Rey - The Force Awakens, The Mary Sue Awakens Rey, with no surname and a typically bitter childhood, has enough Mary Sue traits for concern, and it doesn't help that Han Solo gets killed by his own treacherous son.

The complaints about Rey are that she is apparently perfect at everything. It took Luke Skywalker three movies to accomplish what Rey could magically just do in less time than a full movie. She upstaged Han Solo in his own ship, confounding him in the process. She does a Jedi mind trick on a storm trooper and he submits. No questions asked.

When some newbie comes in and just mops the floor with the well-established characters, that's a Mary Sue.

Gross! (Sorry about the occasional rough language in the second video, it was otherwise great, and it is understandable what drove the video maker to these few utterances.)

Rey understands languages that she had no reason or opportunity to learn in the first place, Wookiee for example.

Rey was a scavenger, and an engineer? If she became one, she shouldn't have needed to be the other.

So is Rey a Mary Sue?

Verdict: Definitely! Yes.

Here are some comments on this video.

PastIconoclast: She is absolutely a Mary sue. By the end of the movie she is a better pilot than han, a better warrior than luke and just picks up the force like hours after learning its a real thing.

It takes luke 2 or 3 movies to learn the things she perfects in one. Even at the end he loses to vader.

But she kicks kylos ass at the end and pulls the lightsaber out of the ground that another much better trained jedi is trying to pick up. She then proceeds to hand him his ass. You know... the guy who has been training his whole life, and was mentored by both luke and snoke!

No need for training or for her to earn anything. Nope. She just goes from scavenger to the most powerful jedi ever, and the most skilled engineer and pilot to ever fly a ship in a couple days.

She is the best by default. It just completely cheapens the entire franchise and makes all the characters who earned their expertise look like complete idiots.

I bet she went to luke to train him. 161

same vans: I'm not sure why you'd dislike this. It's literally just a definition of what a Mary Sue is. The denial is strong in some people

Envy987001:Rey is a mary sue.

Antoine Bandele: This needed to be made.

Egor's Egor: The problem with having a character succeed at everything without having a need to fail is that it makes those scenes where they succeed feel completely unearned and devoid of any tension. When Luke fought Vader in the Return of the Jedi, you cared because you saw his journey from being this amateur jedi who couldn't sense the force to a master taking on one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy, and since we saw his previous failures, there was tension in that last fight scene because you know he could die. You don't feel that with Rey, at least I didn't.

Nothing about Rey felt earned. And I'm not the biggest star wars fan, but if the force is this thing that is so easily attainable, then the force loses any awe that it had from the original trilogy.

Deus Vult: Rey is just a Mary Sue DEAL WITH IT 😎

Garewolf: Rey is absolutely a Mary Sue. And SW: TFA was an enornously budgeted fanfic film. What a waste of such an iconic franchise.

Tommy Boman: Jyn was a good, well thought through character within a pretty good movie. The biggest Mary Sue of all time, who is the very definition of a Mary Sue, Rey, is a horrible character that we know nothing about except that she can learn the way of the force, fly all ships, lift mountains, fight hordes of warriors and never get hurt after about 1 week. Remember that Force Awakens and Last dump of Jedi take place during a few days.

Caz Sand: Totally agree. I´ve heard critics say that Star Wars is becoming the Hunger Games in the Space, and compare Katniss with Rey. But Katniss Evergreen is NOT a Mary Sue; She failed a lot, couldn´t saver her sister, and even voted for new Hunger Games with the rich people children. She is very flawed and even a person like me enjoyed her development and her ultimate victory (Have a nice family and live peacefully).

But Rey... Ugh, God, how I hate her. It´s the worst Mary Sue example in recent years. I´m watching Episode VIII from pirate source, Disney don´t deserve my money.

MrTeacup: Rey singlehandedly ruined TFA for me

illuminatioracle: it's simple, rey was a mary sue, jyn erso was not

Vincent DuDouze: Mary Sue also needs validation from every well established characters... which Rey had from Han Solo, Leia, Chew Baca, R2D2, C3PO, ...

Mads Mikkelsen: Rey is absolutely a Mary Sue, Jyn Erso was not. The Farce Awakens is without a shadow of a doubt the most dissapointing movie that I've seen and the worst Star Wars movie, by far. Rogue One was rather enjoyable but nothing amazing...

Sailor Mercury: I think Last Jedi proved that yes Rey is a Mary Sue.

D monayz: thanks for the clarification... i actually didnt know what a mary sue was.

Javier Sebastián Della Mea: I don't know why I don't feel empathy for Rey's character, I guess it's because she seems like super powerful, and I find that to believe or hard to relate to it

formerevolutionist: Mary Sues are only made to appease feminist SJWs. If film makers have few or no women, SJWs will complain that women are underrepresented. If a female character ever needs saving, then SJWs will complain about damsel in distress tropes. If female characters say or do something that SJWs disagree with, then they will complain about misogyny. If a female character gets hurt, they will say that the film glorifies violence against women. If a female is a villain, they will say that the film teaches men to hate women. If the female character is not good at something, they will complain about negative stereotypes. The only way to placate them is to have a female lead who never needs saving, acts like a bold feminist, never gets hurt, has no moral flaws, and is good at everything she does.

Weebok A.: mary sue or not rey needs to be knocked down! i like her but like you said grace she seems to be able to do everything with ease therefore making her boring well atleast for me, i want character growth not someone whos one step away from perfection

Republic of MAC: Excellent video! I love Ellen Ripley (Alien is a masterpiece), and really liked Sarah Connor and Furiosa. I cannot stand Rey, ugh. We get it, your perfect, men are dumb and useless. I'd rather sit through Attack of the Clones. There, I said it.

Fred Primo: Veredict : a true Mary Sue !!!!!! Kill Rey, Kill Rose, and bring back Luke Skywalker !!!!!!!!


Barring all of that, Rey is apparently on the light side, so take away the Mary Sue elements and the feminist badarsery "Don't grab my hand!" When someone offered her a helping hand, and she would be a better character.

Daisy Ridley freaked out at her character being a Mary Sue., twice!

She is dead wrong about the whole "sexist" judgment. The term is not sexist, and the male version is the Gary Stu.


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