Badfic. Well, it's what it sounds like - bad fiction. From bad plots to no plots, from Mary Sues and shipping to parodies, horrible spelling/typing/grammar, and all songfics, from laughable to cringy, they aren't called badfics for nothing.

Drawing The Line That one started out as a badfic by Wombat, and insertions by Ocean Elf turned it in on itself, making it a foe fiction against fanfic by the end..

Fakeawish.com Story Templates applied to fictional characters instead of celebrities. Fakeawish was a stupid trolling site that propagated celebrity death hoaxes. The great news is it's a has been. Applying their dumb hoax stories to fictitious characters is far more interesting, oh, and there is a bonus former prank story at the end. Only here, it's been turned on its originator.

"The Boy Who Lived, HP

Lavender, The Blind Fury

Mary Sues In The Library

My Immortal



Slender Bungles

When Mary Sues Collide


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