Creepy Evil furby Mythos Meme

No kidding, this furby-fright is one giant chain letter! It's everywhere there is anything furby-related, or even creepy toy-related.

Okay, some people may be genuinely a bit unnerved by furbies, it's the same with anything really.

But come on. Enough already.

We are sick of people playing the "Furby is creepy! Furby is evil!" thing. We are not freaked out by them and we think destroying them for giggles and kicks is a pretty pathetic form of SJW, similar to the MLP meme.

MTM is here to fly in the face of this annoying collectivism and mangle the heck out of it.


Furby killers are a special brand of SJW who think they can save the world by killing furbies. It is uncertain if they started the creepy/evil furby meme or if the meme spawned the subculture. But furby killers are a living extension of the meme, at its most violent.

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Furby Pasta

Yes, Tumblr and creepy pasta got into the action.

creepy pastas are connected with 4chan.

So what's worse than any one of those?

A combination of them all in one!

Mr. Widemouth, Furby Segment

This furby was used in the Jennifer pasta story.



This one was used in the Mark pasta story.


The 2012 furby models teal, and pink puff, were mentioned in the Japanese Furby Commercial pasta story.

The 1998 black and white (tuxedo) furby was featured in a gruesome story called Some Toys Aren't Meant To Be Played With but the furby is upstaged in the gruesome department by a cat.

MrWidemouthFurbySegment">Mr. Widemouth, Furby Segment a story about a creepy clown, yes, another uber annoying meme, compared the clown to a furby in appearance.

These furbies look nothing like Mr. Widemouth:




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