Creepy Pasta Elves

Yes, even elves get into the act.

Boy, do they ever! Any horrid idea average people can come up with, trust an elf to take it even further.

This Youtube Creepy Pasta titled "The Elf King" references the German tale, and similar to it, has the elf king causing someone's death. But unlike the original story, the pasta does the usual worn out drunken father plot device. The German story had a cast of characters that consisted of three main characters, a loving father, a sick and frightened child, and the elf king, who wanted the child for himself. In that story, the child ends up dead when the elf, unseen by the father, tries to seize the child by force. This makes the original story far more frightening than the pasta.

Murray Perahia plays Erl King

Listen to Valentina Lisitsa's performance.

In the Noodleheads story, The Erl King music is also being used in "More Trouble For Slender Man" to represent Caprice Swan, who kicked off the series in her battle against The Hollow Man. When she reappears in the "More Trouble" section, she is clearly getting sick of waiting around for someone to take action or give her the go-ahead to do so.

Now, let's mangle some CP elves! Two of which, make Erl King look like a boy scout.


1. Elf On A Shelf

2. Zippy The Elf

3. Bethany

4. Elf On A Shelf And Dear Old Granny

**Bethany's killer has a history...** And he's really got it coming! He will eventually face the wrath of this Ocean Elf.


What Is Elf ON A Shelf And Why Is It So Popular

Elf On The Shelf What Is It Christmas Tradition Could Be Harming Children Explained

What's Inside an Elf On A Shelf? What can I say? I'm a curious Ocean Elf. Yes, I watched the video the whole way through.

Now, sit back, relax, it's story time. Let's cream some creepy pasta elves!

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