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Mangle The Memes! [MTM]™

"Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me"



What The Heck Is A Meme And Why Should You Care?

Memes are chain letters. They have been rebranded as "memes" to make them sound cool.

Internet Meme Ruined Her Reputation

About MTM™ and FAQ

Meme-mangling Format Explained

Resources for debunking viral gunk

12 reasons why you should research a facebook rumour before passing it on - ThatsNonsense.com

Don't Believe The Hype.



Memes Index Page - Here's where memes are mangled and/or discussed.

Tiktok is a video meme producing app.

The "Karen"/"Becky" Memes If you're going to call out an adult behaving badly, don't be a sheeple-minded meme-addicted idiot and call them a "Karen" or a "Becky".

"Slactivism - "Raising Awareness" Memes


Recipe Memes

The Ends Do Not Justify The Memes.

Slow Down Don't be so hasty to re-share.

Out with the memes, in with real conversation and originality.


Creative Writing/Role-play

Fiction - story-writing, character role-playing includes writing by Ocean Elf, BP, Amanda, and LJ - and articles by others on characters and fan fiction writing.


The content explodes when you follow any of the links to more articles and linkage.

No Troll/Jerk Zone

MTM™ is not troll/jerk-friendly!

Why Spell This Out?

It's sad, but necessary.

People keep acting as if trolling is cool and being jerks.

Tossed Away


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