Harry Potter And The Twilight Hunger Games

The "Harry Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games" thing. It's annoying.

Why is it that everybody seems to think you must prefer one over the other(s), or that if you like one, you probably don't like the other(s), or if you hate one, you must love the other(s)?

Well some of us don't fall neatly into the little either or box and never will. It is possible for one person to love or hate them all.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and The Drones what annoys me about the series, its fandom, and antis alike.

Cached From HarryPotterHaters.com a site no longer up.

Harry Potter is a Gary Stu

Harry Potter Syndrome

Other HP characters that stink

Dumbledore - like Harry, stinks so much that he has his own page.

This leads into one of the worst things of all about HP.


The very best thing to come out of Harry Potter?

Butterbeer! Mmmm!

Henry Putter And The Stone of the Sorcerer, parody

Obsessive fan stupidity ruins internet communities about fictional series like nothing else. These fans can turn rational people completely off a particular series, books, movies, etc. even if sed person started off sort of curious or even liking the fiction in question. If the person never understood or liked it from the get-go, these hormone-driven crazies can insure there will never be a chance of that person ever liking whatever is being obsessed over.


Is Twilight today's Romeo and Juliet?

West Side Story comes closer to Romeo and Juliet than Twilight.

There are some parallels but the two stories are very different.

Twilight = Mary Sue

Various things wrong with Twilight Twilight Essay Repost all good reasons for disliking the Twilight series and the creepy annoying behaviour of its fandom.

Twilight - a pedophile story? Bella is a teen, Edward is over a hundred years old and strangely still in highschool, and they fall in lust. Werewolf males imprint on (fall in puppy lust) with female infants and toddlers who are then groomed to become their wives with no say for the girls in the matter. Yes, it's pedophilic.

Why Does Twilight Suck?

Domestic violence

Edward the abuser, Bella the victim, and they call it romance.

Twilight sends young girls the message that abuse is okay if it's committed by a supposedly gorgeous looking sparkly vampire who considers it "protection."

Naturally there is lots of Fanfiction for Twilight, Harry Potter, the hunger Games, various anime and anything else trendy; and fanfiction, seems to consist largely of people living out their sexual fantasies by writing shipping, slashing, Mary Sue and all that awful stuff.

With Twilight being all about a Mary Sue, a vampire and werewolf, all of them with raging hormones, it comes as no surprise that a truly awful book was spawned out of Twilight fanfiction. The book is 50 Shades Of Grey by E. L. James. A very deceptively innocent sounding title until you realize that Grey is not the color, but the surname of an absolutely hideous, sex-addicted, power-tripping sadist. His conquest is pretty much the Bella submissive. It's all about supposedly consensual bdsm, so, explicitly more extreme than Twilight, all raw sex, nothing remotely close to love, and, they don't end up happily ever married.

Just because they supposedly consent to this stuff doesn't mean it isn't sick.

Now, for some Twilight foefiction!

Stranded With Vampires

Take A Hike

Twilight Nightmare


'Muggles, 'mudbloods,' "Team Edward/Jacob!" Annoying and not sounding particularly intelligent. Spiralling down to the sick world of bdsm.

But Harry Potter, Twilight, and 50 Shades Of Grey aren't the only stories out there leaving one shaking one's head at their ridiculous popularity.

The Hunger Games

Another dreadful series that is spawning team behaviour is The Hunger Games - and yes, it is exactly what the title says.

It's one of those annoying post-apocalyptic stories set in a dystopian society, it is written in first person, and because it's a dystopia, the culture in it is just as messed up as it is in Twilight.

It's about children dying for sport, as a punishment for a rebellion against a metropolis of tyranny known as The Capitol. The children are used basically as gladiators, (they're called 'tributes) from each district, and they're sent into this big arena to die off until only one is left. There is a rule change because the spectators and judges, managers, whatever, see a boy and a girl appearing to be in love, which moves the powers that be to allow a pair from the same district to survive, after they nearly force one to kill the other - or, something like that. The love stuff is fake on her part, but when you have to do anything to survive another day...? And yes, people can give food to their favourite tributes, which leaves those who aren't the favourites to, what? Starve to death? I think that's where the title comes in.

Yuck! I don't understand how people actually enjoy this stuff.

How the Hunger Games Made me Sick-Literally - by DANIEL JOHNSTON

Hopefully that link will always be there, but if it ever vanishes, you can find the article here.

The Hunger Games is twisted, like "The Lottery" which also features death as entertainment. That story is more of a leftist anti-tradition propaganda piece, while "The Hunger Games" just Looks like a glorification of extreme child abuse to me. Both are rotten.

Oh, but the left has also claimed that republicans want a dystopian Hunger Games type world, and that Trump is Voldemort. What bull.

Besides, all this apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic stuff irritates and bores me. The only futuristic fiction I liked was The Time Machine, and I'm not longing for the world as we know it, to end, nor would there be any such evil society on earth after the real apocalypse. So I just don't get why people insist on writing such disturbingly weird crap.

Harry Potter Syndrome From Hunger Games At Twilight Breaking Dawn Can Cripple Your Soul


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