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Same as before, the blasphemy is given the boot.

I'm out of here, leaving the rest of this page to this nauseating drip. I'll be back when it's over.

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💩MTJ: Zechs and Heero???

One of my greatest fears is them as a couple...

I know what you're thinking, "You hate them as a couple and that would explain why you have a section of your site dedicated to them...ookay..."

Yes, I much prefer Milliardo with Treize when Treize isn't with Lady. I felt that the best way to overcome my fear of this more than unlikely couple is to, well, face it. Kinda like curing a fear of heights by riding in a hot-air balloon alone. Well...that's almost suicidal...but I think this should help!


Oh dear Hamgod...he *does* have breasts...

And we thought we'd seen the end...


This is SO scary!!! Agh! The horror the horror! Oh someone, make it stop! They do not belong together I tell you! They're not even together, and that's a good thing. Milliardo is much too good for Heero, I mean, he's got sooo much more testosterone in his system.

{Lady spots horde of rabid-fangirls as well as Catrina} GAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! THEY'RE GOING TO KILL ME!!!!

{Lady runs off screaming}

This picture is just so...beautiful...and...disturbing at the same time...

Notice how Milliardo has a long sword and Heero has a teeny-tiny dagger? Mua-hahaha!!! I just wish I could trade places with Heero...I think everyone least in this picture.

Dude...this is just *freaky*

Besides the subject *still* being v.v.v. frightening...he has no eyes! Not one, not three, not two, but none! What the hell?!

The Famous Heero Yuy Pick-Up Line

I really understand Milliardo's bewildered expression...after all, Heero really needs a new pick-up line. Something, *anything* would do, even the infamous, "Is that a mirror in your pocket? 'Cause I can see myself in your pants..." would suffice.

Gah! Why is it that the artist who does this pair is soo good and yet the ones who do Treize and Lady Une pictures tend to suck?

{sighs} Oh welsh. Anyways, if you actually like this pairing then a really good site for you is WORLD IN MY EYES. Here's the address:

They also have some 13x6 doujinshi and lots of Bunny pictures! Yay!


This picture just scares me!

- -


Yuck. Thank goodness that's over.


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