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Not happy with their idiocy put up on Indy's page along with scathing comments tearing it apart, the dumbbutt monkey wrote some emails, which are given the same treatment. Up until this point, she had been posting in Lerena's guestbooks and writing her letters.



🆔From: 💢🔅🔵✴️BlueStar655@aol.com

Thu Jun 21 17:44:41 2001

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 19:44:57 EDT

Subject: 🗯that was just stupid

👩‍💻Indy: Yeah, uh, that's the point.

To: Indy

X-Mailer: AOL 6.0 for Windows US sub 10523

💢🔅🔵✴️BlueStar655: 🗯look, i know all of those comments are just plain moronic, but why bother responding to any of them?

👩‍💻Indy: Why not?

💢🔅🔵✴️BlueStar655: 🗯Really, I would have to agree with them about the owner of the site taking ittoo far. I mean, I have a site of my own, and sometimes I get stupid letters like that and I laugh and just delete their emails or let them stay on the guestbook to have a little humor.

👩‍💻Indy: in other words, you want the right to flame away without any repercussions. According to you, it's all right for you to take things too far and keep it going, but the people you flame are taking it too far by daring to fight back...uh-huh...

💢🔅🔵✴️BlueStar655: 🗯She, or you or whoever this is if it is indeed the owner the owner of the site I am talking to now, let the "problem" go too far.

👩‍💻Indy: you seem to be a bit...confused. Perhaps that ego of yours is compacting your brain in your eagerness to victimize the owner of the other site who you keep moaning about taking things too far. Too far for your comfort perhaps, hm?

💢🔅🔵✴️BlueStar655: 🗯It doesn't matter who started it, it matters who let it continue.

👩‍💻Indy: You wouldn't be saying that if you were on the receiving end of a pack of bullies doing to you what you're doing to her. Hypocrite... It matters who started it and makes it continue, and that's what harassment is.

💢🔅🔵✴️BlueStar655: 🗯If you make comments to people like that, they'll just keep throwing their mindless crap at you until someone gives up.

👩‍💻Indy: Yep. So...Do you feel like giving up? And I agree with you on one point, it is mindless crap; at least you didn't deny that.

💢🔅🔵✴️BlueStar655: 🗯The site is very nice, and the artwork is very well done, but I have to say, it was also just stupid of you to make a whole part of your site devoted to all of the flamers out there. You just amuse them even more, more than it amuses yourself.

👩‍💻Indy: Some how I doubt it. It obviously wasn't amusement that compelled you to write to me. And I never invited you to write me, or give you any indication of wanting to be your friend and get your stupid spam in my inbox. You're just desperate for attention, any kind of attention. But now that you got more than you bargained for, you are, in fact, very unamused. I...wonder...why...?



* * *

🔆👩‍🎨 👩‍💻🔆

👩‍🎨Lerena: I take issue with BlueStar's words. What does she mean *I* took it too far? You mean I wasn't supposed to respond to them at all? Bloody hell! I would have preferred it if they had just stopped when I asked them to, but they *refused*. *They* were the ones who continued to spam me, not me. Besides, let us examine intent here. Those harassers intentions/goal was to harass me until I took my site down, which did not happen, and that in turn, made them even angrier. In this case, intent is crucial to truly understanding the problem. If they simply wanted a good laugh and a chance to irritate, they would have stopped when they got bored and saw that I was not responding. But since their intent was indeed to bring me to my knees, then I *don't* see how it was *my* fault for keeping it going.

👩‍💻Indy: I agree. Also, since I clearly outlined what the page would be about, they knew that when they were going to read it, so if they think it's such a stupid idea, lol, why did they read it?

👩‍🎨Lerena: I have to agree with you: why do they go to a site they don't like? Why be a masochist? Why self-flagellate? It would be much simpler to just stay in our respective corners and leave each other alone.

👩‍💻Indy: I think the answer might be a little simpler than we realize. They're addicted to making trouble, and they'll even put themselves through teediously reading some site just for the purpose of finding something to throw fits over and spew their crap.




🆔From: 💢🔅👿JI987@aol.com

Fri Jun 22 13:42:05 2001

🆔From: 👿JI987@aol.com

Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 14:45:50 EDT

Subject: (no subject)

To: Indy

💢🔅👿JI987: 🗯*smirks back* You know, my little self righteous ho-bag, you sunk to our level.......

👩‍💻😏Indy: I notice you used the word 'sunk'. This means you think yourselves lower than me; thank you for, first of all, the compliment, then the shock that you actually came out with the admission that you are low. This is rich! The difference between your attacks and mine, though, is that you deserve to get the attacks from me. Lerena does not deserve yours. You chose to be a troll. You get heat for it, you have only yourself to blame.

💢🔅👿JI987: 🗯why not? i love inflicting pain. i get paid for it.

👩‍💻😣Indy: So, tell me something I don't know. And you still haven't figured out why I hate you yet? You're right about the first part of that statement, but you assume too much.

It's me who gets paid, and the only pain I'm in is from my sides hurting; you slay me! 😹

Thanks for not only continuing to prove me right, but adding to my site!


🆔From: 👿JI987@aol.com

Fri Jun 22 13:43:06 2001

🆔From: 👿JI987@aol.com

Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 14:39:12 EDT

Subject: 👿Hi, I'm one of the flamers......

👩‍💻🙄Indy: Yeah, like, uh, like, I, like, kinda like, figured that out, like, you know? 😏

To: Indy

X-Mailer: AOL 5.0 for Windows sub 124

💢🔅👿JI987: 🗯Dear Abby-

👩‍💻Indy: Lol! 😛

💢🔅👿JI987: 🗯I'm amused at your comments! Really! I love it! You have mocked us quite sufficiently, though if you choose to keep on going, that's your buisness. we don't mind.

👩‍💻Indy: It's 'business' and yet you go on hysterically:

💢🔅👿JI987: 🗯however, if you continue altering and using the Mary Sue Rant, we will take the highest form of legal action. (Sound familiar?) Remove it, now, or pay the price........... Silver/Yanni

👩‍💻😏Indy: Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, I'm just shakin in my boots! Not...Lol!!! So which is it? Are you amused or not?

💢🔅👿JI987: 🗯P.S. OH WOW! you get brownie points for figuring out that Yanni and I are one and the same! but as for the rest, you are not very perceptive


👩‍💻Indy: Uh-huh... 😴



🆔From: 💢🔅🧛Tamora QueenOfGoths42@aol.com

Tue Jun 26 00:06:00 2001

🆔From: 🧛QueenOfGoths42@aol.com Tamora

Message-ID: 4b.d560eea.28698051@aol.com

Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 02:06:09 EDT

Subject: 🧛🗯What's wrong with being a masochist?

👩‍💻Indy: It's sick...Duh!

To: Indy

X-Mailer: AOL 5.0 for Windows sub 124

💢🔅🧛Tamora QueenOfGoths42: 🗯Hmmm? Why is that such a bad, bad, bad thing? You all don't lead very kinky lives.

👩‍💻🙄Indy: If you have to ask...there's something wrong with you. Any explanation would just go way over and above your bubble-head so I won't bother. Good riddance, senna.






Did senna and stupid little toadies or alteregos, Tamora, Abby/Yanni and co. really think she/they would get away without the rough treatment they were getting all along?


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