Creepy Pasta Fandom In Denial About Being Mary Sues, Shouts "Hate Blog!"

"Waaaaaaah! Somebody just called my/my friend's character a Mary Sue! Not fair!What meannies!"

fandom idiots call anything that calls a CP character a Mary Sue a "hate blog"

Either that or they say that a character is so bad and un-creepy that it shouldn't be considered a creepy pasta, which is just as annoying.


The-Metal-Maniac: A couple thoughts on hate blogs

by The-Metal-Maniac, Nov 19, 2013, 6:21:13 PM

The-Metal-Maniac: I really should be working a big stats project right now, but blast it. This is more important. These flarers made corgi break down and cry.

Ocean Elf: So it goes. Fandoms... *Rolling eyes* This is not the same as actually leaving crappy comments on some author's page. This was just people writing in their own blog, which the author didn't have to read, nor did their friends need to.

The-Metal-Maniac: So over the last couple months I've seen a few of my fellow Creepypasta artists' OCs get featured by some of those "constructive criticism" blogs, better know as hate blogs. You know the type I'm talking about. The ones that find somebody's OC, label it a Mary-Sue, and then proceed to pick it apart for no other reason than because they can. The authors of the blogs claim they're doing it because they're trying to be "constructive", but the truth is, they're really not. They're simply doing it out of hamgoddemn flaring spite.

Ocean Elf: Well, I can't speak for all of them, there probably a few that are for the reasons you wish to believe.

Others are doing it for a couple of valid reasons.

1. They are sick of seeing crappy characters that are Sues, whether you like it or not, all over the net in just about every fanbase.

Sues are a fandom problem though, not a problem with a part of a fanbase that consists of casual fans instead of the fandom part of it. And everything about fandoms, including Mary Sues can annoy the heck out of casual fans and non-fans. The reason some Mary Sues annoy others within fandoms is because the person being annoyed didn't write the Mary Sue. Simple.

2. They are not writing in their own blog to "hate" on some author and character and make them feel the "hate". It is venting, plus giving people who haven't yet written such stories and characters reason to think twice before inflicting something on the net that might be similar to what is being ranted about. It's more of a caution to future and potential authors than "hate". It's also a way to help somewhat experienced writers and role-players to touch up their characters and stories to get them out of Sue territory. Who hasn't started out innocently enough, unwittingly making their stuff a little bit Mary Sue?

More to the point, this is not a "hate blog" It is merely freedom of expression. No one is actually being threatened by the bloggers. Fictional creepy pasta characters are getting skewered, and they should be. their authors are only being given a wake-up slap to stop making such cliche and annoying characters. Commenters are being ridiculed for having such thin skins that they let this blog bother them so much.

If this was truly "hate" the bloggers would be putting these reviews right on the comment sections of the Mary Sue author's own web pages.

But they're not.

They're putting their own opinion up on their own blog, and last time I checked, that was not infringing on anyone else's rights.

Hate toward a fictional character does not count as hate speech, because it is not singling out a real person or group of real people to smear, harass, or threaten.

I can say how I hate creepy pastas and even the fandom. That isn't hate speech, because I never said creepy pasta fans should be killed.

Have you ever seen the cesspit of anti-brony comments all over Youtube? There's far more real hate in those than in one blog that beaks off about some cringe-worthy Mary Sue creepy pasta. Anti-Bronies routinely tell male My Little Pony fans, including those who are still children, to kill themselves.

The-Metal-Maniac: I watched it happen to kiracreator21:'s HB Kay, where the author of the blog apparently flaring fails at reading comprehension.

Ocean Elf: Just because some blogger doesn't like some character your friend made up doesn't mean they fail at reading comprehension. It merely means your friend probably wrote a crappy character. I can safely assume this because I've seen more than I care to of fandoms and their ideas of good fiction writing.

I don't like creepy pastas, particularly the most well known ones. I find their fandoms (not the whole fanbase), to be disgusting. Fangirls crushing on Jeff The Killer, everybody all squealing about how scary they think Slender Man is, etc.

Such characters need their arses kicked, hard. And if other Mary Sues from different types of fiction get reality-checked, so should those from creepy pasta.

And, if no one else wants to do that, I will.

While I appreciate that there are some level-headed casual fans of this stuff out there, creepy pasta gets way too much praise as a subgenera, thanks to its humungous fandom.

I'm here to oppose the whole shebang, whether you like it or not. It's what I do. It's what I like to do. And it is still my right.

The-Metal-Maniac: And today, some trio of smug little craps from a blog called Whyfags went after blazexdx:'s Grace and pncke: Suicide Sadie, Yvette (aka Sweet Tooth), and Sharpjaw.

Ocean Elf: With good reason. I would too, but they already said a lot of what I might have.

having said that, there are things I dislike about that blog.

The name "Why fags" that's troll talk. When I graduated from high school, I entered the adult world, and no one used "fag" any more. I never did, not even when I was still in school.

The blog is filled with obscenities.

That's why the pasta-related entries and comments have all been reposted on the Mary Sue page with the nasty lingo taken out so people who don't like seeing f-bombs every other word can read and appreciate whatever messages the bloggers and commenters are trying to convey.

Commenter Wrath Over Original Character Criticism

The-Metal-Maniac: They flaring made corgi cry. Why? Not because they're trying to provide constructive criticism.

Ocean Elf: If by constructive you mean knit-picking over grammar, sentence/paragraph structor, plot movement, well, they had a lot to say about all of that with every character they critiqued. But mostly it was about the many other things about the characters that were overdone, seen way too much in other characters already (cliche) or just didn't make sense. If someone cried over that, well, they didn't have to check out that blog, did they? Their friends didn't have to point the blog out to them in the first place, did they? And anyway, this person seemed to get over it as indicated in the uber long section of comments on that entry.

Nobody likes to be told their character sucks, let alone why.

But you're going to run into that when you write creepy pasta characters and submit them to any of the fandom sites like DeviantArt.

The-Metal-Maniac: They said at the start of their rant/"review" that no creepypasta OC, including BEN and even hamgoddemn Slenderman(!) is creepy or scary.

Ocean Elf: I'll take that even further and say that Ben Drowned and Slender Man themselves are not creepy or scary. If people stopped hyping them up as not only scary, but possibly real, and in the case of Slender Man, ridiculously over powered, there wouldn't be people actually being scared of them, or stabbing their friends to please these characters. Like it or not, the real monster here is the fandom. Somebody has to put things into perspective and start giving these over-coddled creepy pastas the butt-kicking they need to balance things out.


Ocean Elf: I could ask you the very same thing. Who died and made you supreme monarch over what is or isn't creepy/scary?

No one, you whiny drongo, much as the pasta fandom's mob mentality agrees with you. Please, get freaking over yourself already! If you want to remain one of the mindless pasta fandom and believe Slender Man is creepy and shouldn't be criticized, that is your ruddy problem.

Slender Man, Ben Drowned, etc. are not creepy, they are disgusting, annoying and stupid.

Yes, I said it, I'm proud of it, I'm not taking it back, and it is my right. Nobody made me queen of anything to hold this opinion. So suck it up and deal.


The-Metal-Maniac: All they are doing is spewing hate on great artisst

Ocean Elf: No. DaVinci was a great artist. Van Gogh was a great artist. The creepy pasta fans trying to be great artists found on Deviant Art, Quotev, Wattpad, Tumblr, fanfiction.net etc are a penny a dozen, and as far as I know, not too many or none of them have become celebrities outside their internet fandoms.

The-Metal-Maniac: because the self-righteous twits (edit)

Ocean Elf: Pot... Kettle... Noir... Look who's talking! On top of that, calling those guys three self-righteous female genitalia is particularly stupid as well as perverted.

The-Metal-Maniac: have nothing better to do with their time.

Ocean Elf: Oh I see - and you're really making great use of yours here...


The-Metal-Maniac: Constructive criticism my arse.

Ocean Elf: It is for anyone who is developing a character. If they read it, (and may I suggest the edited one on the Mary Sue page?) it could help them to avoid making such characters for fan fiction or role-playing or anything else. The authors whose characters were actually blasted over there, never needed to be told about let alone read that blog.

The-Metal-Maniac: These smug little basilisks (edit)

Ocean Elf: Oh, so they're smug because they aren't awestruck by pasta Sues and don't think slender Man is creepy. Well then, you can add me to the smug list, too.

The-Metal-Maniac: aren't even worthy of being called trolls.

Ocean Elf: Uh, wow. Just - wow. "worthy of being called trolls" I can tell you really have your priorities straight. That's even worse than this dang annoying thing I keep seeing when people complain about creepy pastas and then say they aren't "worthy of being called creepy pastas".

But you know what?

It's actually an honour to not be that worthless. Because being a troll is the most worthless netizen there is. There are various degrees and types of trolls, sure, but trolls are worthless. You can't get any lower than that.

So if they are not worth the title of troll, that means they must be something better, even if only slightly. And if they think slender Man is not scary, that's worth quite a lot as far as I'm concerned.

The-Metal-Maniac: It's scum-sucking jackasses like this that kill other people's creativity.

Ocean Elf: No, it isn't.

These people stuck to putting their rants on their own site. No one has to go there and read it.

I'll tell you what really kills creativity.

Roleplay/writing on some platform with other writers' characters that annoy or make you cringe or want to throw things, characters your own characters just would never fit in with. Characters that flame one another as well as yours. Writers who are totally full of themselves and stuffy or otherwise just too hard to relate to.

Fangirl Mary Sues who wage bullying hate campaigns, stalking and harassing their fellow Mary Sue authors off the net over some stupid anime characters.

That's killing creativity.

The-Metal-Maniac: Constructive criticism doesn't make people break down and cry and consider just quitting altogether YOU hamgoddemn flariNG crapHEADS.

Ocean Elf: Too bad you weren't around when the Senna Une/Treize thing was going on. Not that Senna would've listened to you, but put it this way, what you just said applies more to what she did than what these bloggers did. Senna went out of her way to try making someone else break down and quit, and eventually succeeded. These bloggers didn't do that. They put their own opinions on their own blog. Your artist friend read it of her own free will. She could've avoided that headache.


Ocean Elf: OMG please. Save that for Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4chan, and the Sennas of the world.


CherubFeet Jan 18, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

you mean blogs like "sociallyunacceptableart3" and "fnohomestuck"? Yeah... I've seen more than 20 things of mine posted on those kinds of blogs. I laugh because the people who posted them on those blogs don't think the creators of the pieces will find out.

Ocean Elf: If they find out, so what? It's an opinion, not plagiarism. It isn't illegal to write about why you think some character is crappy on your own blog.

Greeny-Star Nov 23, 2013 Student Traditional Artist

Dude you are my hero. It's ~Green*Star by the way.

Ocean Elf: Oh, what is this world coming to? I fail to see anything heroic anywhere in here.

xFroggiii Nov 21, 2013 Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Or better, the circle was created.

furbearingbrick Nov 20, 2013 Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Now just watch as the defenders of said hate blogs come flooding in....

Ocean Elf: Don't count on it.

KiraCreator21 Nov 20, 2013 Student General Artist

Oh flaring (blasphemy), this hamgoddemn dipsticks did it again?

I'm sorry but I'm gonna take some action.

Ocean Elf: Well goody hurrah for you.

Hear ye, hear ye! take heart, everyone, for all is not lost! Super KiraCreator21 is going to save the world from da big bad "hate bloggers"! All will be peace and harmony once again and everybody can think Slender Man is creepy and Mary Sues don't exist in creepy pasta!

What a hero.

furbearingbrick Nov 20, 2013 Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I see this happen all the time with Worm Jeff. It's always either "baw u ruined Jeff, he's not a worm", "this is too weird, I don't understand it, therefore it sucks", or "it's Jeff-related, therefore it sucks." And of course, in almost nearly every instance it's clear the critic has not put more than three seconds of research into his mythos. I can't flarin' win.

Ocean Elf: Mythos schmythos. Screw mythos. Too many people just adore mythos, which are usually centered around scummy characters and series IMO.

Jeff doesn't need a ruddy mythos. He needs a jackhammer to the back of his skull.

Yes, most Jeff-related stuff stinks, because it's pro-Jeff or pro-Jane, or it's Jeff shipping with another infamous CP or someone's Mary Sue character.

furbearingbrick Nov 20, 2013 Hobbyist Traditional Artist

OK, that tears it. Time for CJ to get some new prey.

Ocean Elf: *Scowl* And these cretins don't understand why some people dislike them.

Last I checked, being a predator wasn't cool.

That rule doesn't exclude CP fandom.

pncke Nov 20, 2013

thanks for trying to cheer me up...

you all are amazing..

it's just been really hard on my life lately..

my health, college, now this..

i'm possibly getting more sick...?

my luck is truly rotten...

Ocean Elf: Whatever...

angryleo1998 Nov 19, 2013 Hobbyist Writer


Ocean Elf: Dude. Hacking is really not cool unless it is actually being used by law enforcement. That is so not required over some silly creepy pasta OCs.

When people want attention and praise so much that they just stick their characters onto a site where a bunch of potentially hostile and equally competitive strangers see it, getting bad reviews is just something that is probably going to happen at some point.

But blast it, people, this was a personal blog. None of you had to go check it out. Tears could've been saved.

And when wanna-be authors write especially horrid characters, then act like complete brats when their characters aren't received with the adoration they were expecting, if that criticism makes them cry, it is their own fault for being such egocentric jerks.

Would you rally to the defence of Lavender Chelsey and her bratty author?

Rosenfox Nov 19, 2013 Hobbyist General Artist

*highfives you*

I agree. I scanned over the blog and these guys are just cruel >:U I think her characters are very cool o_o

Ocean Elf: Yeah, it's obvious you really have a well rounded view of things here...

Uh that was sarcasm.

FCOL, people, since when is writing opinions about CP characters on a personal blog cruel? The only way this would be cruel is is these guys went and splashed their negative opinions on the authors' pages and internet haunts, making sure the author would see every disparaging word.

That didn't happen here.

You tools went over to these critique blogs of your own free will. You didn't like what you read, so you had a whinge-fest about it.

Poet-of-all-Art Nov 19, 2013 Hobbyist General Artist

just...I'm worried for Corgi, even though she's older than all of us...we're all worried for Corgi, right?

Ocean Elf: I was worried for Mirabella, who was older than me and the others on that email list during Senna's insane hate rampage&stalking campaign.

That makes what Corgi faced seem like nothing in comparison. And Corgi even appeared to get over it in the comment thread at the blog you snipes are so upset about.

The best way to deal with this type of blog if you don't like it is to ignore it. Don't send your author friends over there, especially if they've just panned one of their characters.

Blazexdx Nov 19, 2013 Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'm really worried about Corgi... I don't want her to be sad for stupid people

When we enter to a fandom, we need to be strong, haters are everywhere

I knew that, I'm sure Corgi knew it too, but they made her cry... NOBODY DO THAT TO MY FRIENDS!

Ocean Elf: Fandoms are fanatical, that's what makes them fandoms. That's why there is so much unreasonable hate and unreasonable adoration of anything.

The best way to avoid being made to cry is to avoid fandoms and just stick with the part of a fanbase that is more level-headed casual fans.

These bloggers weren't trying to make anyone cry. They were just writing in their own ruddy blog.

Senna Marie Maxwell AKA Jenny Ko tried to make someone cry and worse.

The-Metal-Maniac Nov 19, 2013 Hobbyist General Artist

I definitely agree with you there.

I mean, why pick on Corgi? Of all the artists, why her? Why not try going after AngryDog's Jane the Killer?

Or HB Kay?

Or mrcoldflame901's Kyoto?

Or he||, go after Nazar and the Judge?

All of those creepypasta OCs probably violate their stupid "Don'ts" list somehow (and are easier targets, now that I think about it).

What the he|| did Corgi ever do to those basement-dwelling cretins?

Ocean Elf: "basement-dwelling" Oh, that's so original...

I have no idea why these bloggers haven't tackled any of those you mentioned, I think they should. I'd love to see what they'd have to say about them.

But they don't just do CP-related stuff. If they did, surely they would have at least torn Jeff and Jane several new ones already. Or I would hope.

There is nothing "amazing" here.

Blazexdx Nov 19, 2013 Hobbyist Digital Artist


Always Corgi, why her...? she is amazing and her OCs too...

I really wanted something like this to happend, but to me, not to her... again

First Ann The Killer, LollaKill and now this!?

What is wrong with the world!?

Our Corgi had too much of this crap...

Ocean Elf: "Ann The Killer" = Jeff Mary Sue by title alone. There is already Nina The Killer, Jana The Killer, and Jess The Killer. And of course, Jane.

Apparently some people churn out too many CP Sues.

The-Metal-Maniac Nov 19, 2013 Hobbyist General Artist

It's sickening. At least Ann the Killer/LollaKill had an "artist" and OC vs. OC issue with Corgi. These basilisks are doing it just for their twisted fun.

Honestly, I'd much rather they attack me and my characters instead of Corgi (I probably wouldn't give a damn about it anyway, but it'd be interesting to see what they had to say at the very least).

Ocean Elf: Well apparently Corgi wrote enough Sues to get this much notice from them. Whoever they are. As long as no one harassed her on her own bit of cyber space, and kept their comments on their own blogs/journals, I don't see a problem with it. And blogs that are expressly for "critiquing" aren't there to dole out praise, nor do they pick on just one person.

Blazexdx Nov 19, 2013 Hobbyist Digital Artist

It was interesting to see what they said to my Grace -w-

But Corgi had too much...

Ocean Elf: Probably because she had more characters in the mix. I dunno.

But every last one of these OCS are whack as far as I'm concerned. So deal.


And if you think this was bad, check this out.


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