Bad Gender Stereotypes

And here are manglings of a bunch of gender stereotyping crap. Most of these chains are biased toward women, but there are a few in there with the opposite bent, and they are all soundly mangled for the junk they are.

The whining, posturing, self-important feminists who refuses to get out of the suffrage era, believing in a big male dominant conspiracy to keep women held down, even hate men altogether


Connie Schultz

Hailey Martin's Bored Trolling Stupidity

Harassment, By Feminism

The "Look at me and hear me roar, I am WOMAN and I am BEAUTIFUL and strong and empowered and I can do all kinds of amazing things for myself! and I just have to let everybody know it to keep up my self-esteem and help other women boost theirs since women naturally have low self-esteem because men!"

Beautiful Women Month,

Beautiful Black Woman

Goopy Sisterhood Chain

National Girlfriends Week - Good To Be A Woman

I'm Beautiful

Sisterhood Girlfriend health Chain

Tell 9 Sisters/10 Crazy Ladies You Love Them.

Women Make everything You Give Them Greater

The once-a-month thing, used as an excuse, a dismissal, or just blown way out of proportion

TMI Bodyform Rant

National Girlfriends Week - Good To Be A Woman

the girl who seems to believe you aren't living unless you can get a boyfriend

For The Love Of Gary Stu, Rise Above That Third Person, A Gary Stu Codependency/Addiction Story

Katrina Nugent and Melinda Bird Ham Sandwich Brawl

To Every Girl

The creepy, demanding, clingy ditz who literally can't go on living when some boy doesn't respond to her every beck and call for attention, and is always cutting herself, killing herself, or going on about how you should always do nothing but hug her, even though she is a knife fiend bent on getting attention or doing harm to herself and very likely others,

Battle Scars,

Billy And Katie,

Boy Kills Himself For Cornea Cancer Girl

The Folded Note

I Died For Love,

I Loved Her,

I Wish I Could Change That,

Jack, ashley, and Tina Halagey,

Kara Lyn,

Lisa Marie Gonzalez,

Motorcycle Love Chain

Scary Breakup Sarah.

The zillions of demands and expectations of a chain letter girl who wants to be the prettiest most beautiful thing ever!.

9 Words Women Use

26 Things A Perfect Guy Would Do

257 Things A Girl Wished A Guy Knew,

A Girl Asked A Guy

Anne Wichert Why Guys Like Girls World Record Bollox Chain Letter

Beautiful Women Month,

Faux Brad Pitt advice

Give Up Your Life For Me, Just Say Sorry!

I'm Beautiful

I'm Sorry

National Girlfriends Week - Good To Be A Woman

Things Guys Should Know About Girls

Tips For Guys

Toast 14 Pretty Chica Ladies, Hit 15 Pretty Girls

16 Things Girls Don't Notice.

True Boyfriend

Vanity Prayer And Bad Jokes.

Among these bad stereotypes of both genders and their rotten idea of what makes a good example of the opposite, is also the sexist jerk who can't help himself and can't be expected to. What these chains are saying is that basically girls are high-maintenance, insecure, demanding wanna-be princesses who need their egos stroked regularly and often, and guys are pigs that live for sex and sports.

Appointment With Love — Lust, Actually - The Rose

Best Chain Letter Ever.

Geography Of Woman And Man

God's One Mistake, Women

Men Are Happier,

Men Are Like

Men's Answer To Maxine,

Mens' Rules For Women

Marriage Cancer Glurge

Things Guys Should Know About Girls

World Cup.

All of this stuff and social justice agendas/warriors have combined to create a culture that's fixated on gender roles and assigning character traits to people based on gender rather than individual personality.

Dan Wilt's New Kind Of Man for Valentine's Day


I'm Beautiful

Kimberly Hall's For Your information Blog Post

mochadad Seven Traits Of Real Men

Pamela Redmond's 30 Things/What every Woman Should Know She Should Have

Tara Hedman's Daddies&Daughters thing

Mike Zimmerman's List Of Female Behaviours He Will No Longer Tolerate