Night In Creepy Pasta Manor, Quizzes And One Mad Meme Mangler!

Let's cook some copypasta and creepypasta.

This is the story version of the quiz mangling.

I'll make up some names for the pasta fangirls in place of the "Y/N" which stands for "Your name" in some of the quiz results.

The quizzes will be written in as part of Slender Man's trip to the annual Night At Creepy Pasta Manor. They will remain as they were found, in chat format, while the story inserts/additions will be narrative.


Night In Creepy Pasta Manor

Warning: Do not put Creepypasta characters and meme-manglerss in the same vehicle, or even the same manor for any length of time. There's bound to be trouble, and most likely not from whom you might expect.


The manor was a place where a few of the pasta characters used to gather to determine the fate of their all too many adoring fans, who went there to try their luck against the odds of surviving the night in the manor. Some might have been scoffers to a point, others crushed heavily on these sadistic creeps, and actually thought being killed by one or more of them would be romantic. Still, others hoped to make friends with these killers so they would get the opportunity to run away from their boring lives at home and become serial killers along with the notorious pasta creeps. Then there were the fangirls who were sorry for these "poor, misunderstood" killers, and wanted to be their heroines, to show them compassion and turn those bad boys good.

These fans never seem to suspect that this was a way for the Pasta creeps to collect information in order to creep out the survivors later. Nor would they have cared. To them, the possibility of getting killed by their creepy pasta idols, was among the highest honors. Even better still, helping their favourite killers was considered the ultimate glory.

But then, there was the meme-mangler, a different sort altogether.

Meme-manglers are not fans.

And they are not afraid.

Meme-manglers are on to the games these Pasta creeps play.

And they are not impressed!


So, the day came when everyone was flown down to the nearest airport to the manor, which was still a good distance away. This meant a bit of a trip via van or bus the rest of the way, depending on the size of the group.

Most everyone wanted to be there. Everyone but an elf called Ocean. She was only there because of a mixup at the airport. They put her in the wrong vehicle, mistaking it for the one that was supposed to transport her to the hotel where she was staying during the music workshop happening that weekend.

As they set out, the driver, also the host of the first quiz, got things started. Knowing slender Man was among the particularly in pastas, she decided they should do his chat-up thing during the drive. Here were the results.


The Quiz started out with, "Have a Talk with Slenderman"

"What the - heck!?" Ocean Rolled her eyes. "Nobody told me this was part of the plan." She looked royally ticked off.

"Or "slendy" as I call him." The quiz continued.

Some fangirls swooned. "Oooooh! Slendy!"

Ocean scowled. "Oh, knock it off."

"See if slendy likes you." The quiz went on.

"Hah!" Ocean scoffed. "I don't care. This is about whether or not i like him, and you can guess the answer to that one."

"What's with her?" muttered a ditzy Slender fan.

She was answered by another fan. "I dunno but I'm scared, I wouldn't dare taunt him. He's so awesome."

Ocean reacted with a disdainful hiss and Scowl.

"Hah, he'll get his tentacles in a knot over someone tonight." said a scoffer.

The Quiz went on. "Follow, comment, or do whatever. Sorry this is for girls because it has sorta girly hobbies and likes. I couldn't think of nothing else. Sorry. :("

"That's fine." said Ocean. "It's not the issue anyway.

"Ready to start the awesome chat with Slendy?" The quiz asked.

"Awesome, my foot..." Ocean grumbled.

Slender Man turned his head, but since he had no face, it was impossible to tell if his slight movement was in reaction to Ocean's comment.

Ocean noticed the movement and gave him the death stare.

The chat quiz began.

Answer1: NO! He isn't even real. How can I talk to something not real.

Quiz: Then well...IMAGINATION


Quiz: Awesome, you are like me

Ocean grimaced.

The answer options and quiz continued.

Answer3: Okay, I am ready to talk to Slender Man.

Quiz:: Okay!

"Oh, come on, cut the chit-chat, I wanna thrash Slendy!" Ocean muttered sharply.

Answer4: No! He is stupid.

Ocean grinned. "I'm with answers4&1 on this."

Quiz: I wouldn't have said that if I were you.

Ocean Rolled her eyes. "Wuss."

Answer4chat-back: Why?

Quiz:: Poor you, you don't know

"Wrong." said Ocean firmly. "Slendy doesn't know what he's in for."

Answer4chat-back: Shut up

"I'm with 4." Ocean said, grinning slightly.

Quiz:: Okay, gosh

"I'm losing my patience!" said Ocean.


The The vehicle stalled, service people were called to remedy the problem. Ocean matook the opportunity to make some calls on her cell phone, only to find out this vehicle was supposed to be the one going to the hotel, and the people in charge were as bewildered at the foul-up as she.

Clearly the Pasta people had done a switcharoo for laughs. The quiz continued.*

Quiz: Okay slendy, let's start!

"About time!" muttered Ocean irritably.

Slender Man: Okay, I have a series of short questions than it is done okay.

"and I have some short answers for you, Slender Schmuck...!" Ocean shot back tersely.

Answer 1: Okay Slender Man, What is the first question?

Slender Man: You're very polite.

"Hah!" Ocean scoffed. "I'm only very polite to people who earn my respect. That wouldn't be you, dude."

Slender Man made no discernible response, but his fangirls continued squirming and making excited whimpering and whispers as if they expected him to blow his top at any moment. The quizzing continued.

Answer2: You're not real. I don't have to talk to an imaginary creature. *walks out*

"Bravo!" Ocean exulted, clapping her hands.

Slender Man: You will see, just wait."

Ocean shot a baleful glance at Slender Man. "You will see, Slendy, *YOU* - will - see..."

Quiz: Fine then, just walk on outta here.

Ocean rolled her eyes. "Sheesh, what a sorehead you are. I hope you don't have a crush on that stretched out photocrapped creep. But my suspicion tells me you probably do."

"And what's so wrong with that?" a fangirl countered.

Ocean threw her a disgusted glance. "If that has to be explained to you..." She shook her head.

The quizzing carried on.

Answer3: Okay, bro. This.Will.Be.Awesome!

"I'm not a bro," Ocean retorted, "and the only way this could ever be awesome is if Slender Man did a series of cartwheels using only his back tentcles and finger tendrils, spun around at 60 miles an hour on his head and then put his head in a meat grinder, resulting in him having a normal looking face, and croaked shortly after."

Slender Man stiffened. His fans shuddered. Then Slender Man addressed the girl of the "bro army".

Slender Man: Not another you. *looks at quiz creator*

Ocean Rolled her eyes, annoyed that Slender Man was also expressing impatience with this bro stuff. The last thing she expected or wanted was to have anything at all in common with Slendy.

Quiz: HEY!!!

Answer4: Why do you have no face? What kind of creep has no face?

"Some imaginary dude created as a photoshop contest entry on SomethingAwful that went insanely viral. A meme that got a massive legion of fangirls creeping out and lrving him all at the same time. Bleckh!" said Ocean.

Slender Man: You are off to a bad start.

"Bad start?" Ocean challenged him. "You haven't seen anything yet, Slender Boy!" She threw him a very unfriendly scowl.


Slender Man: Question one, What is your personality?

Answer1: I am a very shy, kinda quiet person. I love to read and cook.

Slender Man: Very nice then.

Ocean hissed at him. "Oh, I'm sure you prefer the shy, submissive or at least timid ones. You like stalking and psyching people out, after all, Tendril Boy."

Answer2: BRO! I'm crazy, fun, hyper, and just great. I love to PARTAY!!

"Urgh!" Ocean Winced. "Not with the 'bro' stuff again!"

Quiz:: You and me need to hang out sometime. You are epic!

Ocean heaved an impatient sigh. "Fine, go epic fail somewhere else!"

Slender Man made no response.

"Huh? Got nothing to say, Blankface?" Ocean sneered.

Answer3: Walked out.

Slender Man: She isn't coming back.

"Oh, how perceptive of you." said Ocean.

Quiz: That sucks

"No, that isn't what sucks." said Ocean.

Answer4: I hate slender and you and the quiz maker.

"Whoa, there!" said Ocean. "I was right with you until you included the others. if you'd just stopped at "I hate Slender" that would rock."

Quiz:: What did I do?

"made up this quiz, I guess." said Ocean, "And we're 44% done, eh?"

"Dare to pick an option for your personality, whatever your name is?" Slender Man asked.

When he received no reply, he tried again. "I'm talking to you, scoffer extraordinaire."

He still got no response.

Some of the fangirls snickered. One whispered a little too loudly, "Maybe she's finally scared of him."

Ocean shook her head.

Running out of patience, Slender Man finally shot out a tendril at Ocean, "I mean you, girl!." he demanded.

"It's hard to know who you're talking to when it isn't clear who you're looking at!" Ocean snapped.

"Persomnality option?" Slender Man said, reminding her what the question was.

"You'll find out." she replied.

Slender Man shook his head.

The quiz continued.


Slender Man: Question two, what is your favorite food?

"You'll find out...!" Ocean drawled menacingly.

Answer1: I love tea and noodles. Those are great.

Slender Man: Lovely

""Lovely" coming from you, doesn't fit, Slendy Boy. When cooked right, creepypasta tastes pretty darn good." Ocean Turned a ravenous hungry eye on Slendy...!*

Answer2: Hamburgers, candy, all sugar is for me baby!

Ocean: Rolled her eyes uncontrollably, extremely unimpressed. "Oh, for the love of all things good, cut the dang sugar myth perpetuation! Sugar doesn't make you hyper, there's no such thing as a dang sugar high. sugar just gives you a short bit of fuel if you're lacking energy, but it doesn't freaking make you go crazy up the walls!"

Quiz: BROFIST!!!

Answer2: *brofist*

Quiz:: You are firetrucking epic!

"Oh, knock it off!" Ocean said, then Facepalmed.

Answer3: Walked out.

Quiz: She really isn't coming back now.

Slender Man: I know.

Ocean yawned. "The obviousness."

Answer4: Why should I tell you!

That answer earned a smile from Ocean.

Quiz: Don't cop* an attitude with me! *Cop= Idk if people in other place use this but at my house cop mean get, like cop and attitude means get an attitude.

"I know what it means...!" said Ocean, "They weren't copping an attitude with you, so please stop butting in already. And - I did say 'please'. it was Slender Man who asked the question."


Servicing finished, the travellers were finally on their way.

Slender Man: Okay, do you play and sports and what is your favorite type of music?

Answer1: I play softball/baseball. I love anything I can dance and/or sing along to.

Slender Man: For once your calm.

Ocean: *Unfriendly glare at Slender Man* And that matters to you because?

Answer2: Walked out.

Slender Man: This sucks.

Ocean: *Sneer* Oh I'm sure it sucks to be you.

Answer3: I don't play sports, but I do love classical and indie.

Slender Man: Me too.

Ocean: *Scowl*

Answer4: I love dodgeball and I love rock. The kind of rock that is loud and most people hate.

Slender Man: I just don't care anymore.

Ocean: You'll care when I make you listen to "Bullet with butterfly Wings" turned up full volume ten times in a row.

Slender Man actually appeared to wince at this.

Ocean continued. "If you can call drubbing memes including you a sport, sure. favourite music - never mind. I am a musician and i like a lot of different kinds."


Slender Man: Okay, I'm done. See you later maybe.

"You might be done with this quiz, but you're not done until I say you are, because I'm not done with you." said Ocean.

Answer1: Okay, bye Slender Man. You are a very nice man. *gives 20$ and a hug*

Ocean gagged. "I can't believe you actually did that! nauseating!"

Slender Man: Thank you *blushes*

Ocean scowled at him. "Can the fake bashfulness, slender Boy, it really doesn't become you...!"



"GOOD BYE ALREADY!" Ocean shouted.

Slender Man: Yes, bye.

"You, shut up!" said Ocean.

Answer3: Walked out.

Slender Man: .......

Ocean snickered. "Nothing to say, boy? Why doesn't that surprise me?"

Answer4: Glad this is finally over. This was sooo retared.

Quiz:: You're retared!

"wow, you ought to get into Mensa for that terribly witty comeback." said Ocean.

Slender Man: Let is go QM, just let it go.

Ocean rolled her eyes at Slender Man. "Yeah, boy, you're just lapping it up, aren't ya?"

Quiz:: Fine!

"Ugh! Beat it!" said Ocean.


* * *

Quiz: Night In Creepy Pasta Manor

So they finally reached their destination, the creepy Pasta Manor. There, a new quiz that was to take up the rest of the time there, commenced.

Quiz: A Night in the Creepypasta Manor

You get to spend the night with Slenderman, Smile Ben, Jeff, and Jack. The others are out for the night. Will you survive the night?

Ocean countered with, "Better question: will they?"

Their host was a young girl called Kara. She had this to say to the group. "Hey!! My name is Kara... Just a little advice.. Don't be rude... They don't like that."

Answer1: K

Answer2: Thank you very much..

Ocean was the only one among the guests not to show signs of submission. Her back only went up all the more. "Well tough darts on them, if they don't like how I treat them, they can just try to stay out of my way!"

Answer3: Is it rude to play video games??

Kara: (Me: kinda.. if they are talking to you)

Answer4: Whateva..

Kara: (Me: Just wait until you meet Jack...)

"I'll make ghost gum out of him." said Ocean with a scowl.


Kara: Okay Slendy... You're up

Slendy: I told you to stop calling me that.... It makes me seem not as scary

He was answered by Ocean. "Deal with it, Slendy boy! You're not scaring me!"

Jack & Jeff:*bust out laughing

This seemed to tick Ocean off further. She threw each of them a glare. "And you two! Shut - UP!"

Slendy: Anyway... What is your favorite color? You try to attack me for asking... I could do much worse...

Ocean glared at him.

The answers came in.

Answer1: Black and white

Answer2: Blue and Green

Answer3: Red and Orange

Answer4: Brown Blonde.... ya know... the color of a dog's fur

Answer5: *Lunges at Slendy* WE DO NOT LIKE THAT QUESTION!!!!!!!!!

Ocean laughed out loud, Applauding Answer5. When Slender Man stiffened again, she continued. "Don't get your tentacles in a twist, Slender Boy, I don't have a favourite colour, don't care one way or another, and if you can't hack it, go plug yourself into an electric outlet."


Quiz: K Ben... Your up..

Ben: What do you do in your spare time?

Answer1: Play video games *goes to sit by Ben* Can I play?

Ocean rolled her eyes.

Answer2: Study about body organs....... >:)

This answer received an Unfriendly expression from Ocean.

Answer3: Play/ read outside

Answer4: Play with my dog..

Answer5: Why do you need to know??

"Five, You are too nice." said Ocean. "Let me put it this way, Ben, you're cooked."


Quiz: Jack.. You're turn

Jack: Can i have your

Kara: Me: Stop it rite there.....

"Hehe. beating him at his own game, good job." Ocean allowed herself a slight grin.

Jack: Kidneys? Jeeze Kara... let me finish....

Ocean sent Jack a murderous glare. "No,! What you can have is a good pummelling!"

Answer1: I think i only need one.....

Repulsed, Ocean glared at the incredibly suckish subservient one. "You're making me sick."

Answer2: *Looks away from tv* what... ummmm no? *looks back at tv* Ben!! thats no fair.. I was answering a question....

answer3: Ummm.... no.... sorry....

"Oh, for the love." said Ocean, "Don't apologize for that!"

Answer4: Why would i give them to you????

Jack: this girl is getting on my nerves

This earned Jack a scowl from Ocean. "You are getting on MY nerves, Jack, and that's not a good thing for you!"



Jeff: I'm in the kitchen!!!

Kara: Me:Well its your turn....

Jeff: Let Smile ask!!

Smile: Woof!! Woof! bark ! pant! pant!

Ocean Grimaced. "Eww! Dog stink! Get away!" She gave Smile Dog a rough Shove.

This set off a chorus of Horrified gasps and various outcries of "I can't believe she could do that to a poor dog!" and similar, from the fangirls present.

Kara: Me: He wants to know if you have any steak.

Ocean: Not yet, and when I get some, I won't share it with him! you get your own meals around here, Terrance, no handouts! Now beat it!

The fangirls reacted with heart-broken semi-outraged expressions, whining things like "Awwww, how could you be so mean? he's so cute!" and the like.

Ocean rolled her eyes in irritation. "Aw dry up. I'm willing to bet he's not as innocent as he seems."

Answer1: Idk.. go ask Jeff... he's in the kitchen.... im in the middle of a game...

Answer2: Ummm... Yeah.. *pulls out big juicy steak from backpack*

Ocean looked perplexed. "Huh: These two seem to have traded personalities." She Rolled eyes at the sight of the second girl with the steak. "So, you always carry steaks with you?" She scowled and turned away in disgust as Smile Dog noisily smacked down the steak.

If that wasn't already bad enough, another fangirl offered Smile Dog a steak as well.

Ocean looked about to blow her stack right there and then. "Okay, one more second of this unholy racket and - this dog is gonna - "

A scoffer, who sided with everyone else on the issue, approached her. "Oh, come on, can't you at least give the dog a fair chance, he's not hurting anything."

Ocean: sighed, expression mellowing slightly. "All bets are off if he becomes aggressive later on. I understand where you're all coming from here, but the sounds dogs make when they eat, makes me want to kill them." With that, Ocean marched out of the room.

Some of the girls Giggled, unable to deny it. The fact was dogs were loud eaters.

Smile: *finishes his stake and barks and pants for more.*

Answer3: No.. Sorry....

Ocean stalked back into the room, looking perturbed. "apologizing to a Creepy Pasta dog, oh, really!" She facepalmed.

Some girls giggled.

Answer4: I do not.... why would i have a steak??

That answer got an approving smile from Ocean.

"Hey," said another girl, "You just did the impossible, made her smile!" She pointed at Ocean.

Some girls chuckled.

Ocean ignored them.


*Jeff comes back in*

Some of his fangirls gave him flirtatious smiles. Others, who were more the scaredy-cat types, cowered but smiled at him out of fear.

Ocean scowled.

Jeff: K. What'd i miss?

Ocean glared at Jeff. "Nothing, dude...!"

Kara: Me: Its your turn..

Jeff: Oh... Choice of weapon?

Answer1: My mind

Answer2: Hold on... I've almost beaten Ben.....

Ben: oh no ya haven't

"shut up!" said Ocean.

Answer3: A knife... big and sharp

"Figures..." said Ocean scornfully.

Answer4: Me... myself and i

Answer5: My teeth... i can rip things to shreads

"You don't want to find out." said Ocean, glaring at Jeff.


Results For the Slender Chat-up Quiz...!

Kylie, the shy suckup got:

Result: He likes you. Your his friend. :D

Quiz: Me: Okay-Slendy, what do you think of (Kylie)?

Slender Man: (Kylie) is a very nice person, maybe even proxy* worthy. Very polite and well mannered but nothing stand in (Kylie)'s way. Plus, a little cute, just what I need in a proxy.

Quiz: Me: Cool beans Slendy. Hear that, you are proxy worthy, awesome bro

Ocean scowled. "she's Slender slave material, and you're cool with that?" Her scowl intensified, expression taking on a decidedly disgusted edge.

Quiz: *Proxy=A workman/woman for Slender Man. Basically does his job.

Ocean gave Slender Man a withering glare. "Nothing stands in Kylie's way, huh? But - she got in my way, and look what happened."

That *cough* Pewdiepie fan brat, the obnoxious sugar myth-spouting drongo, we'll call her Kiki, got:

Result: Nice enough to tolerate.

Ocean shook her head in irritation.

The other two, sensible ones who called him stupid and walked out, got:

result: Non-Believer

Run, Run Like There is No Tommorow

Ocean found something to say about this print-out as well. "There is no 'Tommorow' there's no such day. It's spelled 'tomorrow'.. Slendy's just run into big trouble."

Results for the Night In Pasta Manor quiz...!

The worst suckup, Kiki, did her best to please all of the pasta creeps, and in the end, she got:

Smile as a pal.

Kara: Me: Hey Smile!!

Smile: Is Kiki coming back?

Kara: Me: I really don't know :(

It was Ocean who answered. "No. She may want to, but no." There was a dangerous glint in her eye.

Jeff's fangirl, Alisa, got: much attention from the others, especially Jack, and completely ignored by Jeff.

But Jeff would eventually find himself wishing he had stuck around to put up with that annoying fangirl instead of what he got.

Slendy's fangirl, Kylie, got:

Slenderman as a pal.

Kara: Me: So how'd ya like our little guest?

Slendy: Kylie was amazing!!!

"Hardly." said Ocean.

Kara: Me: Aww.. Someone's in loooove

"I'm feeling nauseous." said Ocean.

Slendy: I can still get you.. >:(

"You'll get it in the neck, slender Boy!" Ocean blustered.

Jack's fangirl, Kayla, got:

Jack as a pal.

Kara: Me: *walks over to Jack*

Jack: I bet her kidneys are amazing!! <3

Ocean gave Jack a baleful glare. "I'll show you amazing...And you won't like it."

One girl who made a sneering show of scoffing, the proverbial blustery non-believer you get in many of these horror anti-chain flicks, we'll call her Tina, got:

You made them a little mad... Yeah... You didn't survive.....

Ocean: scowled at the group. "You made me a little mad. You will wish you were dead."

Ben's groupie, Akira, got:

Ben as a pal.

Quiz: Before you leave...

"Oh," said Ocean coolly, "I'm not dashing off just yet. Got a little unfinished business to take care of."

Slendy jumps in front of Akira

Ocean Happened to be walking past so that Slendy ends up right in her path, she glowered up at him. "Hey treehugger, what's the big idea?"

Slendy: Why are you so rude? Playing video games when we are talking to you!!!

"Oh, ho ho, look," Ocean gloated, "Tall Man's got his ego bruised."

Quiz: *Akira steps back only to have Slendy follow looking extremely mad...*

Ocean kept an eye on Slendy, ready to unleash a world of trouble on him if he tried to harm anyone, even if it was one of his fans.

Quiz: Before he can take a swing at Akira, Ben leaps in front.. Completely blocking her from Slendy.

Ocean chortled and clapped mockingly. "Ah! So, I see chivalry isn't so dead after all. Boy, that oughta burn some tendrils. No really! Getting owned by a computer file. Wow Slendy, it's gotta suck to be you!"

Quiz: Akira says thanks and leaves...!.

Ocean nodded. "I'd like to leave as well, but there's still that unfinished business that should be seen to."

Quiz: *LATER*

Kara: Me: Ben? BEN!! Get off that game long enough to tell me what you thought of Akira!!

Ben: What? Oh, yeah... Akira was cool!! I wish she could come back!!!! We could finish our game!!

Kara: Me: no one else is here ya know.......

Ocean snickered.

Ben: *looks around* I reeeeeaaaallllly like her.

Kara: Me: I thought so

Ocean skulked around, apparently unseen or just ignored until this point. "No one else here, eh? I was just waiting, biding my time until all the fangirls left. They shouldn't see what's coming."

"What the?" Ben looked surprised. "You're still here?"

"Of course," said Ocean. "Thanks to that mixup, I missed the first day at the - " then she checked herself, there was no need to explain anything to these 4chan-inspired creeps. "- never mind. Point is everything got bolloxed up and I might as well make the best of it. You pasta freaks tried to kill some of your guests, or threatened to. Guess what, you made me a little mad and you will not survive!

Smile Dog and Ben were unfortunate enough to be nearest, so Ocean dealt with them first. She shoved Smile Dog out an upstairs window and short-circuited Ben, sticking him in the oven to melt.

Curious about all the ruckus, Jack wandered in, probably hoping some fangirl had been left behind, someone he could steal a kidney from.

Instead, it was Ocean, and she had something special in mind for him.

Ocean went after Jack with particular ferocity, swinging at his head with a pan, cracking it open and knocking him out. The fact he now seemed immobilized didn't cause her to subside and slack off. That huge knife from Answer3 had been left in the kitchen, so she picked that up and did Jack in once and for all.

Jeff and Slender Man came on the scene, but when she took after them, Slender Man teleported himself and Jeff out of there.

Ocean screamed at the cowards to come back and get what was coming to them, but wasted no more words a few seconds after they were gone.

She started rummaging in some drawers until she found a box of matches. She took it out and pondered it for a while. Burning the place down would prevent another gathering like this here in the future. But then, where to start the fire, and how to avoid it spreading out of control, and even ending up caught in it herself? Then another idea hit her. Maybe it was better to leave the place standing. If they were going to have another night of catching easy prey, the pasta creeps would come here again, and then so would Ocean, to finish what she'd started. Next time, she would go after Slender Man and Jeff The Killer first.

Ocean put the matches away, and watched as Candle Eyeless Jack's remains melted into clear candle wax.

Then, she made some calls to arrange transport out of there and back to the hotel where she was supposed to be staying.


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