5 Things Blog Meme

This chain requires you to answer some questions and then "tag" 5 people, AKA spread the chain to them.

* * *

😏Meme: ♥ Five Things I have a passion for:

Ocean Elf: Mangling memes.

refusing to give straight answers to these blog chain letters since they are annoying and it's none of their business what my stats are in any given scenario

Refusing to "tag" anybody

Putting meme-mangles up on my site

Calling them for what they are - chain letters.

😏Meme: ♥ Five things I'd like to do before I die:

Ocean Elf: I'm not even going to bother with this section, I don't believe in bucket lists.

😏Meme: ♥ Five things I say a lot:

Ocean Elf: You'll eventually find out as you get more familiar with me.

😏Meme: ♥ Five books I've read lately:

Ocean Elf: Nah. I do my reading on the net and prefer to write/interact anyway.

😏Meme: ♥ Five favorite movies:

Ocean Elf: Asked and answered… Asked and answered in so many other memes.

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😏Meme: ♥ Five places I'd like to travel:

Ocean Elf: Asked and answered, asked and answered, asked and answered… Okay, perhaps like the movies question, not phrased in quite the same way as all the other memes, but "Where would you like to travel most" and "Favorite Movie" whether you're required to state just 1 or 5 or 10 etc amounts to the same question just with a different amount of things you're supposed to list.

😏Meme: ♥ Five blogs or pages that I love:

Ocean Elf: I don't use chain letters to promote sites I like.

No "tagging" here.

Over and out.


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