Fanbase VS. Fandom

Some anime is good, some, not so much. But for some reason, it has accumulated an especially noisy fandom that acts as if it is entitled to own the whole internet. It's a subculture known as otaku. They are not to be confused with level-headed fans of anime.

Otaku are not above the people they call "weeaboos" which, there is no such thing. There are otaku, and there are casual fans... Otaku1 calling Otaku2 a "weeaboo" only shows that Otaku1 picked up the 4chan-made-up term and is trying to say "Look at Otaku2, she/he's the idiot! I'm just an otaku, so I'm the cool one!"

No. Otaku1 and 2 are both otaku, both obnoxious drips.

The Future Of Anime

Obnoxious Otaku

Lost In Translation

Subs VS. Dubs

American VS. Japanese Animation

Disney Haters

Gundam Gush

Mary Sues Flaming For Duo Maxwell

Senna Marie Maxwell the biggest Lady Une lapdog, Treize K Mary Sue, Gundam otaku who stalked, bullied, spammed and harassed another Mary Sue otaku right off the net to please a fictional character and satisfy her own ego and desperate want of attention.

What Makes Bullies Like Senna Tick

MTJ Site Tantrum 1 Senna's Mary Sue Diatribe

Lady Monkey Senna wasn't getting attention for that underwhelming website whinge, so she launched a prolonged attack via guestbook and email against another person.

First Guestbook War, Spam Spam Spam FLAME! Origination Of The Hamgod Silver Sloth put a couple of especially vile flames up.

Email Crud 1 The Blame Game

MTJ Site Tantrum 2 Narcisist Pity Party

Guestbook War 2 Spewing On More Guestbooks

MTJ Page "Renovation" From Rants To Flames They thought they'd try to copycat an enemy they made and turn what was called their "Rants" page into one where they displayed and laughed at the few entries they received on their own guestbook,. They renamed the page "Flames".

Email Crud 2 They tried to convert her and got creamed.

Guestbook War 3She who is so fixated on teaching other people a lesson, never learns.

MTJ Lady/Senna and cronies continued harassing their victim, more or less leaving the other enemy they made alone.

They stepped up their hate and harassment campaigns, taking it to public internet forums, following their victim from site to site to ridicule her. They started gossiping mocking topics against her.

Malicious Forum Thread

During the time that topic raged, their victim gave up, took down her site, and left the internet, or so it appears.

Senna and her MTJ partner(s) Gloated, and throw a big tantrum all in one!

MTJ Site Tantrum 3 Senna's Babbling Fit

See the Lady Une page for backlash via foefiction against Senna and her favourite Gundam characters.

Gundam Gush

Katzy's horrible otaku page for Toshinden

Snufkin and Marcia Ubong two otaku get into a fight over a chain letter one of them stupidly sent.

Blog Entry Upsets Otaku

Paid Article Upsets Otaku

Igarashi an angry otaku throwing fits on an anti-anime page.

IHA, The "I Hate Anime" Facebook Page

Reverse Sour Grapes, The Illusion Of "Anime Burnout" What Otaku Peer Pressure Does

Otaku Tantrum Over Dislike Of Anime

Otaku Desu Fight

Fan-brats fail to mangle a meme

Otaku Pride Chain Letter, the meme is properly mangled here.

You Know You're An Otaku When, and Reality Checks

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