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Jeff The Killer is a 4chan originated meme.

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Story Summary

The most popular and notoriously crappy story from 2011 is quite different from the original ideas of Sesseur.

Jeff and his brother are the new kids in town, parents having just moved because they were trying to move up in the world so to speak. Supposedly better environment for the kids, better job/position for the father, etc.

Jeff and his brother get bullied almost immediately by the meanest, most popular/rich kids in town.

Nobody takes the bullying seriously until Jeff gets burned and ends up with a disfigured face. After that, when he gets home from the hospital, he kills his parents that night.

The popular pasta story says that bullies made him cray cray as well as were responsible for his being disfigured.

A 2014 re-write blames schizophrenia for the violence. The 2015 re-write pins some of the blame for his injuries on the bullies, but mostly on his new set of parents, also not the same parents from the 2011 story. They were unnamed in the 2014 story.

The names of the 2011 story parents were Peter and Margaret. No last name. Since Nina woods the Mary Sue came along, people gravitated to assigning Woods as Jeff's last name. So in the 2015 re-write, the parents were named Matt and Shelia Woods.

Jeff's family name is Hotek. This is mentioned by Sesseur in an interview about Jeff's origin.

Pre-2015, the adults were merely absurdly oblivious and stupid. In the 2015 re-write, they all took proactive roles in siding with the bully kids and Randy's parents over Jeff and Liu in everything, all for the sake of maintaining an image and keeping their cushy and prestigious job positions and status. Peter and Margaret Noname were two-dimensional, utterly dense characters, but Matt and Shelia Woods were cold-hearted social climbers willing to throw their own kids under a train to keep up their own image in a world of stuffy upper crust society in a small town.

Both stories set out to vilify parents and put partial blame on bully kids and eventually insanity for the actions of a sadistic, blood-thirsty knife fiend who would go on killing many more people besides his two sets of parents. The other stories blamed it all on mental illness and society.

Lesser Known Background

Sesseur, the - person - who actually created Jeff on Youtube, offers a different explanation for how Jeff's face got messed up.

It wasn't because of bullies or bad parents.

It was because Jeff thought it was a bright idea to clean the bathtub with a gallon of acid. He slipped on a bar of soap while holding the container, and the acid burned his face.

Yeah, definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Naturally, that story went with Jeff being shunned by society due to his disfigurement, making him go berserk.

Since the notorious 2011 pasta ends with Jeff about to stab his brother Liu to death, so many people assume he succeeded in killing him. There is a story called The Visit, a nauseatingly ridiculous story about Jeff crying at Liu's grave. In one of the Jeff VS. Jane stories, Liu's ghost haunts him, although it turns out to be Jane messing with Jeff's mind.

But Liu was not killed. The 2011 story even leaves that open to go either way, and from here, Jeff gets denied that victory/killing.

More to the point, Sesseur did not kill Liu off. Unfortunately, he has Liu being Jeff's accomplice. Liu doesn't do the actual killing, and wishes Jeff was not a murderer. But even so, he still helps hide Jeff and evidence from the police.


Jeff once had shoulder-length brown hair that was changed differently from pre to post 2015 re-write.

The 2011 story claimed the hair was turned black by a fire that supposedly didn't burn it off, but left him with shoulder-length black hair. It also claimed his skin, also burned, was whitened by bleach.

The 2015 re-write says the hair was mostly burned away by a flare on the left side of his forehead, and what little was left in that area was singed to sparse black strands that stuck out.

In the 2011 story, Jeff's face consisted of chalk white leathery skin, black-ringed eyes, not much of a nose, and his face was DIY carved into a smile shape that extends ear to ear, with his eyelids burned off so he could see his "beautiful" perpetually smiling face forever.

The 2015 re-write describes his face as having a burn injury and scar going up the left side of his face to his forehead just above his left eye, which is blind. No carved smile shape into his cheeks nor black ringed eyes with lids burned off.

Here is Sesseur's description of Jeff.

"Jeff is a latex mask, that was worn. Three pictures were taken, two made it online. I’m not sure about the 3rd, I think it was sideways in the bathroom instead of the closet. One picture is unedited where the eyes are red around and the mouth is open, the edited one is where the eyes are blackened, and the mouth is smudged a little with Photoshop to make a smile.

The clothes worn during the two pictures were a white T-shirt and blue jeans. That’s the real Jeff a creepy mask."


Sesseur doesn't expound much on this, other than Jeff going nuts due to being shunned, as if "Since everybody thinks I'm scary enough to be a killer, I might as well be one. *slash slash slash*."

So I'll go by what I've read in various stories written by different people.

Jeff is selfish and sadistic. He is motivated by an addictive feeling that acts like a drug craving, making him yearn to spill more and more blood. He delights in having power and control over people, the more they are terrorized and suffering, the more he likes it. He gets the biggest thrills out of making people witness others being brutalized and kill by him, as well as making them feel terrible about not being able to save them. Of course, the sight, smell and sounds of blood and guts spilling along with screaming and crying are what he thrives on.

He hates authority figures, and loves taunting anyone he escapes.

His catchphrase is "Go to sleep." or as he says in his lame video games, "Go to slip." I guess that's supposed to make him sound more crazy.

Jeff if filthy. He wears dark pants and a white hoodie that is soiled with his victims' blood. He always carries his best buddy and version of a security blanket/pacifier, his knife, with him. Hiss bangs are so greasy that they splash against his forehead, and he hangs around in sewer grates all day, waiting for night when he does all his killing.

Mangle time!

Jeff The Killer, Randy, and Jess The Killer This is the most well-known JTK pasta, with some fanfiction that goes right along with it. The fanfictions are a bit of Jan Arkensaw's story, and another concerning a girl called "Jess The Killer". Jeff kills his parents and tries to kill his brother Liu. Oh, and he apparently kills bully Randy too, with a punch to the heart, but Randy shows up alive and well in the 2015 re-write.

Victim's Tears Jeff kills Jane Arkensaw's parents, kidnaps her, makes her look at their corpses, then sets her on fire and leaves her for dead.

Detective Reggie Hurbrow Taunted By Jeff The Killer The detective for some reason experiences a freeze when confronted by Jeff, whom he was supposed to be going after.

Jeff, A First Encounter Nonsensical story about an image file and Jeff kills a girl.

Jeff, Children's Tears Jeff kills an entire family, parents and their two little girls.

Jeff The Killer, Go To Sleep Some poor fool has a nightmare about Jeff the Killer.

Jeff The Killer, Attack From Shattered Memory Story Jeff attacks girl but has to make a run for it when the cops turn up in the neighbourhood.

Jeff The Killer, The Allan attack Jeff murders a couple.

Letter From Jane The Killer Jeff And Jane Attack Same House From Jane Meme and Jeff VS. Jane. Jeff kills a baby sitter, then Jane kills the couple that live there.

Callum the Avenger Jeff Attacks Jane Arkensaw, Her BF Callum Is A Witness.

CamilleJeff Attacks a girl who refers to herself as his Cousin Camille.

The Return Of Jeff The Killer Jeff kills a girl, then a detective, then threatens the public at large with a type-written letter on the internet.

2014 Rewrite

Jeff Gore survivor has a very gruesome story to tell.

Jeff The Killer Flare 2015 Jeff kills his new set of parents.

and considering all of that, Jeff throws himself the biggest pity party, which, even more revoltingly, has actually caused fangirls to cry real tears!

Jeff The Killer Sucks!

Jeff Mary Sues:

That's right, Mary Sues to a Gary Stu!

Jeff's Cousin Camille Being his cousin qualifies her as a Mary Sue.

Nina Woods The Killer

Jana The Killer

All those claiming to be related to Jeff are Mary Sues because of it.

And one of the biggest of his Sues:

Jane The Killer

Jane Richardson the Killer Mary Sue!

Letter From Jane The Killer Richardson - most popular story

Jane Richardson, Born Of The Science Of Hate - extended Sued up backstory

what would it be without a silly contest? Because fandoms love writing out character death-matches and such contest stories and scripts.

JTK VS. JTK Story 1

JTK VS. JTK Story 2

Jeff And Jane Revenge Cyber Chat

Jane Arkensaw is also a Sue, but she is not Jane The Killer.


These Pasta Mary Sue rants and the CP Wikia's all too fleeting removal of Jeff The Killer caused at least part of the fandom to Go nuts.

More substandard rants.

So probably in response to that, CP wiki gave in and allowed a *cough* new and improved, Jeff The Killer 2015! AKA Jeff Flare!


Killers Jeff and his equally obnoxious brat pal spin-offs, Jess, Jane, Camille, Nina, Jana etc. story memes such as Salt and Laughing Jack, the Jeff stories are among the worst I've ever read, filled with disagreeable cardboard cut-out characters and over-the-top senseless violence. But what else can you expect from Creepypasta, the 4chan site that spawned them?

Then there are the games.

Video 1

Video 2

These games are a farce. You never get to kill Jeff or any pasta creep, they always get to kill you.

Simply put, Jeff The Killer sucks.

No Fear.

People shouldn't let their imaginations run away with them and truly get scared of this fictitious though disgusting monster.

There is no way a real live person can get killed by a fictitious Creepypasta character.

Nightmares For Noodleheads

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