Christians and people from the non-left of the political aisle who actually break chain letters and discourage the sending/reposting of them.

They are difficult to find among the morass of Christians and non-liberals who do replicate memes, and liberals and anti-theists constantly whinging and lulzing about that, but we do exist!

Likewise, liberal and anti-theist meme-spreading is not quite as easy to spot, mostly because it isn't pointed out as such, but it, too, does exist!

Having said all that, let's get to our list.


👩Joyce Faye: I am a Christian and the ones I hate are the ones that say something like, "ignore if you follow Satan and like and share if you follow Jesus." These make me very angry and most of them who do what these say are 40 or better. It's like a chain letter. Something bad will happen to you if you don't do as you are told. How can people be so clueless?

👨Edward Martin: I'm a Christian also, and it annoys me too.

👩Veronica: As for Xmas/Christmas, if you take the Christ out of it, that is on you. Xmas has been around as long as I can remember as a short way of writing Xmas when most of us handwrote our cards and had a lot of people we sent to. I still say Merry Christmas. I don't object if prolly say Happy Kwanza when that day comes around and don't object to Happy Hannukah. Each to their own.

I will stick to Christmas whether it is a pagan holiday usurped by the church or not. It is significant as a Christian holiday and will remain so for me and mine at least as long as I live.


The Case Against Chain Letters - by REV MJM

Steele's answers - Chain Letters This blog by Craig adams quotes answers to various questions by Daniel Steele, and this one beautifully debunks a chain letter that went around targeting Christians with lies and a fake prayer.

Elfling at usetheforcefrodo points out several of the pitfalls of spreading memes on Facebook, especially if you are a Christian.

davieboy1970 made an excellent Youtube video on God VS. chain letters, and why those horrible guilt-tripping, sacrilegious memes do no good, and cause nothing but trouble and vexation.

Blondy on Memes

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry, points out the problems with memes and suggests that people not play these games with God or themselves.

Alan rudnick wrote an excellent post with the best advice on voting, and it made my day! He says we as Christians should not rely on false and manipulative memes for our information and that as Christians, we should make sure we aren't backing something that is a deliberate lie.

On Baptists Today, Tony Cartledge wrote an article debunking the "Dems Hate God" meme.

Here's a brilliant entry on oneway2day debunking the Joys of Muslim Women meme by a Christian and a conservative, with links to resources showing what Nonie Darwish actually says.

peninsulalighthouse debunks memes and other media malevolence.

Here is their main page.

a republican and Christian who is doing things right concerning the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) memes is Mick Mulvaney. Instead of replicating the wild rumors, he refutes them.

Fellow Christian Jordan Hubbard requests people stop sharing fear and hate-filled political memes.

Celtic Bishop does not 'share' memes, including those dressed up to look like prayers.

Fifi is a Christian who dislikes memes.

How Rational conservatives Can Get Involved is a blog entry that also discourages the spreading of memes. It is really too bad they had to use the word "rational" since that implies conservatives are irrational by default, which the left is always claiming, and unfortunately way too many meme-loving conservatives continue falling into that trap.

Here's more proof the non-left does not equal birther/"illuminati"/"reptilian" quackery. One of the many reasons why I do not buy into the birther nonsense Political Byline

Conservatives Who know that Birthers Are Nuts.

Even Glenn Beck Thinks Birthers Are 'Dumb' Puppets Of The Left. I agree.


Bug Out With Your Activism!

The Ends Do Not Justify The Memes