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What We Really Don't Like

We hate trolls and trolling being praised or treated as some kind of cool, especially by people who are supposed to be on the political non-left! We are sick of seeing "republican" or "conservative" or even "right-wing" being associated with acts of trolling on the internet!

Not cool! Stop it!


Anonymous 4chan/encyclopedia dramatica etc.

It doesn't matter that Anonymous now works against Isis or that it helped put away a child molester. They didn't do any of that out of the goodness of their hearts. Anonymous are power-hungry trolls and always will be.

Trolls are found in just about every community on the net from Isis-lovers to other kinds of perverts to spammers to meme-originators to political debating and beyond.

Trolls are everything that is wrong with the internet.

Trolls are spammers, sadists, bullies, hoaxers, as a group, trolls possess every undesirable trait found in humanity. Trolls are scum.

Trolls are responsible for the following things we dislike:

Faux Christianity sites. Sites that pretend to be the worst possible stereotypes of Christianity in an anti theist's rosy dream.

We HATE those sites! With a passion!

We hate Christwire.org, landoverbaptist.net, bettybowers.com, and objective.jesussave.us! One is a faux blog/news site similar to Theonion, one is a fictional church, one is another fake ministry of some kind, another is a spinoff of the fake church. All are parodies showcasing the anti-theist's ultimate fantasies of what they want Christians to be. Christwire was spawned by some people who apparently claimed to really be or have been Christians at one time, aiming to prank the left and see what garbage about Christians they are eager to swallow.

That is dishonest, childish, sheer stupidity. It does nothing at all to help Christianity's reputation on the net.

Landoverbaptist came out as a delayed vengeance on Liberty University by Chris Harper after being expelled years before.

We can't stand rationalwiki.org (atheist&feminist propaganda.)

We dislike Maddox from "thebestpageintheuniverse . net" He's a real troll with a legion of fanboys. We don't like so-called "Normal bob Smith" at normalbobsmith . com. We don't like Douglas Ernst at douglasernstblog . com. Bob Smith's a proud anti-Christian who has decided to make up all sorts of dumb excuses, lies, and judgements about Christians. Doug Ernst is a comic fanboy who calls himself a "conservative Christian" and then turns out to be a very poor example of both, due to his trolling, posting of death camp pictures, his deplorable pro-waterboarding stance, and his hair-trigger temper toward Christians he can't get to agree with him. so their sites naturally suck out loud.

We reject bull from both sides, and although some of the sites in the following list oppose the left, they haven't always ditched items they should - such as stuff going around in memes.

Media Matters, Fox News, MSNBC, MTV, CNN, Daily Kos, Patriot Update, Mother Jones, Conservapedia, The Huffington Post, Morning Liberty, Jezebel.com, Slate, jihadwatch, Moveon.org, Left Wing Watch, Right Wing watch, Salon, thenwo.net (The New World Order), Alternet, Newsmax, Rawstory, patriotaction.net, Truthout, BareNakedIslam.com, ThinkProgress, counterjihadreport.com, Democratic Underground, aattp.org, oreilly-sucks.com, Crooks and Liars, thedailybanter.com, Little Green Footballs, splcenter.org, theboeskool.com, wonkette.com, Snopes.

No, that last one was not a mistake. Snopes has gone right down the tubes.

We also don't like thenatemaxproject.com. They rant on about "xionist" this and that, tout crazy conspiracy theories, belief in chem trails etc, and tell a big lie about aborted fetuses being eaten/used in food that has been debunked years ago.

MTM rejects all of that claptrap from so-called "spirit cooking" to "reptilians" this and "illuminati" that and other tinfoil hat stuff.

We absolutely hate racist sites chimpout . com stormfront . org chimpmania . com N***ermania Sh*tskin . com nationalblackfootsoldiernetwork . blogspot . com micetrap . net and all others like those, and pro-nazi games such as ZOG's Nightmare!

Micro memes. Whether being spawned out of another meme or seeming to have no traceable origin, these phrases are tiny chain letters and just as annoying as the long-form variety. See Rules the micro meme section for examples. See Fails for even more.

Fandoms. We don't like them. We are not fancult/hipster-friendly. Hipsterism, being into something just to make some kind of "Look at me, I'm cool for belonging to this subculture" is pretentious and annoying. Fandoms are hipsterism and rampant with fanaticism, peer pressure and bullying. Even on the relatively harmless side of things but wearing some fandom on one's sleeve is uber annoying and stinks of Mary Sue, plus, we're're likely not at all into your thing.

We don't like Twilight. We don't like Harry Potter. we don't like The Hunger Games. We don't like a lot of anime, and the odd sensible fan around here is just that - sensible, she doesn't wear "I love (insert anime) on her sleeve and talk about it all the time. We are seriously irritated and sick of MLP My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic/Witchcraft, FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's), Undertales, and Pewdiepie as well as and because of their fandoms. They Mary Sue and ship and spam that rubbish everywhere!

We don't like people giving themselves dumb names and dumb collectivist mannerisms that reflect how stuck on some lame series they are. "I'mfromHogwarts shows you to be a Potter Sue, and we don't care if you claim to have smartened up about chain letters or hate Buzzfeed. What good is that when you're still a Poterhead brony/pegasister, otaku, one of Pewdiepie's bro army, Twi-tard, Hunger Games or FNAF Five Nights At Freddy's fangirl/boy Mary Sue/Gary stu or disgusting troll?

We detest anti-fandoms, which have turned out to be nothing but fandom for trolling, and are among the most hypocritical thing imaginable.

We detest the demonic/evil/creepy furby meme and we do not like furby killers. They are a type of anti-fandom, and they've turned fearing/hating furbies into a meme.

We do not like creepy pasta. Especially Slender Man, Jeff The Killer, and Laughing Jack. They are disgusting characters with fandoms, and they have also become big memes.

We HATE all things 4chan, and that means creepy pastas, bronyism, otakuism, all that crap.

We don't like whyweprotest.net - another chan site.

We don't like Uncyclopedia, (chan crap). We loath Encyclopedia Dramatica and anything associated with it, including 4chan.

We don't like Fark.com. They started out vulgar and remain so. 'Fark' is a euphemism for the f-bomb. Foobies.com, branching out from Fark, is also very unwelcome here.

We don't like Pewdiepie! For good reason.

We really don't like Dillon The Hacker dillonthehacker. He calls himself a god, Jesus Christ no less, in his coal miner video. He's not really so much against fandoms as he's just there to try getting a rise out of them "for the lulz".

We HATE "the lulz"!

We don't like Ellen. We don't like Buzzfeed. We don't like Anderson Cooper, Dr. Phil, Oprah etc. talk shows and "reality" TV period. We're sick of getting hit with blast clips from the ellen Show and anything associated with Ellen... Including "Little Big Shots". Yeah, the kids are cute and talented - but come on, this isn't really about them, is it? Would the show be so hyped if it was someone on the other side of the political aisle working in production behind the scenes?

We're sick of being bombarded on social media with clips from Stephen Colbert, John Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, any late night comedy act that's trendy, "The View".

We are not sheeple for Ayn Rand. or fangirls for Ann Colter, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh.

We are not on the Trump Train, but we are utterly sick of Trump-bashers. Especially since those same people practically worshiped him as *cough* "The Donald" before he went into politics and went with the party they hate.

We don't like Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Symone Sanders, Van Jones, heck, we just detest NBC and CNN.

We really don't like Kathy Griffin, Amy Schumer, Milo yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes. The left can keep their trolls, but the non-left should've tossed the likes of McInnes and yiannopoulos out of their ranks ages ago and grouped them in with the trolls on the left.

Steven Crowder and Alex Jones make our ears bleed.

George Takei, the living uber Facebook meme makes us cringe.

We don't like anyone who is wildly popular and spouting political BS, especially when they trash Christianity into the bargain, intentionally or unintentionally.

We don't like Theonion. We don't like fake news sites or any with stale old viral jokes or pic/video/animation memes of today or yesteryear. The memes are annoying, the faux news, annoying plus deceptive, that is, too many people are falling for at least some of it, and when it's made up stories about real people, it isn't funny.

Having said that, here's an article I'd like to promote as a very interesting read.

Christian Ellen Painter Dollar explains why she does appreciate satire. And she has some great points. If I liked satire at all, I would definitely share the view in common with her that people/publications that satirize everyone and not just one or a few groups of people are best.

We dislike meme mills, naturally. Such sites include:



We also don't indulge people who defend this crud, so if you want to cry over TheOnion or NationalReport.net because you think we're being such big meannies and these people are "just trying to make a living" and yadda yadda, hoaxing the public with fake news, don't bother. We're not interested in excuse-making for this stuff, and we won't accept backhanded compliments on this site only to be followed up with "You're going too hard on the hoaxers." for any reason.


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