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Welcome to the Holiday Specials section!

Various sections from series, or whole stories taking place at and around various holidays are put here.

Check out the Christmas Specials wiki for info on all sorts of Christmas specials.

Most stories contain a mix of characters created by Ocean Elf, BP and LJ, and various famous fictional characters we know and love.


New Friend On Valentine's Day, a forlorn fairy meets a famous fictional character who takes her in and tries to help her. Not a romance BTW.

Rescue Mission And Other Concerns Villainy is afoot as a couple of deceptive, cruel mages try to ruin Christmas for others. - by Ocean Elf

Kayin's Wish An anime character and a character from Whoville clash at Christmas time, and it takes good friends to get to the bottom of things. A nice mix of famous fictional characters plus characters made up by LJ and Ocean Elf.

A Moving Whobilation The town of Whoville is in for a shocking awakening concerning the hideous truth behind the politically correct "Whobilation", the seemingly Mormon-mocking "Book Of Who" and the mayor's dark past and true colors. Role-play collaboration and edits/changes/additions by Ocean Elf.

A Little Kindness Goes A Long way When the Grinch decides to play havoc at a hospital, his plans are thrown when he meets a patient who doesn't scare. Not a holiday-related story, but since the Grinch is associated with Christmas and Halloween, it fits here. Role-play collaboration, edits/additions by Ocean Elf.

A Gift For Santa When Santa's community and very life are in danger, it is up to an assorted company of people and beings to save him, and give him the best gift anyone can give. - by BP and Ocean Elf

Furby Christmas What do toys want for Christmas? This is about a special group of furbies and how they experienced a very special Christmas.- by Ocean Elf.

Beyond The Naughty List Never mind the naughty children. Did anyone ever think there might be a need to keep elves in check? Because elves can be naughty too. - by Ocean Elf

Kibosh For Krampus An anti-Santa has ruined too many Christmases for people and ends up on a hit list, not the naughty list.


Finally, something I had no part in writing:

The Nutcracker And The Mouse King Story by E.T.A. Hoffmann

Bumble, The Abominable Snow Monster Of The North


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