What Makes Senna Marie Maxwell Tick

Have you ever had problems with stupid flamers who started fights by saying the most provoking, offensive things imaginable, then whining that you are at fault when you fight back? Have they been trying to get you to shut up while insisting it's their right and theirs alone to hold an opinion? Have you ever had someone so obsessed with you, and hating you that they stalk you on the net and follow you from site to site, message board to message board, mailing list to mailing list just to keep throwing their insane insults at you while trying to turn strangers against you?

Senna AKA Silver Sloth, Tora-chan, Jenny-Ko, Zoisite, Nahid, Komadori Frost, Kaishusha...is one of these.

Senna 👿 Marie 💩 Maxwell bullied another Mary Sue writer (who never did anything to her) right off the net.

If Senna had only done what is suggested and agreed with many times, on this fan's page (ironic, isn't it?) this whole thing never would've happened.

There are level-headed fans out there such as the ones in the above link. But Senna is not among them, and she is a pretty good representation of what is wrong with fandoms.

senna hounded her victim over a long period of time and for no good reason. This was all about getting her own gratuitous satisfaction at winning some silly faux-holy Gundam Wing war in the name of protecting Lady Une.

to Senna, pairing Treize with any female who isn't Lady Une is a crime punishable by eternal flames.

Her shipping ideas are just as bad. If Treize and Une are not in love in the actual series, any shipping them (pairing them off with each other or any other character, from the series or fan-made) is only what fan fiction writers are already doing to every established characters from any series or story, and that has turned me off fan fiction pretty much altogether.

Senna Marie Maxwell believed herself to be some sort of internet deity and a Lady Une proxy (to borrow a Slender Man mythos term) that's another word for bootlicker and slave. So, she thought it was her calling to bully Lerena right off the net and make her feel worse than pond scum for merely writing a Mary Sue character instead of slashfiction.

Senna Marie Maxwell of the lame site monkeythongjaunt, and friends or alter egos are so sadistic, intolerant and evil that they/she is just fine and dandy with taking a dump on someone they hate (not a figure of speech but their actual sick fantasy,) and using their hair to wipe their butts, but simply putting up a site with a heterosexual Mary Sue character and no gay stories is so much worse according to them that it disqualifies one from being part of the human race. Sound familiar? It should. Who else in human history decided other people didn't qualify as human beings and deserved nothing but to get put down, crapped on and tortured to death? The H name should come to mind.

Senna uses various aliases and email addresses to try hiding her identity to flame, but she also has troll friends who do likewise.

The obsessive brats waged an email war, a guestbook war, and stalked their victim from forum to forum, list to list. They ranted like lunatics against their hated Sue writer on their stupid little forum.

When their victim went offline, taking her own site down, they gloated, but were also sad that they no longer had any means of contacting her to harass her any more.

Just how bad did their posts get?

A couple of guestbook entries:

name: Silver Sloth

time: 2001-06-13 21:58:54

comments::::::crap's on the site's owners::::::

name: Silver Sloth

time: 2001-06-13 21:59:23

comments::::::uses their hair to wipe ass::::::

In an unsolicited email to a friend of the harassee:

Kiki Kiku Toda Convert@jadeite.zzn.com: "Those that hate gays for no reason can.t even qualify for homo sapiens."


And all it took for this brat to convince herself that one "hates gays"was to not write gays into every fan fiction on a web site. and to say "I don't swing that way" when faced with a demand to write gay fics.

Senna started a gossip topic under the name "Fins" (nickname for Fiona), on a forum, inciting people to go to her victim's site for laughs, which, several morons did.

Fins's initial post show her utterly malicious desire to break another person's spirt and force it to bow to her will. She even mentions an appalling type of ancient punishment.

I hate this site. , And you thought fins was obsessed!

fins Posted: Jun 17 2002, 12:29 AM

fins: i find it extremely offensive.

other things i hate about her:

- she hates Lady Une

[she's totally just jealous]

- i generally dislike people that go online and build a completely fake, completely flattering alter-ego for themselves.

go!browse "url deleted."estimate the amount of time she must have invested in this.

don't get me wrong- i have nothing against healthy fantasies.

but when you assume the rest of the world is interested in your imaginary wedding with an imaginary man, your ego should be thrashed into submission and keelhauled, and your imagination should be violently wrestled down by rabid bloodthirsty squirrels.


Trust a disgusting sadistic mind to wish something like that on someone else. That's already bad, but all over some stupid anime?

A couple more especially tasteless posts, which Senna applauded, were from cavemen calling themselves Azrael and Doctor Zodiac. They were torture fantasies, like Silver Sloth's guestbook posts, only they went on much longer.:

Azrael Posted: Aug 9 2002, 02:05 AM

...to continue my rant for just one moment. . .

Wow, that's pretty Hamgod damn sad. Someone ought to flame her, hack her site,

upload some child snuff porn,

cripple her server with a virus so that nobody can get in to change it, steal her (or her mother's) credit card, have a really elaborate and yet ugly wedding dress custom made, tear it up, staple it back to her body, make her a sign that says "I'm a self indulgent little bitch! Throw stuff at me!", have her hold it above her head, make her march down to a large public area with it to the tune of the Gundam Wing theme song, chain her to some sort of light post or column, beat her down with her own computer,

take pictures **inhales deeply**, pour assloads of table salt over the broken pieces, make her walk barefoot across them several times, rip the staples out, put new staples in new locations, make her march into every comic shop in the city and write out by hand a completely unique apology for being a dumb bitch for each and every store, pay to have it framed, sign it **inhales again**,

make her rip out her own nails (all 20 of them) and swallow them whole,

force her to type out an apology to the creators of Gundam Wing on a sticky a** old keyboard, make her march back into the public area again, have people throw rotten vegetables at her,

take pictures again **coughs, wheezes and takes another large breath**

and then distribute them around the web as an example of what people should do to people who buy entire domains dedicated to a fictional marriage to a fictional character using a fictional alter-ego which is 1000000000000000000000% more flattering than one's real self.

**waits for his head to stop spinning**

archangel_of_death_85 tapes red cellophane onto his computer screen and throws on some angsty, overly heavy nu-metal while singing "A-flaming we will go! A-flaming we will go! Hi ho the dairy-o A-flaming we will go!"

Doctor Zodiac Posted: Aug 9 2002, 10:33 AM

Holy smoking Hamgod on the cross with a big flarin nail trough his hands,

some one needs to give this chick too much morphine and make her watch films of death sentences being caried out,

that'll set her a** straight.

people who live their fantasy live son the net make me want to put a brick through every computer montitor on the planet, all these anime, anthro, fanfic nuts have to get out in the real world and stop wasting the PRECIOUS gift of life. enjoy fanfic but don't let it become your reality


Given their disgusting profile information as well, these are real bad boys, and it would be no surprise if Azrael has ruined a few lives, maybe even committed some serious crimes by now.


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QUOTE (fins @ May 08 2002,4:35)

Steve, you put the "male" in "malevolent."

Doctor Zodiac

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To sum it up, Senna embodies some of the very worst traits found in the human species, and she is dang proud of it. Senna bashed an innocent person for giggles and kicks. She is shallow, demanding, narcisistic, sadistic, childish, selfish, too stubborn, cowardly and stupid to admit she and her troll friends are entirely at fault for starting and keeping it going, all for a sad want of attention. Senna is a parasite who has to make others feel small in order to build herself up. That, my friends, is the very escense of a coward and a bully. Whatever friends she claims to have, and has made along her Operation Kill Lerena, those friends aren't worth having, because they would have to be just like her. Any enemies she made are entirely her fault, and are her enemies for good reason.


Senna gets her butt kicked in story form. She will never live down her terrible reputation, and she might as well go out in a blaze of disgrace.

Her beloved Lady Une and Treize get taken down several pegs too.

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