Unsolicited MTJ Email 2 Attempted Conversion To Une-ism Fail



The brat was not happy with the things said about her in the drubbing-down of the second site tantrum,

she still couldn't stop herself from fixating on the person she decided to make it her duty to hate, that would be Lerena again. Even more laughable was that she also started confusing Indy with her. She sent an unsolicited diatribe email about the tantrum-thrashing to Lerena, who showed it to "Indy".




🆔From: 💢🔅👹Kiku Toda

👩‍💻Indy: Gosh! What a dumb handle! So now she's Kiki Kiku Toda. Lol, stupid!

Fri Jul 6 18:07:24 2001

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💢🔅💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯In response to some of your commentary on our website: Send in the Marines! Actually, my ex attempted on several occasions to get me to go farther than I wanted, to fondle me in ways that made me uncomfortable (AT SCHOOL), and smoked pot. Everyone else hated his f**king guts too, so I got an ovation. So my achievements are NOTHING compared to yours? You have no right to tell me that.

👩‍💻Indy: Oooooooooh, I struck a nerve! Gosh, I always wanted to hear your life story. Right. Well, if you really wanted the whole world to know that, who am I to disagree? That's not going to get any sympathy from me. Just because you have emotional problems because of that arsehole (assuming that tale is even true to begin with, and I doubt it,) that doesn't give you the right to dog some other writer on the net to get some sick kicks. you continuing to dog her is no better than what that filthy guy did to you in your story, and it doesn't excuse your bratty asinine behavior now. If you were a victim of abuse, your going on to abuse others is no different from your abuser and with no more of an excuse. It's disgustingly cowardly trying to cop out with a play for sympathy.

You prattle on about rights as if you're the only one with rights. Get over yourself. you harass people, I find out about it, and it's going public, along with whatever comments I say, whether you like them or not. you spew crap, you can expect crap thrown right back. Can't handle it, too bad. you can always do the grown up thing and give up your silly crusade against someone who writes different from you unless you want to continue getting this treatment. Oh, yes, I've got a right to say whatever the heck I want about you, and I will, so deal.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Latin, actually, is one of the world.s most useful languages. It.s called the Language of Knowledge. Which explains why you didn.t already know that. It gives you 10% higher on your SATS, helps you learn the other Romance languages, which is great if you want to be a Linguistics professor or just well rounded. You obviously don.t know it or you would spell correctly, and have a much higher vocabulary.

👩‍💻Indy: As if you spell correctly. Puh-leeze. You don't. What's with the . in the word "don't"?

And you've just confirmed what I've said all along. Latin is useless. It's not going to get you a steady pay check. As for being well rounded, anyone could see you aren't, or you'd have dropped this a long time ago, and wouldn't feel the need to fall on boasting about knowing different languages just to boost your ego. Because no one's going to care unless they already know and love you. I don't care to do the former, and certainly don't do the latter.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯"Anyway, doesn.t your beloved Treize Etranger speak Latin? Most members of the aristocracy do."

👩‍💻Indy: There's an apostrophe in "doesn't".

And "My beloved Treize" ?!? *cough choke* Excuse me but, no! I thought you wanted him. Anyway, you're more than a little confused. I'm new to this Gundam stuff and not impressed with any of it. I'm not the type to get head over heals for anybody, especially not a cartoon character. Too bad the same can't be said for you.

Aristocracy, blech. It's elitist. Who needs it. But then again, this is you, you want to be included among them so you can brag, right. Again, who cares? That's not going to make you well rounded either, little girl.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯It.s .wanker."

👩‍💻Indy: Nope, I called you 'wanger' on purpose. But you're too young to know why.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Yes, at school we.re known as .Hell.s Angels.. No, actually, we.re the best students. We.re not addicted to trouble."

👩‍💻Indy: You know what they say about some of the 'best students' not being able to fit in socially, if you get my meaning.

You're not addicted to trouble? Lol! Please, little girl. if you weren't you wouldn't have sent her yet another harassing email, commenting on my site. You are addicted to trouble and Hells Angel would describe your type very well.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯You obviously are, what with creating a whole site dedicated to us, just us!"

👩‍💻Indy: ROFL!!! Hahahahahahaha! Dream on, little girl! I'm sent flames or shown flames other people get, and they get submitted to this site. Nothing like exposing and laughing at the trolls. But I'd say you're dedicated to ranting against the people you hate on your dingdongmonkeythong site. Oh yeah, and of course your...hehehehehe.Lady...Une...

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯We knew it all along,"

👩‍💻Indy: But you keep it going and going...because you're addicted to trouble. Thanks for finally admitting that.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯and you apparently know it too.yet you keep going and going and going."

👩‍💻Indy: Hey little whiner, I'm not the one continuing to send silly little emails, am I? Did someone force you by gunpoint to send this little rant? I didn't think so. Takes two to tango, little girl, so you can't seriously expect anybody to believe you're not the one trying to keep the dance going. The person you wrote to sent me this email, and she's dang tired of you harassing her. I'm just making a site for the heck of it, exposing net idiots. Thank you for volunteering as an idiot and contributing to this site. Oh, and there's supposed to be a space between 'too.' and 'yet' by the way.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Our page isn.t for normal people,"

👩‍💻Indy: That's obvious! It's a crapload of mentally and hormonally disturbed rantings and crap. And have you ever heard of the apostrophe?

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯you unimaginative bigot."

👩‍💻Indy: LOL! Coming from you that's a compliment! I can see you're really getting hot under the collar, there, little girl. Go take a cool shower and bring that temperature down a bit. oh and, psssst, look in the mirror before you open your adolescent mouth next time, okay?

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Don.t tell us what to put on our website, and don.t judge it.s conten.t"

👩‍💻Indy: hah. You criticize other people's sites, you can expect to get it back. To put it another way, take your own dang advice and practice what you preach... You don't want people judging your site, so don't judge theirs. Got that?

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯I don.t see your web site anywhere, and until you show it, we.re better."

👩‍💻Indy: ROFL! That's a matter of opinion, and yours means nothing on this site except as something to be laughed at! You deserve that for being an online bully.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯To quote .(not listed). .Those who can do, those who can.t, criticize.. I think it.s an awful quote, personally, but oh well."

👩‍💻Indy: Gee, I wonder why? Heh, heh! Truth hurt you too much, hmm?

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Lerena.s page isn.t wonderful either. Any GOOD author knows NEVER to insert friends and NEVER to insert themselves. It always creates problems and an all around boring read."

👩‍💻Indy: That's bull. Every writer inserts something of themselves and their environment. Otherwise there wouldn't be books written about everyday situations or inspired by dreams or nightmares. As for inserting friends, did you actually go throughout all of history and personally ask every author about this? I thought not. The world is not going to write according to the Senna monkeythong rules. Get used to it, write your own way, and move on. Not everybody into writing is so egocentric as you, some people actually write just for fun, not to try to show the world how great they think they are. But you're attention-seeking, ego-centric little mind can't grasp *that* concept. You're not coming off as knowledgeable or a paragon of wisdom here, you're just an insecure blow-hard trying to get everyone thinking you're the best of the best. Well, you got a long long way to go.

Lerena's page is, in my opinion WAY better than yours will ever be as long as you keep up that attitude of yours. You're not going to change my mind about that or anything else, so you might as well stop trying...unless you want me to keep exposing you for the arsehole you are on this page or elsewhere.

Because of you, I hate Une, and think of you and anything coming from you as little more than laughable crap. that isn't going to change as long as you keep this anti-Lerena agenda going. She's got as much right to be on the net as you or I or anyone else. More so, since she is not a cyber-bully.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Once again, my intelligent little whiz kid, it.s WANKER."

👩‍💻Indy: Nope. It's 'wanger' for the same reason you're too young to know.But yeah, you're also a wanker, moron, idiot, cretin, brat, loser, and any other negative term there is out there.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Unlike you,"

👩‍💻Indy: Yeah, thank goodness you're unlike me.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯my shining Goddess,"

👩‍💻Indy: Lol! It's on to sarcasm 101, now, is it? Not a bad try, but, um...beware the hamgod. I doubt he'd want you calling me that! ROFL!

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯we are but mere mortals and occasionally make spelling mistakes."

👩‍💻Indy: LOL! Occasionally? I've corrected quite a few, although I don't claim to be perfect at spelling either. But it's so hard to resist the temptation to correct people when their arrogance just glares out at you from the computer screen along with their errors.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯But we can spell .wanker. correctly. That definitely counts for something against you, seeing as we can spell a simple insult accurately and you can.t."

👩‍💻Indy: Roflol! no, you're not going to get me to explain what a 'wanger' is on this page, try all you might! you're really hung up on the 'wanker' term, aren't you? Want me to call you one? OK, no problem. You're a wanker...and a lot of other unflattering things.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯FLAME not SPAM, genius."

👩‍💻Indy: When it's unwelcome, it's spam. When it's as much crap as you and your thuggies put on her guestbook, it's spam as well as flames. In other words, unwelcome and stupid junk.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Actually, Lerena went nuts over two of my (Senna) comments. I would have stopped right away if she hadn.t but"

👩‍💻Indy: Bullcrap. You could've kept your whole flame agenda to yourself and not written such provoking crap. You hit her where you thought it would hurt the most, attacking her personal writing. and you snivel about her carrying it on - excuse me...No, wanker. This was all your fault, no one else's.

You should've kept your freaking stupid mouth shut, but you didn't. You started it, you are keeping it going...You, Senna, just you.

As for me, if I wanted to keep it going, I'd have personally emailed you. Ewww, perish the thought!

No. I'd much rather expose you as an idiot on my site.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯she escalated the problem to it.s crisis point."

👩‍💻Indy: No, little girl, YOU did. and you're still at it. It doesn't take a 'genius' like me to see that.You want to dictate what she writes or make her shut up, and the more uncomfortable you can make her net experience, the happier you are. You're a sick, subhuman, cowardly little kid who can't stand her for whatever screwy excuse you deluded for yourself, and you get your highs off flaming the heck out of her. That makes you as a person, a disgusting little troll, and a joke on this site. A pathetic little joke, nothing more.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯And you.re not? Here you are making a web site about .SPAMMERS., and we.ve barely mentioned you insane sycophants."

👩‍💻Indy: Hey, you want attention, well, you get it on this site, along with being laughed at. You're so determined to keep a crusade going against a writer you insanely hate and fixate on, I might as well expose and laugh at you for the pathetic Lady Une sycophants you are. Yeah, look in the mirror before trying to use that big word again.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯And that.s your opinion! But.Lady Une is not ours. We own her not."

👩‍💻Indy: dang, your worship of that little cartoon is pathetic. And when are you going to come to grips with the fact that you don't own a monopoly on writing, either?

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯You are far more obsessed with us than we are with you."

👩‍💻Indy: Don't you just wish...Hardly, little brat. Who sent Lerena this email?

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯In fact, we.re not obsessed with you at all."

👩‍💻Indy: Bull! So prove it. Don't send any more emails, don't make any more rants about Lerena on your site, and when I stop getting submissions about you to this site, maybe I'll start believing that.Grow up.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯You just insulted yourself.again. We knew all along."

👩‍💻Indy: If you knew all along, then you just admitted to being the biggest trouble-addicted, childish, idiots.

There's supposed to be a space between 'yourself.' and 'again'.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Apparently, you had to come to grips with that far later."

👩‍💻Indy: Far be it from me to shatter your illusions, chick.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯THICK? Once again, I can spell."

👩‍💻Indy: No, you can't. Your typing is terrible. But that's not the worst of your..problems.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯And I know the benefits of Latin."

👩‍💻Indy: Who cares? It's still a dead language except in high school classrooms, science and sometimes music. No one's going to be impressed at your speaking Latin when your attitude stinks. You're not the wonder of the 21st century, and the sooner you come to grips with that, the better.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Any normal person with education knows the benefits of Latin. And"

👩‍💻Indy: Any normal person with education also knows how useless it really is among the general public.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯we.ve found several people that find our .idea of a joke. amusing."

👩‍💻Indy: All of them people I wouldn't give the time of day, no doubt. Andit's "we've" not "we.ve".

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Bite us."

👩‍💻Indy: *CHOMP!*

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯You sound like you.re trying to convince yourself of that."

👩‍💻Indy: You're dreaming again. Actually I was just saying exactly what I think of you. But you can't handle that, so, you make believe. Like I said, you're pathetic.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Oh, remember your .AWWWWK. Parrot comment? Ding dong monkey thong...ding dong monkey thong.if I repeated it as many times as you did, I.d have brain damage."

👩‍💻Indy: If I repeated 'b**chpants' as many times as SS did, I'd be a case. As for brain damage. lol. You're already there...

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Cowardly. Huh. That.s not something that can be judged over the internet."

👩‍💻Indy: Oh please. You can't seriously be THIS stupid! And yes, you are cowardly. That can be clearly seen and judged over the internet.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Yes! We are the definition, no, personification of easily amused!"

👩‍💻Indy: That's one thing we agree on.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯But we can admit that we were partially wrong. Can.t you? No? Okay then."

👩‍💻Indy: Excuse me but. You started the flames, you continued them and are still carrying on. you are totally in the wrong...Period...


👩‍💻Indy: No, uh, I don't keep the sort of company that's into...that kind of thing...

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Whoa. That stuns me into silence."

👩‍💻Indy: No it didn't. You just proved that. Thanks for adding to this site yet again.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯I cannot compete with you for sheer brainless commentary. You have surpassed me. I am jealous."

👩‍💻Indy: Uh huh...

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯So you believe in penguins too? We.ve found a friend!"

👩‍💻Indy: Do I believe real penguins exist? Yeah, of course. But please. Cozy up to people who are more...your type. I'd have to be desperate and out of my mind to want you as a friend.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯No, we just have experience with flames."

👩‍💻Indy: of course you do. That's all you're good at writing. Which means your site is crap and you're hopelessly desperate and hooked on trouble.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Couldn.t you have just mocked the whole thing?"

👩‍💻Indy: Are you kidding!? Go through every crappy link? No way. What heh heh fiction writing you put on your page is your business. But when you go flaming the heck out of another person who doesn't deserve it you're going to get heat. Even the tabloids have better reading material than your site from the little I made myself look at.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Oh, it has since been mocked, and without actually giving their page any hits. Internet caches are wonderful.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯One thing we really cannot stand is homophobes."

👩‍💻Indy: One thing I cannot stand is heterophobic liberal fundies trying to turn the world gay or at the very least, demand that everybody kiss the feet of anyone who is gay, and insert gay characters into every piece of fiction, and when they don't get their way, they screech "HOMOPHOBE!" Maybe every fictional setting should have a bunch of characters having group sex too. All in the name of "freedom" and all that, and for those of us who aren't into erotica, we should have no rights or freedoms. Right. gotcha, senna, you've made yourself perfectly clear. Double standards.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯It is my (Senna) major pet peeve. Those who accept that yes, gay people do exist and are just like everyone else are human beings."

👩‍💻Indy: *Yawn* I'll give you the human beings bit, but gays are just like everybody else? No. If they were, the whole world would be gay. Heterosexuals wouldn't exist. Gays are like gays. Otaku are like other otaku. Bronies are like other bronies. Crazy fandoms are like crazy fandoms. Sadists are like other sadists. None of these are just like every other non-gay, non-fantard, non-sadistic human on the planet. We are all different. Wow! I know this must totally blow your mind and go way over your head, but oh well. It still had to be said.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Oh, get a load of this one!

❗️💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Those that hate gays for no reason can.t even qualify for homo sapiens."

👩‍💻Indy: Oh my gosh! People who aren't gay or don't like gay fiction are homophobes and aren't human! Thus spake the mighty Senna Hamgod, in the same mindset as Hitler and the nazis, who thought Jews shouldn't qualify as homo sapiens either! You are no different! And you cry bigot. Puh-leeeeeze...So you have a thing about gays...doesn't mean everybody else has to agree with it and write gay fiction. or be nice to somebody just because they're gay. Grow a real personality.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯*WE* are not desperate."

👩‍💻Indy: hah! Hahahahahahahaha, yeah, right! What a joke! You corner the market on desperate!

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯How did you come to that conclusion?"

👩‍💻Indy: well, uh, if I have to explain *that* to you...

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯You act like Lerena is real."

👩‍💻Indy: Erm, I was thinking of putting this in the above comment, but it fits here too.

You have some serious perception problems and are desperate. You act like your mission in life is to stop the writer of that character from writing... You act like Lady Une is real…You actually believe Lady freaking Une is real! Furthermore, you obviously can't tell that character's writer from me. I don't write Lerena's character and only heard of her recently. So...unlike you, I can distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy.

But that's not what this is really about.

It's about your tactless, low-class, stupid personal attacks against that character's writer because YOU have problems and a crapload of bad attitude.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯She.s not."

👩‍💻Indy: well, duh! No character someone makes up in their head is, even if they put some of their own personality or history into it.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Lady Une is not always a b**ch, or did you forget about her split personalities?"

👩‍💻Indy: Split personality in real life is a myth. It was used as an excuse to produce false memories, trumped up accusations of abuse and devil-worship, and has been debunked. If there really was such a condition, it would not be a good thing. People like that would be mentally unstable, needing help, not to be excused from their bad behavior.

And, once again, Lady Une is NOT real. I thought I should point that out to you in case you didn't know. She only exists in the same sense that Bugs Bunny, elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, the Flintstones, the Jetsons and the Simpons cartoon characters do. I know it's hard for you to accept, Senna Marie Kiki Kiku today Tamora Shirin Maxwell. But the sooner you do, the better off you will be.

So you claim she behaves once or twice. Who cares? That doesn't cancel out any of the obnoxiously violent things she's done or rub out her terribly annoying bossy domineering pushy personality. She's still a wench and personality disorder is no excuse. I don't have to like her because you do. I hate her because of you and your pathetic Une-bootlicking.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯In Lerena.s insane erotica Lady Une is evil, malicious, and incredibly masculine. Did you not see the boobs? They.re there!"

👩‍💻Indy: I don't read that erotica garbage. But again who cares? if that's how she writes Une it's her right. Unfortunately character-butchery of this sort isn't against the law as long as fans don't try to market their dreck. She's not telling you how to write your disgusting garbage, so, grow up and write Une your way and leave Lerena's writer to write about Une her own way.

Yes, Lady Une is evil and malicious. She kills and slaps people around because she's an egomaniac and a tyrant. That's what makes your bowing and scraping to her so nauseating.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Did you not see SAINT Une? No? You have selective sight and hearing?"

👩‍💻Indy: Like I said, I don't read erotica trash. And if I did, I still wouldn't change my mind and see things your way, because you want me to. As for ST. Une, or how she suddenly mellowed out after Treize died in the series, that was just a way to redeem her enough to keep her in the show, and keep her worshipers happy. What would you do if they killed her off? You'd have no one to idolize, and then you'd come all unglued. Make that Une-glued! *Derisive laughter*

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Oh, I should have guessed. She is a very good soldier. You aren.t in the army, are you? You.re not a navy officer or a marine, or even a nurse! Once you are, you can lecture about what makes a good soldier. Until then, sit down."

👩‍💻Indy: I'm already sitting down, you twit. As for good soldier, how would I know? As far as I've heard, Une wasn't such a great soldier anyway.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯You people once again, act like Lerena is your goddess and like she is a real person. And she isn.t."

👩‍💻Indy: You really have to work hard to convince yourself, don't you? Did I ever say anywhere in this site that Lerena is real or a god?

let me say this in as simple a way so you will understand:

The fictional character Lerena is not a real person. The fictional character Lady Une is not a real person. Everyone except for you, that is, knows that, including Lerena's writer, and me.

you actually believe Une is real, and to dislike her is a crime. If you didn't, you would've left Lerena alone and put up a reasonable rant on your own site, venting your feelings against that pairing.

You took it way too far. Your choice. Your fault. Your incredible weakness.

you are so eaten up with rage because Lerena's writer isn't nuts over your precious goddess Une. You can't hack that, so you harass and slander her in the worst ways you can think of, You want her to be what you are, someone who adores a multiple personality afflicted broad and talk about her as if she was alive. It's your obsession on Lerena and your lust for putting the writer down just because she writes different from you that makes you a sick, weak-minded, parasitic loser.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯We don.t think Une is alive."

👩‍💻Indy: Yeah right, I believe you...Not... So stop talking about her as if she was.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯We for sure don.t worship her. We don.t even worship the Ham God."

👩‍💻Indy: Then prove it and quit with the childish crusade to stop Lerena's writer from writing whatever she wants. write your own pro-Une stuff and leave alone what you don't like. Otherwise, yes, you do come off as worshiping Une. You make such a terrible fuss over that character it's pathetic.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Protestant Christians and Catholics, everyone of us.but you couldn.t tell, could you? We don.t go around wearing religion on our sleeves. But we could hook you up with some people if you really want to get to know the ham god better!"

👩‍💻Indy: Christians? You? BULL CRAP! That's about as big a lie as the one about the moon being made of cheese, or Une not being owned! It's an even bigger farce than your make-believe Christian-bashing pet, the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Maybe you don't wear a real religion on your sleeves. You wear "I want attention and I'm an idiot!" Well, maybe not in so many words, but you might as well.

Somebody should put a warning sign on you so other writers of original characters and original fiction don't unwittingly show you their stuff and get their heads bitten off for it.

AS for you being Christian, you're right, I'd have absolutely NO idea if you didn't tell me. That's how bad of an example you are. You are the Mary Sue who we are always being told is "brave" "smart" or anything else good, and yet she does nothing to live up to her writer's high praises, worse, her behaviour is the exact opposite. You're not Christian, you might've been raised in a Christian family, but you're a liar. You're a sadistic, selfish bully who worships Une, and you can't be that and a Christian as well.

I'm tossing barbs at you because you're unChristian behavior warrants it. What's your excuse? I can justify my harsh words but you can't justify yours. You only make weak excuses. Fantasizing about crapping on Lerena and using her or her character's hair as toilet paper is not Christian, not in the least! You are a bald-faced liar and a troll. Internet trolls can't be Christians. Many are vehemently anti-theist and that's where you appear to stand, if George and Laughing Goat are among your various aliases in those rotten guestbook flames.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Being sent to a Christian high school does not a Christian make.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯Actually, Sunrise enjoys all the attention that fans give their characters on the internet. They don.t care what otakus do,"

👩‍💻Indy: Exactly, and neither should you.

💢🔅👹Kiki Kiku Toda: 🗯or Lerena would long ago have had a major lawsuit on her hands."

👩‍💻Indy: You'd love that, wouldn't you? Bloodthirsty little wench that you are. And you'd be sued too if they cared, so, get over it.




🔆 🧝‍♀️ 🔆 👩🏿‍💻 🔆 👩‍💻 🔆

10 Reasons Senna And All Her Alteregos Suck

👩🏿‍💻LJ: Is this girl for real?! OMG, she's so dang confused it ain't funny! To me, she comes across as some weird chick suffering from an inferiority complex!

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: More of a superiority complex.

👩🏿‍💻LJ: Senna o' girl...do us a favor and get some professional help or counseling...DO SOMETHING!!! LIKE dang...ARE YA THAT UPTIGHT?! So she speaks Latin, whoopee-friggin'- doo, WHO CARES!!! I know little kids that speak Swahili, I speak a little Spanish myself but I don't flaunt it the way she does...please!

Get a clue, sweetie...we're not impressed by your bravado,'cause thats what it is, BRAVADO!!! Talking all that **** on the 'net and don't know what the hell you're talking about! WHATS YOUR FRIGGIN' POINT...BESIDES MAKING A TOTAL DUMBarse OUTTA YOUR SELF?!! *LMAO* Don't hate the playa...hate the game bay-bee!!!

👩‍💻Indy: Yes, you hit that one right on the nose.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Except that trying to damage another person's psyche for the love of Lady Une, = a game to them.

👩🏿‍💻LJ: I saw what little Ms Crybaby had to say. Come on...admit it Senna, the REAL reasons why you chicken out over this so called war you started is because:

👩‍💻Indy: well, I'm not so sure she's actually chickened out. After all, she sent that email and she wants to keep it going. She just chickens out of taking full responsibility, not out of the 'war' itself.

👩🏿‍💻LJ: 1.You couldn't take the heat so you had to get the hell outta the kitchen!

👩‍💻Indy: No, she keeps going back and burning her fingers on the stove while trying to burn Lerena's writer.

👩🏿‍💻LJ: 2. You were making a total arse outta your self!

👩‍💻Indy: Yes, I agree!

👩🏿‍💻LJ: 3. You're a loser!


5. You're jealous 'cause deep down inside, you know Lerena is a better writer than you will ever be!

👩‍💻Indy: Hahahahahahaha. Yes. She was asking for that.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: I'm not sure about the jealousy part of that, but this is definitely among the crappiest excuse of writing.

👩🏿‍💻LJ: 6. You're a loser!

👩‍💻Indy: Uh, wasn't that number 3? I'll have to take off one reason from the number since it was stated twice.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Let's replace the redundancy.

6. Take 2. You are a troll.

👩🏿‍💻LJ: 7. You can't take criticism, especially from us! Payback is a b**ch...ain't it?

👩‍💻Indy: Exactly! She can dish it out but she can't take it. I remember that sort of thing being very much frowned on right from the time I was little.

👩🏿‍💻LJ: 8. Lerena has TRUE friends like us, unlike the losers you associate with!

👩‍💻Indy: and unlike Lerena's writer, she's not going to make true friends with her horrible attitude, unless they are as disagreeable and self-righteous as she is.

👩🏿‍💻LJ: 9. Did I tell you how much of a loser I think you are? *lol*

👩‍💻Indy: Yes. That will be another number less, which brings your reasons down to eight, including the following one which sums it up beautifully!

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Excuse me, I'm going to insert a new 9 here, that should've been included.

9. Take 2. You have a diseased mind and an inflated opinion of yourself, which combined to make you a bully who has committed inexcusable actions online.

👩🏿‍💻LJ: 10. You're a hypocrite!!!

👩‍💻Indy: high five! You said it well!

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: True.

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