for goodness sake, make sure someone else doesn't have it first. The last thing anybody could possibly want is a ruddy flame war. don't expect people to remember it. Like I said, humans are lazy. Names are better. Original names are even better, not to mention happier.

As for my titles? They amuse me. Greatly. But I'm still confuzcius.




And you can just call me Ocean Elf. No titles such as "san" "chan" "sama" "miko" or any of that.


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