Lady Une

Lady Une. She of the anime series Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed and whatever else anime she might've appeared in - and she of flame-war infamy!

Lady Une's Profile

Lady Une is the sidekick or wanna-be partner to Treize Khushrenada in Gundam Wing. It's an anime about war, so her rank is that of a colonel.

Treize is a megalomaniac and terrorist with a sissy name who pretends he's got class but is really a brute at heart.

Due to idiotic fangirl antics, and that neither character has anything to be desired to begin with IMO, they're getting mangled.

Lady Une and Treize Khushrenada

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Senna Marie Jenny Ko Nahid Leila Maxwell etc the biggest Lady Une buttkissing otaku whose online bullying/harassment/stalking and otherwise profoundly desperate attention-seeking, trolling, stupid behaviour and all out bad-seed and Mary Sue personality inspired the story.

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