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Something's Got To Give

Dustin Lafortune's real life hellish ordeal as a hostage at the depraved hands of Dustin Ward Paxton, makes Indy's fictional ordeal at the hands of Tonya pale in comparison.

Several years later, it happened again, this time, at the hands of racist thugs, holding a disabled person hostage and torturing him, all because they hated the colour of his skin, and they thrive on making people suffer...

The perps are:

Jordan Hill

Tesfaye Cooper

Brittany Covington Tanisha Covington.

We are truly sickened and sorrowful this actually could and did happen in real life. We're also sorry we can't give the perps the trouncing they deserve. But as these fictional characters help support Indy through her ordeal and give Tonya a good blasting, we offer you what support we can and would like to see good stern justice done to the monsters that put you through this nightmare.

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