Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way From "My Immortal"

Her name is:

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way


Oh - my - heck! Being named after a deteriorating mental condition, now that takes the cake!

The other problems with this are "Ebony" "Darkness" "Raven" All because this Mary Sue is a black-haired goth, who is also a vampire and a witch. Darkness overload. Ebony and Raven are such cliche Mary Sue names.

My Immortal is a fan fiction loaded with suggestive stuff, far too much is made of people's appearances, and from the dramatic reading I sat through on one Youtube channel, Ebony is Mary Sue to Draco Malfoy of course. Oh, and old wind-bag Voldemort is always buzzing around them too.

It is so bad that even among Mary Sues, it achieved infamy.

My Immortal was eventually taken off Fanfiction.net but archived elsewhere.

What Happened To My Immortal On Famfiction.net?

The story can be read on the following two links:

My Immortal MS doc format unedited

My Immortal html format with f-bombs and blasphemies replaced, and comments links between each chapter.

So why archive it here instead of linking to the site that has the archive?

that site is by a lulz-addict who promoted that internet cess pit known as encyclopedia dramatica, a site for spammers, bullies, memes, and trolls in general. Hard-core trolls. They are every bit as bad, mostly even worse than anything/anyone they go after.

My Immortal on TV Tropes

Dramatic reading of chapter 17

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