Fluff And Nonsense

Surveys, jokes, lists of trivia, brain-teasers, apparently odd stories, if the causes, political, inspirational or urban legend memes don't get you re-sharing, these generally light-hearted ones probably do. They don't use guilt or alarm to get us re-sharing, instead, they work on our positive emotions, so we do whatever we're told without even realizing or caring that we've fallen for a meme.

And there are people who actually get all offended when these meme re-shares don't get them the wonderfully positive feedback they were expecting. I've been screamed at on email lists for debunking jokes. I've been hollered at via private email by somebody who thought the joke meme they sent would get them a huge lol from me, and my reaction was a link to TruthOrFiction debunking the inaccuracy of the story.

Though less have-handed in their approach at getting us to re-share, these memes are still annoying because they are memes. They're everywhere, and any that pro-port to contain info and stats can be just as inaccurate as the slactivism and all the rest.


1 Word Meme

5 Things Blog Meme

9 Questions Meme

10 Facts About You

10 Misconceptions BAbout ack To School

10 Stupid Questions And Answers

10 Things

11 Things

25 Awesome Ways To A Beautiful Life

25 Things

36 Odd Things Meme

ABC Meme

Anthony De Croud Chinese Proverbs

Blue Green Brown Hazel Eyes

Blue Monday

Bogus Psychopath Test


Bra Buddies

Cannibal Joke

Captain Underpants Name Game Meme

Chinese Doctor

Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Proverb Jokes

Cuteness Meme

Dalai Lama Tantra Test

Darwin Awards

Dead Cow/Mule Raffle Joke Meme

Dead Dog Is A Dead Man's Best Friend

Death Of Common Sense

Death Of Hostess

Dominic's List Of 19 Things You Would Want

DotCom Names

Dough Boy Obituary

Education Blogger Meme

Email Commandments Vol 1 Personal Edition

Email Commandments Vol 2 Work Edition

Fashion Meme

Floor Meme

Food Math Memes

Free Screen Cleaner

Good Feelings

Hot Test

Hoax-slayer's Animal Jokes Category

Hoax-Slayer's Misc Joke Memes

Idiots Calling 911

Idiot Sightings

Inner Peace Joke

International Book Status

Jake And Becky Poisoning Joke

Johnny Cat Branson

Sappy Meme Makes Excuses For Spreading Joke Memes

Kennedy/Lincoln Meme

Kid's Letter To God For Money

Lie Clock

List Of Adult Truths, Random Thoughts, Things I've Learned

Little Girl On Plane Says Atheist Doesn't Know Cr@p

Mad Cow, Off-Color Joke Meme

Missing Missy

Moving To Where

Music Shuffle Meme

Your Inner Pedant

Pointless Ponderings

Q&A Comedy Blog Meme

Recipe Exchange Meme

Sesame Street Test

What Shane Wants

Six Degrees Of Separation

So-Called "Blog Awards"

Spoiled Or Not Meme

Stupid Truck Joke Meme

Survey Memes

Tactless Walmart Greeter Joke Meme

Tardy Walmart Admiral Charlie

Texas Sheriff VS. New York Lawyer

Travel ABC Meme

Travel To Nowhere


Tumblr Memes Vol. 1

Vehicle Runs Over Mattress, Joke Meme

Virgin In Life Meme

Vodka Priest Joke Meme

Ways to Annoy Your Co-Workers Meme

Where This Letter Has Been Meme

Which Baby Are You

Who Are You Survey Meme

Word Puzzle Meme

Wrong Bitch Joke Meme

Youtube Bob


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