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Mangle The Memes! [MTM]™



About MTM™ and FAQ

Meme-mangling Format Explained

Resources for debunking viral gunk

12 reasons why you should research a facebook rumour before passing it on - ThatsNonsense.com

Don't Believe The Hype.



Memes Index Page - Here's where memes are mangled and/or discussed.

"Slactivism - "Raising Awareness" Memes


Recipe Memes

The Ends Do Not Justify The Memes.

Slow Down Don't be so hasty to re-share.


Creative Writing/Role-play

Fiction - story-writing, character role-playing includes writing by Ocean Elf and BP, and articles by others on characters and fan fiction writing.


No Troll/Jerk Zone

MTM™ is not troll/jerk-friendly!

Why Spell This Out?

It's sad, but necessary.

People keep acting as if trolling is cool and being jerks.

Tossed Away


Comment Area

This is the comment area for general conversation, about MTM or anything else within reason. You can post comments without getting a Disqus account, by filling in the name and email fields, checking the "I agree with the Disqus TOS" thingie, and one of us will make a reply as soon as possible. If you want notifies of replies to your comments, you'll have to get a Disqus account. Or you can just check back here.. That's why this site looks so small at first glance.

The content explodes when you follow any of the links to more articles and linkage. Their comment sections will be more topic-oriented, but going off topic as conversation naturally flows, is definitely welcome.