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Mangle The Memes [MTM] is run by Ocean Elf and BP, Christian women who love writing fiction and have just about turned meme-mangling into an art form out of necessity. Sometimes the two get combined.

Memes! Oh, the memes! From the sappy to "inspirational" and political emails sent by older people, to death chain letter texts shared by scared tweens, to hoaxes that get every demographic, to those annoying goofy pictures with random edgy/pointless/whatever captions that get re-posted everywhere, oh, how we detest memes AKA chain letters!

and the So-called "meme culture" subculture, actually. Ugh! These are the millennials who love the silly pictures, and the entities who originate them; these could be advertisers, political entities, or just trolls. And to our dismay, there is a growing number of people who actually think trolling is fine when it's done on behalf of something they like or identify with...!

Not cool...

Ignoring the re-shares doesn't work. The junk keeps getting re-shared.

Friends Don't Let Friends Spread Memes.

You know that, but there is only so much you can do before being made to feel like a total outcast. I know, I'm already there.

Nicely asking people to stop with the memes doesn't work. They keep resharing the viral crap and ignoring you... Worse still, you try your best not to let them spread memes, and they get all defensive and mad at you, and then abandon you for their precious stupid memes, it's an addiction that is apparently extremely hard to break.

It becomes painfully evident that the memes are more important to your friends than you are, and that's what stinks most about being on the internet.

every time I find out a friend has re-shared a meme, especially the stupid hoax or fake fluffy friendship/religious or guilt-tripping variety anywhere, my faith in friends/humanity takes a dive, and makes me want to rage-quit on everyone and everything for a while. Not good when your friends put you in a state where you have to count to 10 to calm down and put yourself into a quiet time-out so you won't take somebody's head off in an angry rant.

I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Adding to the frustration is that good opposition to memes is hard to find. Often, people who rant about memes do a lot of cussing, or introduce ideas that are even worse or are also memes. Worse still, most people raging against chain letters and "meme culture" seem to be non-Christian (they hate religion more than memes), and left-wing.


It seems Christians and the politically non-left seem to love memes, or are too timid or indifferent about the problem to speak out against them with anywhere near the consistency and zeal the left and non-Christians put into their supposed dislike of memes.

That's why there is MTM™.

We don't go with the trends, and we heartily welcome disenfranchised non-left/Christians who are as sick of chain letters as we are..

The left love memes too, they just don't readily admit it.

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Common fail in discussions against memes


The HoaxHunter has some great tips on what to watch out for with sick internet hoaxes, but is still too kind toward the hoaxers IMO. I understand his explanation for that. I just don't feel any sympathy at all for people who play cruel hoaxes, no matter what their excuse might be.

I also don't agree with the internet lynch mobbing. There is well-deserved flack/backlash, and then there's trolling. Lynch mobbing falls under trolling. This trolling often involves snipes about appearance, calls for the trollee to commit suicide, and making up disgusting and perverse fantasies about whoever is being trolled. This is how lynch mobs become as bad as the hoaxers.

So, it's not just memes that get trashed here.


Fan-brats, any kind of idiot/loser.

Fanbase VS. Fandom There is a difference.

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