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Welcome to the funfiction page!

all fiction-writing should be fun, and it is when writing alone or collaborating well with one or more people.

But this is a genre of fiction that is mostly light-hearted and can often stem from conversations that started out serious. Sometimes the funnies just break out of nowhere.

Banter among characters and their authors, poking fun of annoying spammers, writing experiments, characters expressing themselves on various subjects and mangling the odd meme, it's all here.


Postmaster - by BPThe entity sending you those email error and other important server messages has jobs for specially qualified people to do. Funfiction and foefiction all in one.

Want the scoop on Pearlas Sandborn, the fictitious attorney from the Microsoft Millions Giveaway hoax and her friends/relations? Here are some funny stories by Robin Bloor.

Pearlas Sandborn

Who Is Anthony De Croud Of The "Chinese Proverbs" Meme?

Don Vanuchi of the 419 Scam

Computer Fights What if our computers were sentient? Authors and their computers have it out over common internet problems.

Teen Prayer Meme mangled by BP and Ocean Elf.

Spammerville Just some fun Ocean Elf had with spammer names and addresses.

I Spy Mary Sue Eyes How about we give our characters the Mary Sue eye description treatment?

Les Mis 2012 Movie Our characters have their say.

OC Interview Meme mangled by characters.

Messed Up CharactersWhen characters get mangled, they don't like it.

Showdown Characters sparring all in fun.

Characters react to the stupid Elan Gale "Diane" woman on plane hoax.

The Abuse ExcuseCharacters are asked to act out their feelings when confronted with the "I was abused" excuse from violent and sadistic creeps.

Fairies Some fairy characters react to an article on fairies.

Character Email Spats

Character Awards


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