Guestbook War 3



Unable to get her way by emailing Indy, Senna/MTJ went back to flaming guestbooks. Indy just hit them back too hard, and Lerena was still the real target. But if they thought they could get Indy to back off, they thought wrong.

* * *


🆔Name: Offended

👩‍💻Indy: Like anybody should care? You are offensive, so you deserve to get offended. And if you are, tough silver sharts for you. And don't come back with "Well Lerena's pages are offensive so she deserves to be offended too" bull. She was doing something she liked doing for fun, not to entertain the pathetic likes of you trolls. You chose to butt in with your huge stinking noses because you are bored, sad, and you don't have enough upstairs to entertain yourselves and you can't stand not being everybody's centre of attention. for one second.


🗯comments: It is obvious you know little or nothing about mutiple personalites and judge Lady Une harshly because of it.

👩‍💻Indy: Says you who have done nothing but judge Lerena harshly just for giggles and kicks, and because you're so hopelessly stuck on your stupid pathetic Lady Une. You are obviously brainwashed by the fan obsession with her. People don't have to love that schitzoid psycho, and we are free to voice their opinion about that as much as you have a right to admire her. Just because she has a fake …disorder, caused by a stupid little pair of glasses and her pathetic codependency on her fellow terrorist character Treize Khucrappitynada, doesn't exempt her from being disliked. Some of us just don't go along with the "I Love Une" club. She's still a demanding disgusting tyrant regardless of her phoney disorders. A slap-happy powerhungry tyrant. she'd still be an overgrown brat even without the split personality thing with that drive for control. So you like her. Move on, because this isn't the place for you. And it's 'MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES' not 'mutiple personalites'. Whatever, fictional disorder for a crappy fictional character.

😡🙉👿Offended Shirin: I am here to clear your mind.

👩‍💻Indy: wrong. you are here to try and change it. My mind is already clear, and to assume it isn't just because I don't go along with you and the rest of the Une lovers is not just ridiculous, it's freaking hilarious!

😡🙉👿Offended Shirin: It is pure myth that the personalties of one suffering from Mutiple Personality Disorder are 'good' and 'evil'. That is incorrect. Also, those with spilt personalites cannot switch personalites when ever they feel like it. Generally, they don't know about their other personalites and 'black out' while another personality is in control. Spilt personalites are generally caused by sexual abuse as a child. Therefore, people do not develop mutiple personalites so they can pursue someone they love. It is much deeper and psychological. time: 2001-07-11 19:22:16

👩‍💻Indy: *Yawn* Huh? Golly gee, I must've dropped off again. And you're still nattering on? 🙄

The made-up condition is called 'multiple or 'split personalities'; and the whole thing is a myth, a hoax, and it isn't even Une's problem. Une wasn't abused as a child. None of the info I've read about her suggests that. so she's just simply evil and a big two-face.

If Une's past was ever spelled out and she had a bad one, so what? There are lots of abuse cases that don't turn wacko or blame every idiotic and dangerous action they make on their hellish pasts. So why should Une be absolved? Her past doesn't matter. Yeah, I've heard all of the above about MPD before, tell me something I don't know, but it's neither here nor there. Une is just a cartoon character after all, she's not a real person, so, she can hardly be considered anything close to a klinical case. She's just plain wacked, crazy, Treize-dependent and a control freak when it comes to the bottom line. If you're offended because someone calls her a multiple and says they don't like her, that's too bad. Go read sites that agree with your love for her then because this one will never change, especially to please the likes of you!


🆔Name: 👹Kiki

👩‍💻Indy: who in their right mind calls themselves by a dopey aireheaded name like that? "My name is - Kiki" Oh yeah, that's sure to make a great impression. Hah!


👩‍💻Indy: Back again, Senna, obsessed little child with no life, I see. Well well, surprise, surprise....

time: 2001-07-11 19:41:01

🗯comments: 👹Huh. You took down Indianna Mae Who's links. Indianna Mae Who and Lady James are the same person.

👩‍💻Indy: Kid, you really are clueless. You're grasping at straws. First you make as if Lerena and I are the same, and now you say Lady James and I are the same. Can't you stand the idea that you've managed to turn a stranger against you because of your arrogant control-hungry wacko crap? No, of course you can't. It's just eating away at you inside that not everybody is impressed by your antics and not everybody loves Une; and you can't do a dang thing to change that! Lol!

👹Kiki: She's a freak too.

👩‍💻Indy: Oh! Ouch! Boohoo that hurt! Really now, Senna, chick; What were you trying to accomplish with that oh so eloquent put-down? Make yourself feel better? Make Lady James or me look bad? Feel bad? 🙄 Chick, please...

Why don't you just face up to the fact that you're nothing but a joke and return to your dingdongmonkeythong if you want freaks?

Better still, just look in a mirror. That should be enough to give your eyes a load of freak for some time.

👹Kiki: And you didn't respond to my email.

👩‍💻Indy: Poor little ignored might as well admit it. Lerena isn't the one wanting to keep this going, you are. Face it, chick, you fell into that trap beautifully! You're obsessed; you've tried to keep it going, not Lerena.

👹Kiki: Embarassed Lady Lerena, Treize Etranger's Soon to Be Duchess?

👩‍💻Indy: dang, and I think my spelling is bad. Girly, it's 'embarrassed' with TWO 'r's... She has nothing to be embarrassed about. You though, wow! Good grief, I was better behaved than you when I was in first grade. That was such a lame attempt at baiting her into responding to you, and you know it...or you should.



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