Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary . There are many versions of her story, but they all have one prevailing theme that says if you say her name a few times while looking in a mirror, and/or fail to spread a chain letter story, she will get you.

It is a death chain letter hoax!

That means, it is all a lie, folks, Bloody Mary will never hurt or kill you for any reason, let alone chanting her name at a mirror, or not forwarding/reposting any meme! Neither will Mickey Mouse or anyone else.

The most widely-spread version of the hoax pre-2013, scared kids off Mickey Mouse and made them afraid of mirrors. The next two most popular are the Teddy meme, and the Chelsey Warner Lauren meme, both make references to Bloody Mary in their hoaxes.

More have cropped up since.

There is another involving a faux messenger chat with Jessica.

There is a hoax about Sara's mysterious notes telling her to "run".

In 2013, another version of the hoax started, this time, there were no mirrors in the story, just the nonsensical tale about a baby who was buried alive, brought back up, stabbed by her mother because of all the crying. The meme claims the baby will go around stabbing you if you don't repost the hoax.

Quick on the heals of that one came another about Bloody Mary, a beautiful woman who tried to commit suicide by washing her face in acid because her baby got kidnapped.

There are also creepy pasta stories. One of these incorporates bits and pieces of other myths/legends into itself.

And like all other hoaxes, a pack of lies.

Here is a short list of dated examples where Bloody Mary in some version of her hoax, scared people, but didn't kill them of course.


January 6, 2011. February 23, 2012.

June 30, 2012.

August 23, 2012.

January 20, 2013.

July 5, 2013.


No chain letter can or will ever kill you. Otherwise, computers, and before them, snailmail would've been outlawed as weapons of potential mass-destruction.

Mangling time!

Let's begin by highlighting excellent mangling and great rants on Youtube.

Then, an observant person on Yahoo Answers inquired about the names mentioned in mutations of this hoax.

Now, look out Bloody Mary! Whether you masquerade as Mickey Mouse, Mary Worth, or a bloody baby, This elf is on the warpath. I'll get you!

And you will like it.


Bloody Mary Meme Mutations

1: Candle Chant Problem

2: Five Girls At Cathryn's Slumber Party

3: Mary Worth

4: Kat

5: Teddy's Killer Mickey Mouse Curse And Anti-chain

6: The Jessica Messenger Chat Version

7: Sara's Notes

8: Baby Mary Stabbing Version

9: The Acid Trick

10: Nicole Creepy Pasta

11: The Witch And The Mirror Creepy Pasta

Chelsey Warner Lauren

Teddy/Mr. Poulter

Now, my little Bloody Mary, your pals are so ended, and you belong to me until I say different.


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