Slender Man

Slender Man is the cause of a horrific crime featured here and here by a channel called "They Will Kill You"

Slender Man AKA Slendy, is the most notorious creepy pasta character and gigantic internet meme.

He wears a suit, has tentacles and tendrils as extra appendages that extend from body and limbs at will. He has no discernible facial features. So a weird, goofy looking beast, though everyone else calls him "creepy" or "scary"

Slender Man Information Article

Slender Man was spawned on SomethingAwful.com and became a humungous meme that inspired so many stories and games, including fanfiction.

Slender Man Stories

Slender Man Game Notes

Slender Man uses weaknesses and unfortunate situations against anyone he plans to kill and consume, or enslave. He is a stalker extraordinaire. He lives in a wood, some suppose he's got a mansion there, but he gets around by teleportation.

Slender Man is ridiculously over-powered, that is, given way too many super powers in stories and games. He never loses, never gets owned, and always gets his own way, and he has no redeeming personality traits. Any supposed "comforting" he shows bullied children is self-serving so he can later enslave or just kill these children, for his own gratification. Slender Man's personality is so much like that of Simon Legree from "Uncle Tom's Cabin" that the differences between the two really don't matter all that much. The two look completely different, and Legree, for all his swagger and physical strength, was superstitious and afraid of ghosts. Slender Man has not been written as being afraid of anything at all, and always gets his quarry, sooner or later. The more suffering he can inflict on his victims, the more he likes it.

This is exactly the sort of disgusting sadistic character fangirls go crazy over.

The Real Slender Sickness

Other problems occur within the fandom, such as someone else's original pasta character getting the fan crushing/shipping treatment.

Ticci Toby was a Slender Man proxy made up by a Slender Man fan, but he ended up with a fandom within the Slender fandom, and that caused problems for his writer.

But though we are very difficult to find, there are those of us who don't flow with the tide of netizens that fear and/or love slender Man and his word of proxies/slaves. We love to hate him instead, and will not hesitate to take him down several notches.

Slender Man Jokes

Night In Creepy Pasta Manor

The Noodleheads story is still a work in progress, an ongoing project, since there are many other creepy pasta monsters to deal with. But Slender Man? Well, read his story to find out what happens, if you dare.

Nightmares For NoodleHeads


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