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Meme-Manglers, Who We Are, And What We Are Not

This is a site with a difference, we are not meant to be just like all the others out there, where the same old attitude trends are expressed.

Christian-Friendly, Not Christophobe Or Feminism/BLM/MGTOW/any kind of troll-Friendly

We are here to turn the tables on the hoaxers and help people to learn not to let memes push them around. We are also here to oppose fandoms, Not levelheaded fans), SJW, and trolls in general. MTM is a place to vent about them.

We go beyond nicely, quietly deleting memes. We express our dislike for them and why, but with a difference from many other online areas.


Had it to hear with just playing nice after getting the same dumb viral joke or sickly cute animal pic from 10 different sources within 5 days?

Does getting another sad glurge or heart-yanking guilt-tripping/kneejerk cause-invite/like/sharing meme make you want to kick in a wall or punch something instead?

Are you sick of conservative political meme activity, and rants&"lulz" at it coming from the left? Sick of the lack of same treatment being done to left-wing memes?

Are you fed up to here and beyond with Christians reposting "Share if you're not ashamed to love God" social network memes, and atheists mocking/ranting about them?

Are you so tired of your friends allowing themselves to get used as cogs in assembly-line viral pay-it-forward schemes?

Had it with people reposting hoaxes and then getting mad at you for trying to set the record straight.

Sick of their excuses, defensiveness and even hostility toward your trying to get them out of this bad habit?

Feel frustrated to no end because friends have no problem giving you "no" and rain checks but they just can't seem to say "no" to memes that urge them to repost/share/like/send to everyone?

Are you feeling hurt and disappointed by "friends" who have pretty much abandoned you and any real honest to goodness communication with you in favour of continuing to re-share the memes instead?

We understand! And this is part of why meme-mangling got started.

Were you taken in by a hoax?

Did that sick kid message make you cry and feel you just had to share it or else?

Well guess what? That sick kid never existed.

Incensed that there are people sick enough to make up hoaxes about and trivialize and laugh at serious medical conditions and society's problems?

So are we!

Scared of the ghost under the bed?

Don't be. She's a figment of some troll's imagination and the picture is of some actress super imposed on something or somebody else to look like a nonexistent ghost.

Feel like a dumb schmuck for being taken in by a hoax?

You're not alone. We were all net newbies at one time and none of us started out in Cyberspace knowing all the different forms chain letters take or that they use every emotion against us to get us spamming their junk over the net.

MTM's founder Ocean Elf, and co-founder BP, have recollections and archiveed a few examples of their newbie activity perpetuating memes, which they now mangle.

Becky And Ralph Wolf Story

The Black Spot

Kids On What Love Means

Even now, we are never completely immune to getting had. Hoaxes that are not in chain letter form can still fool any one of us under the right circumstances. But once a hoax is found out for what it is, you have every right to sound off about it, and MTM is a great place for that.

MTM is a place where people who are sick of attention-seeking trolls and creepy childish obsessed fangirls/boys, and memes, can come sound off about them without getting judged as being "not nice" or "not Christian or tolerant enough" and without getting the usual backlash from trolls and fan-brats pulling the supreme victim act.

Let's talk a little about memes your friends share.

In the words (with some additions) of some of the postings at this site:

God does not think you should like a social network chain status if you love Jesus, or ignore it if you love the Devil.

If you "like" this photo to see "what happens next" nothing is going to happen.

Don't "like if you admire this sick kid's courage". Since when is courage required to be sick? That kid either does not even exist, may have already passed on, or is alive and well, in any case, this is a sick hoax made up by some low-life who thinks sick kids are a laugh a minute and so is anyone who shares his/her social network like-collecting chain letter scheme.

5 Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in a month doesn't occur just once in 834 years every month with 31 days has 3 days that appear for 5 times in that month.

mars will not be closer than it has been in 11,000 years, and appear larger than the moon.

Bill Gates is not donating $3 to cancer research every time any post is shared.

There never was and is no company or establishment selling a $250 cookie recipe.

No, you can't cook eggs or pop popcorn with cell phones, or use turkey as a sleep aid, and your dog will not die from eating a raisin or two. Canola is not dangerous, margarine is no more plastic than table salt is bleach. Cola is not a toilet cleaner.

No, you cannot recharge your Iphone or cure the flu with an onion.

The picture of the devil, with horns and pitch fork in hurricane Katrina is freaking photoshopped crap.

No one caught a 15 foot alligator in the New York city sewer system.

There is no bill in congress to outlaw breastfeeding.

All references to God on TV have not been banned by the FCC.

Nostrdamus did not predict the third reich, the 9-11 attacks, or the challenger accident.

There are zero instances of anyone finding a razor blade in an apple on halloween.

There are zero instance of hypodermics tainted with aids taped to gas pump handles.

Flesh eating spiders from Australia are not living under your toilet seat, or in Australia for that matter.

You will not get a $50 applebees coupons for forwarding an email or sharing a post.

The U.S. is not returning the statue of liberty to France.

Tommy Hilfiger is not a racist and neither is anyone else slandered in similar memes!

Dearborn Michigan has not implemented Sharia Law.

Megaldon, that big prehistoric shark, is frekking dead.

Will Smith is not dead.

Jackie Chan is not dead.

Peyton Manning does not have two broken legs. not even one broken leg.

There are no robbers tossing eggs at cars, gang initiations involving flashing headlights, crying baby tapes, sticking papers on your windshield or just waiting to play "Knockout" with you.

There are no kidney theft crime rings.

The great wall of china is not visible from the moon.

Men do not think about sex every 7 seconds.

Self-respecting women do not go without their jackets just to get men giving up theirs for them.

When meme or internet jerks have filled your mind with muck and annoyed you, you can come in here and ridicule them, sound off, laugh at their idiotics, just release the tension and feel so much better. You can read how trolls and memes get pwned and get a good laugh too. But remember, trolling is strictly not okay. It is something we out, trolling is something no self-respecting meme-mangler actually commits.

Meme-mangling 101


Official Position

We get all kinds of not-so-nice feelings toward chain letters, but fear is definitely not one of them.

Chain letters have no power other than to evoke extreme annoyance and sometimes disgust and outrage. They can't grant wishes. They can't make bad stuff happen to you for not spreading them. They are not magic and they are not weapons of mass-destruction. If they were, the human race would've wiped itself out long ago.

No one, dead or alive, is literally a slave to a chain letter. Anyone who is, in the sense that he really believes bad luck will befall him for not forwarding it, has chosen to be out of his own free will to remain gullible.

Ghosts don't wander around the world looking for places to haunt and people to creep out and kill, and the dead can't do a thing to the living.

Horror movie villains, creepy pasta and other chain letter story characters are not to be feared or admired/crushed on. We trounce them here. And we continue to survive and thrive.

Just because it proclaims "True story!" does not mean it is. If it comes from a meme, chances are excellent that it's a lie to at least some degree if not all out false through and through.

although some memes evoke the name of God, they are frauds. God does not work through memes. God will never deny you for not reposting that blasphemous drippy "Jesus" message. forgetting or refusal to share a repost about "Jesus" does not equal denying Jesus as your saviour.

You will never save somebody by sharing a social network status or email meme.

There is crap on both sides of the political aisle and memes only add to it. They are as common on the left as on the right. So-called "fact-checker" sites and the mainstream media doesn't want you realizing this, because their narrative dictates that memes/chain letter spam is a republican/conservative/politically right-wing problem. Liberals don't submit their own chain letters to "fact-checkers" and even if they did, those sites are far less likely to put any decent effort and time into debunking them with the zeal they have taking the hatchet to memes from the politically right.

MTM heartily welcomes the mangling of left-wing memes, and will not tolerate the propagation of right-wing memes.

Who We Are

We are just average netizens of all ages, with common sense, and we take a stand against trolls, memes, fancults, and all other forms of obnoxiousness and stupidity.

We also believe in safe social media, and that's why we won't put up with nonsense that goes on within a lot of other sites.

Meme-mangling is meant to debunk the junk, provide a place where people who are so sick of keeping silent to avoid hurting their friends' feelings over meme re-shares, can come, sound off against the memes, the hoaxers, and express how getting spam from their friends makes them feel (with the exception of creeped out) and know these feelings are valid.

It is also a place that we hope helps people kick the meme-re-sharing habit. If anyone finds this site, reads some meme-mangling that shows them how they might be making the recipients feel about something they're considering re-sharing, we hope it would give them pause to reconsider a moment, and decide against sharing that chain letter after all.

if you read any of our meme-mangling, you might get the impression MTM is mightily unfriendly and tough.

We are very tough on hoaxers and the fictitious characters in their chain letters. They are merciless toward everyone they hoax and lie about, and most everyone else is far too easy on these miscreants, so why in heck should we give them and their crap any slack? "They're just bored/having a little fun" is no excuse. You can be sure memes and trolls will get treated with the utmost burning mockery or rage we can dish out yet still in a classy manner - especially compared to a lot of other rants out there.

we are not that way toward real, sensible, decent people, unless there is the odd but very unlikely misunderstanding where someone does something that makes themselves look bad and gives us the wrong idea. We are tough on trolls and idiots of all kinds, and we won't accept excuses for bad behaviour. There is a list of guidelines below for conduct, as well as a link to a post concerning further uncoolness we don't want to see in here.

What We Don't Like

Well-thought out and tastefully written, rants and meme-mangles can be pretty humorous to read.

The trouble is that so many elsewhere have some funny bits, but then they get very unfunny with vulgarity, God/Christian/Bible-mocking crap or some other idiocy. In addition, rants against chain letters often turn out to be antiChains/AntiChainCompilation.html">anti-chains. This makes an already bad rant even worse, but it all out torpedoes an otherwise good rant.

Too many other places are way too easy on bad internet behaviour from trolls to bratty fandoms.


MTM is a non-left, Christian-friendly site that rejects memes and bull from both the left and the right, especially when it comes in both mainstream media and chain letter form.

We recognize that the mainstream media is no more reliable, and every bit as manipulative as chain letters. The mainstream media with its shamefully slanted reporting and pronounced left-wing bias is actually a massive chain letter that consists of every element of those seen online:

Fear mongering? Check.

Coercive ideology? Check.

Bull crap stories? Check.

Sob stories from only one subjective leftwing view to make the non-left out as bullies/racists/misogynists and all the "special people" on the left out to be victims? Check.

Calling themselves "true" while calling those who refute their divisive nonsense "fake"? Check!

This is not a run-of-the-mill site that goes along with the right-wing trend of spreading and defending political memes or embracing trolls disguised as comedians, championing offensive speech and stupid pranks.

This is no place for left-wingers and non-Christians, particularly atheists/anti-theists and MGTOW to sound off against chain letters/feminism and eventually Christianity, as always ends up happening sooner or later on every other site they frequent.

The vast majority of sites on the internet do nothing about these two trends and if I wanted to encourage them I would never have started this site.

Before anyone gets the overwhelming urge to squeal about free speech, stow it. Ocean Elf and BP will run MTM as they see fit, and that is their right. If people want to do the usual stupid crap that has ruined so many internet communities, they can go elsewhere. We are not interested in extending them another site for their vast echo chambers. They are not welcome here.

Who We Are Not

We are not an anti-chain site. Anti-chains are chain letters.

We are not some glorified babysitting service just here to entertain bored people. If the smashes are entertaining, that's just an added bonus. If you're here only because you're bored and want to be entertained, and you really don't care one way or another about our mission, this is not the site for you, and we don't need or want you here. If you go against our mission and everything we stand for, we straight up don't want you here - period.

We don't care how many or few hits we get, or how many members or posts. People who care so much about that stuff are annoying to us. Here, quality really does matter, and along with a burning passion to trounce cyber-thuggery, we have standards.

we may be sensible, discreet fans of various things that are in good taste, like any other sensible people out there, but we are not fandom-friendly. Not even toward the anti-fandom fandom. Fandoms are borgish, gigantic living memes, crawling with brats who take themselves and whatever they're into far too seriously. This is especially deplorable when they sexualize anything that started out as a kiddy show, or they crush on/worship sadistic sociopathic characters like Slender Man, Jeff and Jane The Killers, Laughing Jack, etc. We hate sadism and find sadistic fan brats particularly repulsive. And yes, some fangirls really have caused someone severe bodily harm to please Slender Man.

Let's face it. Fandoms and chain letters go so well together, and here's an example. It's a chain letter that started as an April fools joke on the Harry Potter fandom site Muggle.net.

Fan-brattery gets mangled same as any other meme or trollish stupidity. We do not condemn people for venting their real frustration/annoyance against the idiotics of fan brats, trolls, or others who go too easy on these bad behaviours. if somebody complains about such bad behaviour yet turns out to be no better, we do not put up with it.

Study: Americans Self-Censor in Facebook “Spiral of Silence”

Although that article talks about Facebook, it acknowledges this problem has gone further back, and social networks are only enabling it. Fandoms are a perfect example of this problem, especially those revolving around anime, MLP and Creepy Pasta.

Whereas bronies and otaku and all their sympathizers can beak off on every other site such as this link, MTM is a place that welcomes opposition to these crazes, memes etc, and disallows fangirl/boys to run their mouths. They have their own sites and the rest of the internet to spew their childish antics, fanaticism, fan-crushes, trolling, etc. MTM is where people can go to vent against that stupidity and smack it down, hard, without being attacked for it.

Trolling is a form of online bullying. All bullies are sadistic, ego-tripping and power-hungry. So are all online trolls. It's just that not all bullies are online trolls. Bullies and trolls all want one thing - power. In addition, trolls crave attention. Bullies may or may not necessarily crave attention from the masses to the degree a random troll does, but loves it from a cringing victim. Either way, their fun is always at the expence of someone else and it makes the bully or troll feel powerful. Bullies and trolls operate on the most primitive, animalistic drives seen elsewhere in all of nature.

There is another kind of bully that may or may not be a troll. The social justice warrior or SJW for short. Obsessed with advancing racist and sexist causes, these cry-bullies are always screaming about how the group of people they belong to or claim to care about so much, are perpetually and hopelessly victims of "oppressive and privileged" western society.

SJWList apparently only considers you a SJW if you are pro-censorship anywhere. That's probably why Mark Zuckerberg made the list. Facebook has been having issues with censorship, mostly not censoring what they should, while censoring other stuff, making Facebook appear to have a left-wing bias. Twitter definitely does since they banned a conservative for comments nowhere near as offensive as the comments coming from BLM and feminism.

Like all other sensible people, we are naturally against bullying, but we are not the liberal activists who have hijacked "anti-bullying" tobully Christians in particular, and advance a political agenda and force it on everyone. Look at the comments made on the article found at this link.

Then there's this heap of double-standards.

A Christian got sacked because some lesbians complained.

Yet someone else got sacked because a Muslim complained about him saying the word "bacon".

We reject the 'organized religion/ of the anti-bullying movement because it is more about politics and advancing liberal special interests, and the collective and marginalizing any disagreement with them, instead of about actually helping stop real abuse on individual basis.

This farce of an anti-bullying movement is just as hypocritical and skewed as any other twisted activism out there, it has gotten so bad that even a UFO alien-related site has seen it for what it is.

So as anti-fandom is actually fandom and anti-chains are chains, "anti-bullying" is actually bullying.

Someone created a bully-busting page on Facebook, a place victims of cyber-bullies could go for support and for sounding off.

But the article" that talks about it, has it all wrong. It accuses the page creation of "revenge". No, it's not revenge. Revenge would be if he went and trolled the pages of the trolls, with exactly the same flaming content the trolls used against him.

Naming the bullies is not "revenge" either. It's simply making them accountable, exposing them for their crap, and just as importantly, helping potential victims to steer clear of the those particular bullies.

Bullies get away with their cowardice because they are often anonymous, while they thrive on naming, shaming, and plotting revenge on their victims for any and all imagined slights. Or just because bullies are simply that blood-thirsty and evil.

Just as people have the right to know when there's a public health threat, they also have the right to know who the bullies and trolls are so they can have a better chance at avoiding victimization by these sadists.


Thanks for reading.


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