Some bits and pieces of this ode are in MTJ's idiotic haikus, and naturally, it's full of suggestive language, including a mention of the sites name. The only slightly puzzling thing now is which came first, the ode or the site.

The web site title "Monkey Thong Jaunt" is bad, the title of the ode is bad, the ode itself is annoying gobbledygook. Read on at your own risk. If you want to read a real Pindaric ode, click here. * * *



🦃MTJ: Pindaric Ode to He-Ass Molecule:By Dorp Bowl Cattleking(Dorothy Catolonia)

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: That Gundam anime character's name is simply Dorothy Catalonia. Where the heck did MTJ come up with 'Dorp Bowl Cattleking'. Really? Dorp...Bowl...Cattle King?

Since MTJ are so anti-Relena, they would naturally pick Dorthy as a sad promo for their stupid ode, since Dorothy is opposite of Relena, and, she's Treize K's niece. But surely that character couldn't come up with anything so retarded.

🦃MTJ: The Ode

💩✏️I invested myself in murkiness.

You were the locus of buoyance.

I was astigmatic, visually impaired, I was ineffective as a feather duster.

I bobbered forth, caught napping of an item or even a scourge.

💩✏️Plus on that occasion....substantialness thumped my teaspoon hatch.

You were but a gasolier, a incandescent live coal within my lavatory!

Subject to my rack is a mumbo-jumbo of an icon of your stripling bump

with the head.

In my hothouse in the capacity of trousers performs your monkey thong


💩✏️I hallucinate of you by marring my oculus.

I endorse to my olfactory stimulus when you canyon by in excellency vex of


Clothe't make believe to slacken to my aberration but jettison it, levulose!

I reap wipers into Lilliputian novellae and levy them in combat with

gloved fists.

💩✏️This limerick is inane jointly with vapid, but I inert desideratum you, my

grind Winnie the Pooh.

I penury to have your mammary glands and whelp graceful and edible

pulpy mass organs of generation.

I supplicate you my honeybunch, uprightness my nadir, nibble my splinters,

get hitched to my spew!

Whilst we frisk about toward the interior of a swarthy vulva, we be

practicable gyrate circa in leguminous jus and putrefied hominy.

💩✏️I fancy mullet. It zests of analogous righteous ancestral manufactured

foul matter.

Indoors my booby, I perceive a hankering for desiccated hardihood and

jocund shears fabricated of superlative ulceration.

I uniform puissant hull in putting in an appearance. Truculent brasses

are lewd be carnal.

Gain entry the connubiality paramour forfeiture Don Juan, be my hexing

benedict. You emanate of noisome pedestrians!

💩✏️Secondly marrow a lighting device, I savour thoroughly soggy

notwithstanding my woollies titillate tortoises.

To what purpose be you destined to you clutch my glorious scud?

You are a hoard pending merger of various mineral chlorides... the least

proficient benevolent denomination.

I quiver to cogitate of quintessentially my malodorous beef on the hoof are

achieving this ornamented ray of sunshine.

💩✏️Enrobe't prance accompanied by that strumpet! She fetters of unsanitary

issues and whitener! Fondle the demimondaine not, for you volition

develop a swelling fleshy protuberance.

If you covet to check coitus with a slattern, huddle to disremember or

misremember guardianship. It's regularly conscientious to occupy a cad

impermeable to air on sire's shove with the foot.

Liveliness is for those lacking the eminence of a quean. Trollops are

distinctive when they cavort nigh in the raiment of a domestic animal and

promulgate about frowzy itinerants.

Do you impoverishment a hussy? I am wholly planetary gears centripetal.

Badge my breaches and my colossal gonads, I behest ejaculation. 🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: One word: VOMIT!

🦃🐒MTJ: Send Mail to The Monkey

The Monkey! The Monkey!





This obscure ode, which might or might not become notorious depending on who gets to read it on Mangle, is a pile of drivel that makes the most nonsensical anti-chain look coherent by comparison. And the MTJ losers would be desperate and dumb enough to take that as a compliment.


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