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Not to be confused with antific, which gets out of hand with ridiculousness and/or tastelessness.

Various Series



(Note: This is not a foe fiction about the characters, but a protest by characters reacting to their being butchered by the fandom.)

The X-files

Drawing The Line

(Note: This is an anti-fic by Wombat, making a mockery of opposition to shipping. Inserted reactions from Ocean that run throughout and tie it up, turn it on its head to make it into a foefiction against itself.

Star Wars

Anakin's Folly It started out as a Gary Stu fanfic with one character not playing along beyond what was absolutely necessary. It eventually turned into a foefiction where the characters eventually recover control over their own minds, Anakin Stu has to face some facts, and the character his fan was trying to make into his Sue, gets completely un-sued.

Anime and Mary Sue

Gundam Crap Plus

Lady Une's Urbanlegendary Experience

The Downfall Of Lady Une

Lady Une's Screwy Afterlife Story (Chain letter adapted to be about Lady Une and the Hamgod, instead of "You" and God)

Zoids: Jack Sisco

Out To Lunch

Battle Arena Toshinden

Katzy Fictional characters from the series as well as from netizens react to a fangirl's page, and here is the resulting foefiction:


Go Fly A Kite

Mary Sue: Senna, the Lady Une-worshiping, Gundam Shipping Mary Sue

Magic Misfire On Email Schemers

Two Lives On The Brink

Brat Botheration

Senna Meets Her Fate

Nahid Part 1: The Mary Sue

Nahid Part 2: Pride Goes Before A Fall


Stranded With Vampires

Take A Hike


James Bond

Stu, Gary Stu.


Peta's Fishy Agenda


The Future Of Peta




Lulz, The Internet Meth

Misc Chain Letters

The meme getting the foefic treatment will be mentioned in parentheses.

Cordilia (Akira)

Operation Alyssa, Kitri On A Mission (Killer in the Allysa forward-or-die meme)

Amanda And Psycho Ex-Boyfriend (Amanda death chain letter)

Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Light?" - Killer from the dorm roommate's death urban legend

Chelsea.html">(Death chain about a girl called Chelsea

James Ronald's Descent Into The Funny Farmville (James Ronald chain letter and a few other memes(

Jeremy Townsend Chain Letter (Atheist Professor)

Jerry, Jerry, Not So Scary (Jerry death chain letter)

Kevin (Dealive Kevin threatens to eat the reader in his death chain letter)

Sally Stitch (From "Ghost Whisperer" to a death chain letter tale, Sally Stitch)

Operation Justin, Sundown And Pumpkin Jack's First Mission (Incomplete Story Memes)

Creepy Pasta/NoodleHeads

Nightmares For NoodleHeads (Various creepy pastas including Slender Man, Jeff The Killer, Laughing Jack, evil/possessed furby and more.)

Beyond The Naughty List (Creepy pasta elves), holiday section of the NoodleHeads series.

Kibosh For Krampus The Christmas Demon Another holiday creepy pasta gets more than it bargained for.

MLP My Little Pony

New Home Horrors

MLP Syndrome

(Note: These two are sections from a hypothetical story called If I Should Die Before You Wake.)


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